Impending empty 46 (post) nest..

Greetings fellow travelers around the sun. A ho-hum weekend turned into something special.  The last two blogs have been mobile, limiting their length. Tonight I’m home, relaxing with the family. Saturday (yesterday) was supposed to be a do nothing, laid back kinda of day. Then the Lime Guy (third person reference, but why?) decides to go to Annapolis for a MLL lacrosse game. But, really the day started out much earlier than that. Missing from the daily blog, was that at 04:00 DW and I got up, put on our bathing suits (that means shorts for me) and headed out to our hot tub. Friday night into Saturday morning was the projected peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Since the moon was still mostly full, a late night just before sunrise was the best time for viewing. None of the meteor showers that I have witnessed have ever peaked at 11 pm. They always seem to peak in the middle of the night.

We went into the hot tub which was nice and warm and laid back looking east away from the light of the moon. And we waited, patiently. It’s not like they turn the switch on. We stayed in the hot tub for about thirty minutes seeing about ten meteors. Two of them were really bright fireballs, the rest were just quick flashes.  Then we went back to bed. Enough of that. I really could not fall back soundly to sleep after being awake and in  the hot tub. Then the day started. Yesterday’s blog detailed the foibles of the morning. After driving to Annapolis and back it was about 1 am when we got to sleep.  That makes for quite a long day.  The next morning  I said to DW, well honey, we certainly got our money’s worth out of yesterday!  Someday’s you seem to just exist, other days you really experience life to its fullest.  I for one vote for more days to the fullest. Make that extra effort, you never know the outcome.

Sunday started slow. Did I mention the booty that we brought home from Annapolis? Funny, read the last blog from Annapolis for some background. You can search the site. We brought home three half gallons of cream line chocolate milk and one pound of fresh picked Jumbo Lump crab meat. Yum! The plan was for each boy to get their own half-gallon of chocolate milk and when it was gone, tough luck. This did not workout since the parents were too tired to inform/enforce the deal. Oh well, I had some and it was quite good. The usual Sunday plan include sleeping in (if possible), grocery shopping and such. Today I worked from home for extra pay. With the three boys going to school in the next two weeks, college related expenses will be raising.

Today my DW started pushing DS2 towards packing and getting organized. His plan is to pack the car Saturday night and leave early Sunday so he can get a jump on moving in. He is in fair shape as far as packing, the week ahead should be telling on his resolve to get out early. School starts August 22. He is excited to be going back. Nice! He went to party with some of him high school friends last night. There was some drinking by his friends, he choose not to. Good for him.  We rented a micro fridge for his room today. Books done, micro fridge done, some clothes packed, done, t-shirts still needed.  He is done working for the summer, having retired from his summer job. He hopes to be working in the meat room next summer instead of the deli. Time will tell.

So the exodus schedule is looking like DS2 Sunday, DS1 Saturday, DS3 a week later. Then we can clean the house and try to get things straightened out. Hopefully there will be some painting down this fall. And maybe, the food bill will decrease. Today’s food bill was a jumbo experience since we had a prime rib roast for dinner. Yum, yum and yum. Along with the fresh jumbo lump crabmeat, shrimp and fresh mozzarella, soft shorts were a good clothing choice. I will get to run these calories off Monday playing lacrosse.

Tonight’s picture is sent to us by DS3 from work. The picture is of Jada. She is a pit bull. She and DS3 are good friends.


Thirty four or Sunday daze..

Well, what a weekend! My life seems to be all or nothing. Weeks of work, work, lacrosse, work, garden, lacrosse and work. Then you have a weekend like this. Bamm, add a little spice!  Quick rehash… Thursday night, 90 minutes of lacrosse outdoors. We played five on five including the goalies. Sideline to sideline. There is no way we could play the full field with 11 people. Friday, Work From Home (WFH). Fed the boys breakfast and worked. Hot, humid 90 degrees out. Friday night DS2 and I went to the Borgata (Atlantic City) to see the Decemberists in concert. I was told by a young lady Saturday afternoon that they were “Indie”. Band said they were going to play country and western.  Hmmm, DW upon hearing the ustream I uploaded said, “I guess folk is back”  My ustream can be found bu going to and searching for “Lime Guy Presents”

The concert was excellent. I will be looking into the band’s discography to hear the music and understand the words. It is hard to understand the words (at least for me, maybe too many concerts when I was younger) when you are 15 feet from the stage. It was great, just tough to learn or understand the lyrics under those circumstances. DS2 met a friend from high school who was there with his father also. Some kind of pattern here, I don’t know.  We had seats in the first row behind the general admission standing area. We sat in them for five minutes. We stood the rest of the night. The opening band was (I did not catch the name) some young kids (early twenties) from Seattle. They put on a good show. A few more years of touring and they will be polished up. During the concert, the was a huge storm in Ocean and Monmouth Counties (middle to southern New Jersey). We did not see the effects of the storm in Atlantic City but the storm made the front page of the newspaper for the next two days due to power outages and damage.

