Day 232, One of life’s lessons

Not learned by me (at least not today). My youngest son and his girlfriend have broken up. When I told my DW she asked “Why?”  I had been talking to him for a few minutes trying to gauge his emotions and state of mind. He sounded fine, unhappy, but resolved to move forward. To my DW’s question I told her that the girlfriend “Had lost that loving feeling”. There may be a hit song in there.  He did provide the flowers and card for Valentine’s Day, but I guess it was too late at that point. From the parent of the person who sent the flowers, breaking up a few days earlier would have saved him some money. I know, always counting the money. Money does not equal happiness, but it can certainly smooth out the rough edges.

Me, I shuffled through the day having second thoughts about volleyball. I can tell myself all the conventional wisdom. Things like your knees hurt because you are getting old, and wait a few days to see how you feel. I woke up around 6:30 am with a huge cramp in my right calf. It hurt all day, off and on.  I will be fine. If the volleyball is going to interfere with the lacrosse, then the volleyball will get the boot. We start yoga (yea!) in two weeks. I am excited to be back to Tuesday night yoga.

My brother the weather man posted a few pictures “behind the scenes” at New York 1 on Facebook today. He has a desk covered with what looks like four computer monitors. The only thing missing from the pictures was a … window. I guess he can always boot up the Time Square web cam for a look outside.  He asked me if I was the only volleyball player to show up with lacrosse gear (helmet, pads and gloves). I thought is was funny. Must be lacrosse player’s humor.

Tonight’s pictures come from July 2006 when DS2 was in Paris with American Musician’s Abroad.  Here they are on a river cruise. Enjoy!


Sunset cruise in Paris


Pro tips masquerading as post 94..

That is a term Ds2 uses when he has an obvious (to him) piece of information to share and does not to offend the person listening.  Tonight we saw two out three children.  We are back in Scranton for the University of Scranton Parents Weekend.  We have not done any parents weekend stuff yet. We did stop by Marywood to see DS2. We dropped off a replacement SD card for his phone.  He was wearing his contacts for the second day in a row. He says that his eyes are doing fine. Tomorrow is the first day that he can start playing his trumpet since August. He is looking forward to playing his horn again.

Over at the University of Scranton we caught up with DS3. He was at the parents weekend play. He is taking a theatre class this year so he has to write a report on the play and the performance. We sat outside until it we got to cold then we went inside the DeNaples Center and talked. He told us in great detail about his classes. He also told us about the Fall FTX that he attended last week.  He really enjoyed it. 

Short post, I’m beat. This picture was taken this evening. DS3 dressed in his ROTC shirt. Enjoy!

DS3 @ The University of Scranton


85 proof post…

What did Jack Sparrow say?  There are actually websites devoted to the quotes of Jack Sparrow, odd do you think? The quote I like is  “Why is the rum always gone?” Story of my life.  In the next one I am coming back as a master distiller working in the rum distillation business.  I would probably be allergic to distilled spirits in that life. Damned if you, damned if you don’t. 

This blog got off to an interesting start tonight. I traveled over to Facebook this evening following some link. I found that the good people at Facebook have changed the layout and functionality of the page. Hmmm.  Now I have to learn a new trick. What about those of us old people who were comfortable with the old layout?  Out of luck appears to be the answer. DS2 posted that it has been a month since his first eye surgery. He has apparently made a full recovery. He should be able to discontinue the eye drops in another week and start wearing his contact lens again. I’ll bet he can not wait.  We will see him this weekend at the Marywood University parents weekend.  We (DW and I) are both looking forward to this visit. I wonder if he is?

DS3 went radio silent for about 36 hours.  I had no contact with him for a day and a half so I texted him today to see what was going on. He has his ruck packed for the weekend trip to Camp Smith for his first FTX.  He also attributed his dropping of the radar to “Scranton, pt, classes, Caroline, hw, eating, Life”   So, has he found a way to fit into college life?  I would say so.  Good for him. Keep up the good work dude!  And, don’t forget your towel this weekend!

Work was busy for me today. I heard on the radio that there was a transformer fire in the town next to where the office is. I drove up the GSP watching the column of smoke hoping that the power was out at the office. No such luck. I guess no internet once a week is the best you can hope for. Tomorrow I will work from home.  Hopefully I will get to play lacrosse Thursday night if the weather cooperates.

Picture time once again. Tonight’s picture comes from deep in the archives. Back in 2005 we had an inflatable Mardi Gras guy that spent some of Lent in the front yard. The wind and weather end his life after a few years, but his lives on in our memories.  Enjoy!

Mardi Gras guy


You see officer, I was only doing 70 (post)..

