Day 268, Work from home Friday..

I had a rough commute this morning.  Really, I had to get out of bed, stumble into the kitchen. I put the laptop on the kitchen table and logged into work. I was working. Heck, my eyes weren’t even focusing correctly that is how short the commute was. I made a nice hot latte and I started to get on an even keel.  My extension at work had three messages on it first thing this morning. Who invited these people to call so early?  Two were from the same person that decided at 5:30 last night to reload his computer and wanted to know if I was still in the office. Not likely. I am a ghost at 5:01 pm if at all possible.

Last night’s fire, Heineken and pistachio nuts took their toll this morning. It was nice to spend some “mano e mano” time with my oldest. I needed that cup of coffee this morning. I have been treating Thursday night like a Friday night since I don’t drive to the office on Friday. Maybe next week a little more restraint might be in order. But, I “improvised, adapted and overcame”. Thank you DS3 for that quote.

This week DS2 has been outside of Baltimore at a Music Therapy conference. Yesterday he was part of a group that traveled to Washington, DC to meet with lawmakers about Music Therapy. He said the experience was great. My DW spoke with him the night before and discussed political action with him. She has done some of that “stuff” as a nurse working with their union.  He sent a few pictures that I will add to the bottom. I asked for a picture of the group or of him. I got neither, so far.

DS1 is off the Philadelphia this evening. His college lacrosse team is playing outside of Philadelphia tomorrow morning. One of his college teammates is coaching another college team that is playing later in the day nearby the first game. He plans on attending both of them. We (DW and I) are staying home. I have painting chores to work on. She has to write her conclusion and put her paper to bed. Tonight we went to the Olive Garden in Manahawkin for dinner. The food was good and they swapped the pasta for rice to accommodate her desire to stay as gluten-free as possible. 

DS3 wrapped up his school week. Last night he and most of the university went to the midnight opening of Hunger Games. He said the movie was incredible.  DS2 texted today that he and some of his music therapy cohorts went to the midnight showing of the movie near their hotel. He also enjoyed the movie. DS3 loaned me the book while he was home on break. I could not get past the second chapter. I may have to either try again of just see the movie.

Tonight’s pictures are from DS2’s trip to Washington, DC. Enjoy!


Day 266, Turnabout isn’t always fun..

The focus of yesterday’s blog was the nice weather here in the New Jersey and how I have been fortunate to get out and walk during my lunch hour (sometimes a little more than an hour).  I had planned to walk again today. But, the work bear bit me in the butt instead. I started with one customer at 9 am and finished up with them (for today) at 3:30 pm. I ate my lunch while I was working. Needless to say, I missed my chance to walk today. I did however, leave work at 4 pm and take my lunch hour at the end of the day.

The weather at work (as best I can tell) never got very nice. Each morning we have had dense fog. Most days this fog burns off by 11 am or so. The few times I left my office and was able to look out the window, it was still cloudy. When I left at 4 pm is was chilly and overcast. By the time I got home it was warm and sunny. What a difference 35 miles makes.  I will try to get outside again tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed. 

 One of the people I follow on Twitter is called stthomasblog  They are a couple from the Boston area that moved to St. Thomas. They make their living doing website development, advertising on their blog and bartending. They Tweeted tonight that they had a conversation with a family member today who lives on Cape Cod. The temperature on Cape Cod was 78 degrees. The temperature on the north side of St. Thomas was 75 degrees. How’s that for a switch? I bet the overnight lows are quite different.

This week DS2 is at a National Music Therapy convention outside of Baltimore, MD. He called this evening to tell me about his trip down and what is going on with the convention. He said that tomorrow he and some of the other students and music therapy professionals are going to Washington, DC to meet with various members of congress. He told us that he is going to attend meetings with the NJ senators and congressmen. They will be presenting their case for music therapy and asking the congressmen to keep music therapy in their minds when doing their legislative duties. That is pretty cool.  Hopefully he will share some stories tomorrow or Friday.

DS3 has been quiet. DS1 is working all day today. He has class and a job interview tomorrow with the company that one of my lacrosse mates works for. (Lacrosse mates? I guess, you understand.)  It is a real job for a real company. That is a huge start.  My DW worked a full day. She was surprised to see me home before her. I got to cook dinner tonight since I was the first one home.  I enjoy cooking.

Tonight’s pictures come from February 2011. In these two pictures DS2 is singing with the Marywood chorus. He is in the back row, left side with the full beard. Enjoy!