Day 299, out and about in Charlottesville, VA..

The first job Saturday morning was to unlock all the doors. It was our first night in a strange place (not strange, just not home) so I had closed and locked every possible door while we slept.  It was going to be a nice sunny morning after the sun got higher in the sky. The resident rooster(s) were a little early announcing the new day. Fortunately, I just rolled over and my DW did not hear them. They continued to chime in off and on during the morning until about 10:30 am when we left the farm.

Breakfast was eggs and pork roll which we brought down with us. Coffee from New Orleans and a nice peaceful morning sitting on the front porch drinking my coffee.  We watched the horses goof off with each other. It was easy to pick out the trouble maker of the group. He was the one nipping the others and being a pest. The goat was off across the pasture doing its own thing.  After breakfast my DW had just come out of the shower when she starts laughing really loud. I went into the bedroom to see what was going on. She said “We have a peeping Tom”  I thought, oh, ok. Funny? She said “Look out the window”. I moved the curtain aside and there was one of the horses, head over the fence intently staring into the bedroom. Ok, funny.

We left the farm and headed into Charlotteville. It was about a 25 minute ride. We drove on the county two-lane instead of the interstate. I figured there might be more to see and we were not in any hurry. We parked near the pedestrian mall in the historic district. We walked the mall, window shopping. We stopped in a pawn shop to look at guitars for DS2. We found a resonator guitar for sale, but it was the square neck not the round neck model. The difference? The square neck model you lay flat on your lap and play like a pedal steel guitar. The round neck model you play like a regular guitar.  We also walked up to the weekly farmers market. It was fun to look at all the things for sale. We really could not buy anything perishable since we were not sure when we would get back to the farm.

We had lunch at a funky cafe that had outdoor seating on the mall. The food was good. The salad was the most unusual salad I have ever eaten. I eat some of it one piece at a time to try to identify the different flavors . We both had a rock shrimp and lobster salad sandwiches. Mine with bread, her’s in a bowl with some lettuce.  After lunch we drove around Charlottesville for a bit trying to get a feel for where things are. On Friday we just went to the game and left. On Saturday we drove around the campus of UVA. The city seems a to be very vibrant college town.

The next event on our list was a wine tasting festival of Virginia wineries. The festival was in Ruckersville which is about 30 minutes north and west of the city. The wine tasting was in the middle of a farmer’s field. Someone had done a fair job cutting down the weeds so that you could park and walk around. They had maybe 10 different wineries giving out samples. We paid 20 dollars each to get in. For this we got a sampling glass and we allowed to visit each tent as much as you wanted to. The samples were about one ounce.  We tried quite a few of the different wines but we did not find any that we would spend money to bring home. They did have a food truck selling Louisiana food. We had an order of beignets. They were the highlight of the festival.  The temperature at this point was in the low 80’s.

We got back in the car and turned on the air and headed south and west to an oyster festival at a brewery/brew pub.  The two festivals were about an hours plus apart. By the time we got down to the oyster festival the sky had turned grey and you could see the rain on the mountains in the not to far distance. We parked the car and walked over to the entrance carrying our umbrella. The festival cost 15 dollars each to get in. While we stood there debating the cost/benefit of entrance, the rain started. We used a porta-a-potty and headed back to the car. No sense in paying to go into an outdoor festival in the rain.

That takes us to about 4:00 pm Saturday. The next installment will hopefully wrap up Saturday.  The picture below is of DS2 and a friend after his choral concert on Saturday. The university had a casino night so he went in his concert tuxedo. Enjoy!


DS2 casino night

Day 298, Virginia III..

Have you read enough about Friday yet? I told your there was lots to write about. This will be the last post about Friday. Tomorrow I will write about Saturday and Sunday.  The reason we went to Charlottesville, Va. was not to visit a farm. You might not believe that. We did indeed go to see four of the best men’s college lacrosse teams in the country play. When we got to UVA and started looking for a parking spot near the stadium it became clear that something more than lacrosse was going on. After we found a parking space and walked up the field complex we saw that the ACC was having it’s  Track and Field Championships at UVA at the same time. There were people and athletes everywhere.

The track and field championship was free to get in. The mens lacrosse championship was ten dollars for Friday night and ten dollars for Sunday’s championship game. While we waited for the will call window to open we went into the track meet to have something to do. The stadium and the track complex are next to each other. There are no gates or fences between them. If you had known this you would have gone a little early and watch some track and field and then walked over to the lacrosse stadium and watched those games. We live and learn.

We sat on the grassy knoll right on the 50 yard line. They have a bleachers on one side and a grassy hill on the other. Everything is general admission. The games were excellent. Unfortunately the home team lost in the second game.  Both games were broadcast on ESPNU and ESPN3. My DS1 said he saw us on the sidelines of one of the games. We have them saved on the DVR. We might watch some of the games during the week especially if the reruns continue.  Food and water/soda/Gatorade were available for purchase during the game. There was no alcohol allowed in the stadium.  Water was 3.50 a bottle. We wished we had brought some in with us from the car.

After the game we drove back towards the house getting off an exit early to do some grocery shopping. We needed a few things for the morning.  After our grocery shopping we continued to drive back to the farm. There are very few street lights out there in rural Virginia.  I am used to living here in New Jersey where there are too many street lights. After we got back to the house my DW went to bed and I wrestled with the alarm (as written about in part two). One of the ways I attempted to quiet the alarm was to put black electrical tape over the motion sensor in the bedroom. Note to self: that does not work.

Here are some pictures from the game. I also shot some video during the second game. That can be seen by clicking here.