Ok, so it was a 45 mph zone.  Not really, but an interesting opening.  This evening was a lot a fun. Uncle Dude stopped by for dinner. How did Uncle Dude get his nickname? Funny story about that (of course!). Back in the dark ages when we still had children around the house, there was a message on our answering machine one day when we all returned from being out somewhere together. So the kids are walking around the kitchen and I see the answering machine blinking. I played the message “Dude, I’m coming down this weekend. Let’s get together and have a few beers!”  My kids asked, who was that? I explained that this was a childhood friend who lived up north. His family has a trailer on LBI and he was coming down for the weekend to visit with his family.  So, Uncle Dude was born.  Now, when my kids text me the usual open line is “Dude”

We had crab cakes made from the crab meat left over from yesterdays stuffed shrimp dinner. We added zucchini sautéed in garlic, olive oil and soy sauce. Topped off with a salad.  It was a delicious meal.  We traded stories about our children and our families. Most of the news from his side was good.  (Note to family members, contact me directly for the bad news). A distressing part of his life is that his 24-year-old son has moved back home. Granted the boy is trying to save money so he can get his masters degree. But, we (DW and I) are pretending that the boys are gone and only returning for brief visits. Not an extended stay. The more people I talk to the more it seems that the kids go off the college or maybe the military and then return back home to live with their parents. 

Uncle Dude did four years in the Army Signal Corps. We discussed DS3’s interest in the Army and the scholarship opportunities that he missed out on and the opportunities that are ahead of him. We heard some of the stores from Uncle Dude’s basic training days. After a while, DW asked if she should be hearing these stories about boot camp and army life. Hmmm, good question. She and I are already concerned about our baby. 

So far we have not texted or spoken with the college boys much today. I worked from the office for the first time in two weeks, she worked late due to a patient trying to go bad.  DS2 says that choir went well. I will call him after this and see how his classes went.

Making good choices

  DS3 sent me a picture from some alcohol awareness seminar that he had to attend tonight. His caption was “See dad, they want me to drink!” I admit as a parent we don’t think our two younger kids drink. How about a category for those who average no drinks in a week? This school is the king of statistics.

I hope you enjoyed, I get a kick out of the random people who I don’t know (or those that I do know) who like or leave comments.

Irrelevant work at 63 (post)

Admittedly an odd subject line tonight. But, it is relevant in a discussion about irrelevant work.  Got that, did I spin those words or what?  There we go.  During dinner we were discussing college with DS2. The poor child is either enjoying being the only child or dreading being the only child. When you are used to being one of three children around the table, there is currently nowhere to hide.  They all learned at an early age that when mom and dad where interrogating your sibling, you should shut up and lay low with the hopes that the microscope would not be aimed at you.

So DS2 tells us that one of his classmates, a junior music education major, has signed him up to be in the Jazz Band at Marywood this fall. DS2 was in the middle school and high school jazz bands. He decided last year that he would rather not be in the jazz band and declined to sign up.  The following is an aside..  Have you ever been a member of a volunteer organization and missed a meeting? Did you attend the next meeting to find out that you were elected to the board in your absence? This is what happened to DS2.

DS2 says that he is ok with being in the Jazz Band. But,  that he feels that being a Music Therapy major and being in the jazz band is “irrelevant work”  He is not a jazz performance major. He is in the choir, the wind ensemble, the campus orchestra and the trumpet ensemble. (B, If i missed one, I am sorry) He feels that this is sufficient and that being in the jazz band is irrelevant work.

I for one almost fell out of my chair!. How would you like to tell your pointy haired boss (Dilbert reference) that while you don’t mind more work at work, you are not interested in any more irrelevant work.  I think the look on your bosses face would be priceless.  This would probably be followed by some directive to “just get it done”, a huff and the end of the conversation. But, wouldn’t be fun?

Current events for today.. DS1 will be providing a schedule for school and work soon. I think he sees me as the pointy haired boss. 🙂 DS2 continues to make progress. Today I took him to COSTCO to get out of the house and see the world. He has been home in his personal space for too long now. I can change that for sure. DS3 is doing better. We spoke today and he seems to be pulling it together. I need to remember that this is his college experience and my job is to witness. He received his ROTC gear today. He said he has enough stuff to go off to war, oh great. Not exactly what a parent wants to hear.  The 6:30 am physical training starts tomorrow. Should be interesting.

My DW and I have a quiet evening planned. I made Veal Francese for dinner. This recipe came from my younger sister. She used make this years ago when I would sleep over on lacrosse nights up north.  And in a completely unrelated thought, the mosquitos in New Jersey have spawned since the hurricane. Ug.

Tonight’s picture is from DS3’s scholarship night back in June at the local high school. Here he is accepting a scholarship and award from the local VFW post. Enjoy!

DS3 scholarship night 2011

62 (post) yoga poses..

