Two car wrecks and a Buffett concert from 1977..

The Jimmy Buffett concert of the week this week is from Central Park, NYC recorded in early August, 1977. I was a sophomore in high school that year. I don’t remember the concert being advertised. But then I was only 16 years old. The concert can be heard several times this week by going to Radio Margaritaville on the internet. If you have a Sirius/XM radio, you can go to channel 24. It was fun to listen to an old concert on the radio tonight.

The two car wrecks, that is a different story altogether. Neither of them included anyone that I know (thankfully).  We (DS3 and I) saw the first wreck Monday night on the way home from lacrosse. We were driving home through the woods (and fog) when I saw several cars on the side of the road with their flashers on. I slowed down and moved to the middle of the two lane highway to avoid whatever was going on. As we went by we saw a small car on its side wedged up against a roadside billboard.  There were cars and people everywhere. The cars were sitting, the people were just standing around, talking. No police, fire, EMS or tow trucks. We drove 5 minutes further east and never saw any emergency vehicles.

The second wreck was a two car deal on the GSP near MM 96 northbound this morning.  Traffic was backed up for ten miles while the tow trucks and state police sorted things out. Funny thing about this morning, I left home ten minutes early (don’t know why) and got to work 30 minutes late.  I still beat most of the people I work with to the office.

Tonight was the last night of adult school yoga for the year. We start-up again in February or March.  We (DW and I) both enjoyed tonight’s class even though the library where class is held was a little warm.

Pictures, two from the summer.  Enjoy!


IMG_0002 IMG_0011

Nice to see you all…

It was nice to see all you faithful (or casual) readers while driving home from work today. What? None of you were out there on the GSP today? Wow!  I can’t believe that. The parkway was jammed up like it was the 4 th of July weekend.  Hmm. A rainy, damp, chilly Tuesday night. Where in the heck was everybody going?  It seemed like the volume on the highway going home tonight was twice or three times normal.  Of course, the rain did not help either.  One other thought, are there other lanes than the left lane on the GSP? Could have fooled me.

Tuesday night was yoga night for my DW and I. After that crazy drive home, going to yoga was a better option than a cocktail or three.  We were back in our usual space for the first time this fall.  Work was intense for the first six hours and then pretty quiet until the last five minutes when two of those customers that can’t be ignored had problems that needed to be resolved, tonight.  Done and done.

Tonight’s two pictures are animated. If you click on the picture it will display in another window (hopefully) and the picture should move.  Enjoy!






Add this to the list of..

Add this to the list of places that you should not choose to drive to on a Saturday afternoon in the summer time. The place? Hofstra University, in Hempstead, NY.  We drove from Manahawkin, NJ to Hempstead NY to watch a MLL lacrosse game. It was only 115 miles. When we drive to Annapolis to see a game the trip is 190 miles (each way, of course).  My DW, DS3 and I went to see the Long Island Lizards play the Boston Cannons.  The ride sucked. There is no other way to describe it. I hope to never make that drive again. The trip to Annapolis takes just as long and is not anywhere near as stressful.

Boston jumped out to a 6 to 1 lead at the end of the first quarter. By half time the lead was dow to 6 to 4. The final score had Long Island winning 14 to 9, I think.  The game was good. The fans were Long Island fans. We love them when they go home after their vacations.  The announced attendance was about 4500 fans. When we went to the two games in Annapolis last year, the attendance was over 8000 at each game. Long Island needs to do some more work and get the fans in the seats.

DS3 met up with two lady friends from college at the game. They did not just bump into each other. The kids made plans Friday night when we decided to go to the game on Saturday. I have some stories about Saturday that I will save for Sunday’s blog. It is Sunday already and I am going to bed.

Pictures, see the captions and enjoy!



Day 315, Four days until..

Family note: Boys (even though your are men), Mother’s Day is in four days. Don’t be a slacker and wait for the last-minute.  Enough said.

We finally had a decent day of rain here in New Jersey. Maybe knowing that the rain was coming is why I slept in until my DW woke me at 7 am. Some days I am up early on my own. Not this morning. The past few mornings I have been getting up early to water the garden and the new grass that we are trying to grow. So far, so good. As you can imagine the GSP was a mess in Brick today because of the rain. 

The following rant may be familiar if you are a consistent reader. Each day while driving to work I turn the radio from Sirius to a local station for news, weather and traffic at 8 am. After a healthy dose of commercials and the news, I go back to Sirius for the rest of the drive.  The traffic follows the weather which follows the state/local news. The traffic is the real reason that I listen. Why,I keep asking myself?  The traffic person talks about Rote 9 being heavy and some other minor stuff. Advising us to “slow down” due to the rain. Aren’t we smart enough to figure that out? And will I slow down because some faceless person on the radio suggested that I should? Obviously the answer to both questions is NO.  We are not smart enough and I won’t slow down if you suggest it.

After the traffic report the morning DJ’s go back to quacking, I go back to Radio Margarittaville. In no more than two minutes I am stopped in traffic. This phantom traffic jam lasts for nearly ten miles and takes 45 minutes to traverse. In the end I am 30 minutes late for work, but no one really cares. How could the traffic people at that radio station not know about the ten-mile long traffic jam? Maybe they need better sources. Something. So, the traffic reports on WOBM FM in Ocean County, NJ are a waste of time. Will I listen again tomorrow? For sure.  I’m crazy!  End rant..

I obviously worked from the office today. I ate at my desk due to the rainy weather. My morning was busy, the afternoon, not so much. The company is working towards completing a software re-write so I started working on training documentation today.  When I get tasked with upgrading people from one version to another the first question is what has changed? In this case, quite a bit. And the company I work for is notoriously bad at documenting things.  My DW was in charge again today. Her manager is on vacation so the nurses are sharing (right) the responsibility of managing the unit. They get extra pay for taking the job.  She was home again at a decent time. She unfortunately is on call all day on Mother’s Day.

DS1 went to work today. It appears that classes are over at the community college. I guess once the grades are in and he sends the transcript to WJU, he will be a college graduate. He told his current boss that classes run for another week. Hmm, must not need the money. Oh, he has rich parents, so he doesn’t.  DS2 sent a quick text about his amazing internet speeds now that most of the students have gone home for the summer. He will be home Sunday evening.  DS3, must be getting close to finals week. He was quiet again today.

Tonight’s pictures are of my office. This was today’s lunch time view.  Also an older picture for DS3.  Enjoy!