Day 359, Sunshine returns..

We (DW, DS3 and I) had an early start to the day. Today is Saturday and neither my DW nor I are scheduled to work today. DS3 was scheduled to work. The people we bought the car from are going on vacation for a week Sunday morning.  If we did not get the car today, DS3 would have to wait until next Saturday to get his wings, err wheels. His parents dropped him off for an 8 am work shift then drove an hour north to get the car.  The transaction went well. I put plates on the car and we drove home. Once we got back to town we went to DMV to take care of the paperwork and get the real plates for his car.

DMV today was like going to Wal-Mart without the 20 cashiers.  It was Saturday morning, the office is open from 9 am to 1 pm. They had two people working the counter. When I got there the line had six people in it. When I left there were 30 people in line!  It is Saturday, people are off from work and might, might, be looking to get some DMV paperwork done. Why were there only two people scheduled to work? I’m glad I got there when I did. If I walked in and saw 30 people waiting for two clerks, I would have turned around and gone home. The car could have waited until Monday to be legal.

DS3 texted me at lunch time to see how we made out with his car. I told him that we (DW and I) were going to cruise around the area in his Mustang, and try to look cool.  He was ok with this as long as somebody brought the car down around 5 pm so he could drive it home. Hmmm, choices, choices.  In the end, I drove down to his work and let him drive me home.  At dinner we (DW and I) talked with him about being a safe and responsible driver.  He was offended by the discussion. I explained to him that the discussion is covered on page 9, sect B of the parents manual. And we were obligated to have the discussion.  Really, we just care and love him.

DS2 continues to be in upstate New York. For breakfast he had venison, an omelette and breakfast potatoes. I was astounded that he would eat  (or try) venison. He did not mention if he liked it or not. I guess that and other details from his visit will be discussed when he returns home.   DS1 worked all day. After work he went to throw the lacrosse ball around with one of his high school lacrosse teammates. 

We had lunch today at the Mud City Crab House. If you find yourself in the Manahawkin – LBI area, take the time to eat a meal here. Downside, no reservations (and they are popular) and they are BYOB.  The fish is fresh and good.  For dinner we had haddock and shrimp pan-fried with cajun breading. The fish was good. Sometimes the breading can overpower the fish. This was not the case tonight. Two fish meals in one day!

The cellar cleanup continues. Most of the towels that got wet/dirty yesterday have made the trip through the washing machine and the dryer. The a/c continues to crank in the house. The de-humidifier is running as are the fans on the floor. Tomorrow we will spray some bleach and then start to put things back together.  I spent two hours today in the garden trying to save the tomatoes and cucumbers. There was quite a bit of damage from the hail yesterday. Since I over planted the garden, we may still turn out ok with the loss of the plants that got destroyed.

Tonight’s pictures are from various points today. The captions will explain.  Enjoy!