Monday, Monday, post Irene Monday. Hopefully your storm experience was close to ours. I heard from one of my brothers in Westchester County, NY that the power is out and will be until Thursday, at the earliest. Another brother has a foot of water in his basement, but they were prepared and everything was up off the floor. I guess you pump out, then dry out. 

I went to COSTCO today to return the generator that I purchased on Friday. If you remember from Friday’s post, I got one of the last eight generators in the store when they opened. The generator stayed in the box, the box stayed in the car. It cost 600.00 so I was not going to open the box if I did not need to use the unit. The only power outage was Saturday night for four (almost exactly) hours.  Back to the story, COSTCO has a liberal return policy, so I was expecting a rolling of the eyes and then the return of my money. When I got to the store I wrestled the box onto one of those orange carts and wheeled it inside.

Before I got to the return counter, a man asked me where I got the generator and were there anymore. I told him that I was returning the unit since I did not loose power. He asked me the price and then he called his son. He had me explain to the son on the phone about the generator. When I was done, I gave Vince back his phone. He spoke with his son for another minute and then told me that he wanted to buy the generator. Ok with me. I was next on line. I told the women behind the counter “I would like to return this generator, I don’t need it. And, this man here would like to buy it”

I felt better about retuning the unit since someone else wanted it. The return ladies did not have enough cash to pay me so I had to wait for them to get more from where ever they keep their stash of cash. While I waited another six people came by, each one wanting to buy the generator. I could have held an auction in the parking lot! That is not my style, but it certainly was an interesting thought.

There was no lacrosse tonight. Last week was the end of the summer sessions. I am not sure if there will be anymore sessions or not. I guess I will have to watch my email and hope for the best. Since there was no lacrosse, I went to yoga with my DW. There were about twenty people in the class and only three of them were men!  I like that ratio..  If you have never taken a yoga class you should at least take one. Tonight’s class was probably my sixth or seventh class. I usually go on Monday’s when there is no lacrosse.  There is no yoga class next week due to Labor Day, but classes resume the week after that. If we don’t play lacrosse this fall, I will certainly be more limber by the end of the year.

Reports from the college front.  DS1, no contact today other than playing word feud with me around lunch time. I will be reaching out to him to find out what classes he is taking this fall.  DS2 continues to progress towards going back to school. He worked on some of his school work and practiced guitar today. He and I spoke with several people at the university today making plans for his return. DS3 has been on campus for two nights and three days. We spoke with him around dinner time today. He seems to be getting along with his roommate, enjoying his classes. I still think he is a little at a loss with what to do. I am sure he will figure things out. The bad weather this weekend disrupted the schedule for the incoming freshmen. Some of the team building events were cancelled. 

I worked from home today. The office at one point had no internet or phones. By the end of the day, the internet and email were back up. The phones were still down at the close of business. Hopefully this will be fixed during the overnight hours. I plan to work from home all week since I am the giver of eye drops.

Picture time once again. Today’s picture comes from last December. This is the Christmas tree in the Rotunda at Marywood University, enjoy!

Christmas tree Marywood University 2010

Impending empty 46 (post) nest..

Greetings fellow travelers around the sun. A ho-hum weekend turned into something special.  The last two blogs have been mobile, limiting their length. Tonight I’m home, relaxing with the family. Saturday (yesterday) was supposed to be a do nothing, laid back kinda of day. Then the Lime Guy (third person reference, but why?) decides to go to Annapolis for a MLL lacrosse game. But, really the day started out much earlier than that. Missing from the daily blog, was that at 04:00 DW and I got up, put on our bathing suits (that means shorts for me) and headed out to our hot tub. Friday night into Saturday morning was the projected peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Since the moon was still mostly full, a late night just before sunrise was the best time for viewing. None of the meteor showers that I have witnessed have ever peaked at 11 pm. They always seem to peak in the middle of the night.

We went into the hot tub which was nice and warm and laid back looking east away from the light of the moon. And we waited, patiently. It’s not like they turn the switch on. We stayed in the hot tub for about thirty minutes seeing about ten meteors. Two of them were really bright fireballs, the rest were just quick flashes.  Then we went back to bed. Enough of that. I really could not fall back soundly to sleep after being awake and in  the hot tub. Then the day started. Yesterday’s blog detailed the foibles of the morning. After driving to Annapolis and back it was about 1 am when we got to sleep.  That makes for quite a long day.  The next morning  I said to DW, well honey, we certainly got our money’s worth out of yesterday!  Someday’s you seem to just exist, other days you really experience life to its fullest.  I for one vote for more days to the fullest. Make that extra effort, you never know the outcome.

