Better than planned…

Welcome to the big time.  Now if you Google search or type you will come right to this blog!  I’m excited. Ok, I’m over it.

Today I went down to the park in Wall to eat my lunch and play some wall ball. Now, as a constant (occasional) reader of this blog I have talked about and described what wall ball is.  It is a eye-hand coordination drill where you throw the lacrosse ball against a wall and catch it (hopefully) It was cold today. Another day in the mid forties and windy. I decided to try to shoot some video of me doing this wall ball thing.

I was of course alone, so I set the phone on the ground pointing towards the wall and turned on the video camera function. As you will see in this video, it turned out better (funnier) than I could have planned.


Pretty funny? I was surprised by the outcome.  I hope you enjoyed!




Not every dog bites..

That was the point that the priest made yesterday at the Parent’s Weekend Mass.  He had picked up a dog when he was about ten years old and the dog bit him on his ear. When he had stopped crying and the ear had a small band-aid on it (small dog, small bite), his father told him that “Not every dog bites” There you go.  I am just sharing the wisdom. Put something in the poor box on your way out…

I made the Monday night men’s lacrosse highlight reel this evening. I scored the final goal of the night. I had my back to the gaol and caught the ball on the crease. I shot left-handed, back-handed, no look and rocketed the ball past the goalie. I still can’t belive the ball went in.  I shot the ball towards the goal since the defenders were getting ready crush me since I had the ball in front of the goal. I turned my head after I shot to see the back of the net move and the goalie just shake his head. Everybody at my end of the field shook my hand. It was that cool of a goal. Next week, who knows. I certainly set a high bar for myself on Monday nights.

I also had a shot that the goalie stopped point-blank. Someone else shot the ball at the goalie and the ball rebounded off his stick right into my stick as I was moving towards the goal. I cradled the ball and shot the ball right back at the goalie. He stopped my shot as well. I thinks somebody picked up my rebound and shot, again being stopped. The goalie was pretty good tonight.

Today at lunch time I went and played wall ball. This is where you throw the ball against the wall and hopefully catch it. Here is a picture of the wall.  A boring but necessary part of becoming a better lacrosse layer. Enjoy!



Day 239.. Just another sunny day..

The first order of business is to correctly identify the pictures from last night’s blog. They were of the palace of Versailles and the grounds.  DS2 went to France with American Musicians Abroad for three weeks two different summers.  He really enjoyed the experience and often will still tell us some tidbit from the trip.  Maybe he should look into be a chaperone/employee one summer and go back again for free. Dude, it’s just a thought. They have employees just like any other company.

Today is was sunny and warm in New Jersey. I hate to say it because everybody else is saying it but, this is turning into the winter that wasn’t. I hope the trend keeps up. I am already looking out at the garden and itching to get my lettuce in the ground.  The temperature today was in the low 60’s with a brisk wind. I was able to go out during my lunch and play wall ball at a local park where they have handball courts set up. I took some pictures with my phone, looking for an artsy shot. I don’t think I accomplished that. The pictures are on the bottom none the less.

My DW was impossibly busy at work again today. In addition to her usual cast of characters, her unit had two college nursing students earning clinical time by spending the day in her unit. The “kids” did well. They weren’t any real hinderance. They just are encouraged to ask questions. And they did. My DW said they were both college seniors getting ready to graduate in May. I was busy, very busy this morning. I spent the afternoon helping fellow co-workers with their problems. Tomorrow is a work from home Friday. I hope the weather cooperates again.

DS2 has decided to give up solid food for Lent. He has been on a liquid diet for the last two days. He has pledged to reconsider his decision at Day 10. We (the parents) have encouraged him to take a daily multi vitamin and possibly do some research on liquid diets so that he does not get sick. Other than that, go for it. DS3 has been quiet again today. DS1 is working right now. Last night I went to bed and he was not yet home from work. I guess given that pattern, I will see him around noon time tomorrow.

As I mentioned, tonight’ s pictures are from today’s wall ball session. Wall ball is when you throw the lacrosse ball against the wall and catch it (hopefully). The repetition is supposed to help with eye – hand coordination. It also should strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles.   Enjoy!



Day 230, Valentine’s Day 2012..

Today was Valentine’s Day 2012. We (my DW and I) have been seemingly celebrating since Friday night. Things are different this year with only one child home. And that child is 23 years old and able to take care of himself.  Friday night we did couples body wraps and couples massages. This was followed by a romantic dinner. Saturday and Sunday we spent most of the day together. Saturday night we had pan-fried flounder with Hollandaise Sauce. Sunday night we had a prime rib roast. Monday was a work day. She had Monday night yoga, I had Monday night lacrosse. Today we both worked. We had the left over prime rib for dinner.

We spent a few days together (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) then we had a do your own thing Monday followed by a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner Tuesday.  It works for us. Tonight we started burning the two homemade beeswax candles that my brother and his wife made from the bees that they kept over the summer. They were very pretty and anchored the table quite nicely this evening. DS1 was working during our romantic dinner. After he came home he went to the gym and then had prime rib leftovers for dinner.

I found a wall while riding my bike last year. Oh, you are so excited for me, I can tell!  Here’s the real story. While I riding my bike on the trail near my office I noticed a hand ball wall in a park along the trail. I thought (being the lacrosse player that I am) “What a good wall to practice against” and I promptly forgot about that thought. This week I decided to find out where that park was and go there during my lunch hour to practice. I went yesterday and froze my butt off. I was standing in the sun but the 15 – 20 mph wind caused the temperature to feel like 20 degrees. I was not dressed for 20 degrees. I did not last long. Today I went back to the bark. I ate my lunch in the parking lot then I went and practiced throwing and usually catching for 20 minutes in the sun. The ball only bounced off my face once. I’m thinking that maybe I should bring my helmet with me.

Tonight’s picture is of the kitchen table with the homemade beeswax candles. I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day. As I told my children this morning, Make somebody smile today. And, I did order my King Cakes today for Monday delivery.



Ready for a romantic dinner