I got to bed at midnight Friday night, second night in a row. My usual old man bedtime is 11 pm. Saturday we were up at five thirty so we could get driving to Annapolis, MD before the rest of the world got moving. We beat most of the traffic, the ride was fairly easy.  We got there around 10 am, temperature was 87 degrees. We parked downtown and walked around sightseeing. Holding hands and all that. We then went over to the US Naval Academy for a tour. We took the tour visiting the various sites and listening to what the guide was supposed to tell us.  She laughed at her own jokes more than we did. Maybe she needs to freshen up her spiel. We were there for the noontime formation (google search). This is where the Plebes (first year academy students) line up in their whites and form ranks and do other military formation stuff. It was interesting, a spectacle if you will. Something to see when you go there. Then we went to the museum and saw the myriad of items and displays that depicted the growth and history of the US Navy.

Did I mention that this blog would be a long one?  Oh, this blog will be a long one. I have to make up for last nights three sentence missive.

After our tour we walked over to the Middleton Pub and had lunch outside. Crab cakes and fried calamari. Both were excellent. The temperature now was in the low to mid 90’s. After lunch we drove to our hotel checked in and took a short nap in the warm room as the air conditioner attempted to cool the room. Here’s a question, it is summer time, you have a room that has been vacant for a few days. You have sold that room to a customer, don’t you think it would be nice if the room was cool when your guest arrives? I mean it was a Westin, not Motel Six.  Anyway, after the nap, we took the shuttle back downtown. The young lady driving the shuttle was a musician, had heard of the Decembrists and had done Music Therapy community service in Spain last summer. The chance of  meeting someone who knew or had experienced any of those varied experiences, would to me, be very unlikely. DS2 is a Music Therapy student, a musician, and looking into studying abroad next summer.  Crazy world.

After our walk downtown we called the shuttle. unfortunately, one of the at least two weddings using the hotel that day had the shuttle for the next hour. Choices were to take a cab, walk or ride the trolley. The trolley picked us up downtown and dropped us off at the hotel for 50 cents each. You can’t argue with that. We quickly changed clothes (off with the sweaty stuff, on with the clean stuff) and were back out to catch a trolley to the Marine Corps Memorial Stadium for the MLL lacrosse game. Another quick ride (fifty cents each, yea!) and we were there. We had a beer at the tailgate. The home team, the Chesapeake Bay Hawks had a local rock band playing covers in the parking lot. They were ok, never destined for the big stage.

Our seats were behind the opposing team’s (Hamilton Nationals) bench. We were in the first row.  It was pretty cool. There were some slight sight line issues do to being down that close. The Nationals spanked the Bay Hawks 16 -6. We aren’t fans of either team, just fans of the sport. We did cheer for Hamilton since we were behind their bench. After the game the goalie from Hamilton came up into our section and signed autographs and talked to the young kids and their parents in the section. The player was Scott Rodgers. He graduated from Notre Dame last year. It was really cool to see him up in the stands after the game signing autographs and smiling and interacting with the kids.  The kids are the future of the sport, and he was the sport’s ambassador last night.

After the game we took the trolley downtown for dinner. Oh, just another fifty cents each, please! Diner was at Maria’s Sicilian Restaurant and Cafe.  Dinner was good. You saw the picture of the muscles in last nights blog. We ate dinner at ten thirty last nigh, how european of us.  After dinner we went out to find the trolley to take us home. The streets were packed with twenty to forty-year old people heading to bars, eating at outside cafe’s or just hanging out. The trolley did not come so we called the hotel and they sent the shuttle. Back home safe and sound. We watched some Saturday Night Live (I don’t get the humor..) and went to bed around midnight for the third night in a row.

Sunday, Sunday, sleep in Sunday. Knock, Knock… housekeeping…. uggg, come back later. The room had great room darkening shades. So, up and out. We went back downtown (driving this time). We walked the farmers market, nothing caught our eye. We went into the Market Building and bought a pound of fresh Maryland Jumbo Lump crab meat. The crab meat had been picked that morning. We also bought a half-gallon of fresh chocolate milk from the organic stand. The milk was as close to fresh from the cow as legally possible. Talk about creamy and delicious. DS2 is a huge chocolate milk fan and he said it is better than Manning’s in Scranton.

Dinner tonight was cheeseburgers (meat from the local butcher) and cheese noodles. Cheese noodles were a family favorite when I was growing up. Consists of elbow macaroni,(cooked and hot) and butter, cottage cheese and sour cream. DS1 requested this meal for his birthday meal. I thought he was going to say Lobster or something like that. We also had some of the crab meat, plain, just out of the container and fresh mozzarella from the butcher. Yum, yum and yum. Later tonight when DS3 gets home from the bark and biscuit we will have ice cream cake and sing.

It was a long weekend, I surely hope to be asleep before midnight tonight. Pictures, tough question, I will include several from the weekend. I will add additional text so hopefully when you mouse over the pictures, you will find out what they are of. Thanks for reading, comments are always read and appreciated. Apparently, if you really like this blog you can subscribe and when I publish each day, you will get an email. Pretty high-tech for a free website. Sooner or later the will find a way to get money of me, I’m sure.  

Decemberists at the Borgata

Decemberists at the Borgata

DW in Annapolis


DW before the game with Hawk Eye

Three in the penaly box to end the game