Sunday started slow. Did I mention the booty that we brought home from Annapolis? Funny, read the last blog from Annapolis for some background. You can search the site. We brought home three half gallons of cream line chocolate milk and one pound of fresh picked Jumbo Lump crab meat. Yum! The plan was for each boy to get their own half-gallon of chocolate milk and when it was gone, tough luck. This did not workout since the parents were too tired to inform/enforce the deal. Oh well, I had some and it was quite good. The usual Sunday plan include sleeping in (if possible), grocery shopping and such. Today I worked from home for extra pay. With the three boys going to school in the next two weeks, college related expenses will be raising.

Today my DW started pushing DS2 towards packing and getting organized. His plan is to pack the car Saturday night and leave early Sunday so he can get a jump on moving in. He is in fair shape as far as packing, the week ahead should be telling on his resolve to get out early. School starts August 22. He is excited to be going back. Nice! He went to party with some of him high school friends last night. There was some drinking by his friends, he choose not to. Good for him.  We rented a micro fridge for his room today. Books done, micro fridge done, some clothes packed, done, t-shirts still needed.  He is done working for the summer, having retired from his summer job. He hopes to be working in the meat room next summer instead of the deli. Time will tell.

So the exodus schedule is looking like DS2 Sunday, DS1 Saturday, DS3 a week later. Then we can clean the house and try to get things straightened out. Hopefully there will be some painting down this fall. And maybe, the food bill will decrease. Today’s food bill was a jumbo experience since we had a prime rib roast for dinner. Yum, yum and yum. Along with the fresh jumbo lump crabmeat, shrimp and fresh mozzarella, soft shorts were a good clothing choice. I will get to run these calories off Monday playing lacrosse.

Tonight’s picture is sent to us by DS3 from work. The picture is of Jada. She is a pit bull. She and DS3 are good friends.


# 43 Richard Petty (post) and other things..

No, this is not a NASCAR post. Sorry, hit the next button if that is why you stopped by. The title is a play on words that includes the post number. Some days I am more clever than others. Maybe not today. Yesterday was post 42, I forgot to include a mention about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where the answer to all questions is 42 (and don’t forget your towel). It was an interesting book that DS2 encouraged me to read. I would suggest reading it if you get the chance.

While looking for inspiration tonight, I googled the number 43. It is a liquor (which I have had)I don’t remember if I liked it. It was probably a long night in my misspent youth. There is a website called I am not a shill for some bodies website, but I had to click. This website is where you can list the 43 things you want to change in your life. Do I really need a website for that? What if I have more or less than 43 things to change? Maybe change is the wrong word, the website specifically says to list your GOALS!  Change, goals, whatever!

We are getting down to the end game for college entrance prep. It appears that all three boys have their loans secured. I am still waiting for one company to finish the documentation. Fortunately, when I went to the school website, the loan was listed already. That is a good sign. Left to do, try this list (lists are how were organize ourselves)!

  • Three children to eye doctor, make sure everyone has contacts for the semester
  • Three children to dentist
  • Three children to pack
  • Two children to communicate with their new roommates (I mean let’s get the process started at least)
  • Two children to get school books ordered (on-line if possible)
  • Buy a laptop for DS3
  • Sign up for Parents Weekend for two younger students, oldest child parents weekend date conflicts with one of the other two. Book hotels for both weekend (one weekend already done)
  • Make sure  youngest is ready with summer reading, alcohol avoidance module, “that talk” with dad
  • Make zombies with DS2. He got me a zombie of the month calendar, and we are way behind making them See the picture for clarification.

I’m sure my list is short. I imagine it will inspire my DW to tell me that she has already started the list and I am Johnny-come-lately in that department. I am ok with that.

 DS1 has spent the last 24 hours with his college girl friend. When we last left her she was living 2 hours away in the Allentown, PA area. She recently took her state nursing boards and passed!  Good for her. DS1 went to celebrate. He needs to be here at 7 am so he can be on LBI for work at 8 am. It is certainly doable, he is in love.. He recently asked his mother how he would know if she was the one.  I won’t paraphrase the response since I was not there that night. I was playing lacrosse and they went out for a drink and dessert at Applebee’s.

Ok, picture time. Today’s picture is from Christmas time. My DW has a display of small villages that come out every Christmas season. DS2 helped me glue together these two zombies which we posed in her village. She rolled her eyes, but smiled.  Enjoy!

Zombies invade the holiday village

Friday mobile from Scranton x 2…


Orientation is over. We are staying in Scranton for the night driving to the shore early Saturday am.  Orientation went well,  good presentations. Most speakers were good and very knowledgeable. DS3 and I went to the field after presentations and threw a lacrosse ball around for awhile until the lighting alarm went off.  We had a texas weiner while waiting for take home bags.  Both other children texted asking for texas weiners. More details over the weekend.  Picture of the day is the banner welcoming freshmen to orientation.