My ears are burning..

No, nobody is talking about me. Maybe though, the annual report said nearly 10,000 hits in 65 countries last year! Yikes! But really, a hat would have solved this problem before it ever happened.  On New Years Day I wrote about my DW deciding to do the Leslie Sansone Walk a Mile a Day for a Year Challenge. We walked Tuesday around the block and I took pictures of Christmas trees by the curb. Wednesday, yesterday,  my DW did her in the house walk to a walking tape before I got up. I guess she was motivated.  I walked my mile at lunch time, outdoors. It was 32 degrees with a wind chill in the mid 20’s. Yuck.  If it was easy everyone would start and continue with something like this.

Tonight, neither of us had walked yet. After our steak on the grill and salt potato dinner with a glass or two of wine, it was time to walk. We walked the steak bones over to a neighbor’s house who has two dogs. Nobody was home so the bones went in his trash can. We waked our mile. The temperature was 28 degrees when we got home. We stopped and talked with the “old man walking”. This old guy (80 years old), has been walking around the block for the last ten years at least.  We always wave and honk when we go by. He walks 3 miles in the morning, 2 miles at night and does 700 crunches a day. Does not drink nor smoke.  He sure must be healthy. He commented on my lack of a hat tonight.  Maybe tomorrow I will wear the hat.

Other news..  I got in my van at lunch time to go and get a hot dog with my coupon.  Right after I started the van, the low voltage light came on. That’s a bad sign. I decided to drive home at lunch time since after work I would need the headlights. Headlight plus a low voltage problem equals getting stuck somewhere. I made it home fine. The battery terminals had quite the corrosion on them. I removed the cables from the terminals, cleaned them with a wire brush and hooked the battery back up. Problem solved, for now. I think my three-year battery might be more than three years old.

I signed up with several of the “deal” websites looking for deals for when we are in Florida later in the month. Tonight’s picture is of one of those deals.  My question is What board certifies a psychic?  See the picture..  Enjoy!



Thinking up a new page or blog site..

Tonight’s blog will be focus on the Brick Municipal Reservoir in Brick, NJ. If you have ever driven north on the GSP between mile marker 90 and 98, then you have seen the reservoir on the right hand side. If you are like me, you have driven that route for the last ten or more years and watched the reservoir being dug and then filled. I often see people walking along the reservoir in the morning as I drive to work. I often wonder what the reservoir looks like from the walking path. You only get a few seconds of view from the highway.

At lunch time today I did a Google search and printed out directions to the reservoir. It turns out the parking lot is only 10 minutes from my office. Here is the website for the reservoir. The path is paved and  an easy 1.6 miles around the water.  There were maybe 25 people and dogs walking the path today with me. I decided to say hello to each and every person I met walking around the reservoir. You can imagine how that went over. Some people ignored me, some greeted me and some were genuinely friendly. I would say the “ignored me” group was about a third of the walkers. The most of the rest of the people said hello back. One lady walking a dog stopped so I could take a few pictures of her dog. You will see them below.  If you said hello to me today, thank you!

The path has a few “interesting” points to be discussed. About every half of a mile is a wooden stand with a water jug (5 gallon commercial type) with a paper cup dispenser attached. I guess that somebody fills the jugs everyday. Under the jugs are a few flowers that benefit from the water that drips out and falls towards the ground. There are two pavilions where you can walk out from the path and be surrounded on three sides by water. Fishing is allowed from the pavilions. There are a few gazebos, lots of benches and several garden areas with various types of flowers. On the east side are several different seating areas that would offer a view of the sunset.

I had a nice walk. I will do this again. Pictures.. some not as many as I had hoped for. I will share a few of them with you. I’m thinking of taking these photo blogs from my lunch time walks and re-working them into a website or a blog about lunch time walks in Monmouth County. Will see. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!



Day 258, Taking up a collection..

The formal parking ticket complaint process has run its course.  All that is left is to decide to either pay the ticket or become a scofflaw in Scranton.  As you can imagine, they denied my appeal. They know all about their parking meters, the are professional meter people. And in their professional opinion, I am a dope and being so, I deserve to donate 50 dollars to the Scranton Parking Authority. I believe in karma so one day, the shoe will be parked on the other foot. I am a patient person. No collection is needed. My oldest son paid has cell phone bill for the first time in his life. I will take that 50 dollars and send it to Scranton. I wonder if they take pennies..

On to more positive things. Today started out raining, pretty hard actually. I got to the office without any mishaps on the GSP.  Worked started off with a bang and just kept rolling all day. The next time I picked up my head it was after 2 pm. I looked outside and the sun was out. I took my sandwich and went over to the park. The plans of hot dogs and cheese burgers went on the wayside when the children ate the leftovers. I walked three more miles while eating my sandwich. The temperatures were in the low 70’s again.  Tonight my DW and I went to adult school yoga. After walking two days in a row, playing lacrosse last night and yoga tonight, I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

My DW worked an entire day on two cases. Through an odd series of circumstances the cases did not go off as planned and they took all day. Like I told her, it’s a day’s pay whether you bust your butt or not.  DS1 came home from his (not my girlfriends) and worked this evening. He has corralled DS3 to go out back and have a fire in the fire pit. DS3 worked out at the high school and chauffeured his mother back and forth to work so that he would have access to her van. DS2 tweeted a whole bunch today. Mostly musical stuff. He played a dulcimer at some point today and enjoyed it.

We have found another online business that we like. I like pistachio nuts and my DW likes cashews. Usually we will get them at the grocery store. The pistachios can be hit or miss depending on the time of year. We purchased both recently from and are enjoying the fresh nuts. Like coffee and a few other things, paying a little more for the items can make a big difference in the taste experience. My blog does not receive anything for this endorsement. I’m just sharing a good merchant. They are located here in New Jersey so UPS ground shipping is usually a next day delivery.

Picture time. Tonight’s picture comes from 2005 when we had an inflatable Mardi Gras guy in the front year. This was years before  inflatable holiday decorations came into vogue. We were definitely ahead of the curve. Enjoy!


Mardi Gras guy from 2005