Triumphant ride into Manahawkin..

Maybe one of the last Tour De France blogs for this year. Today was the final day the Map My Ride (an app for your phone) Tour De France Challenge.  The challenge, if you have been just clicking Like and not reading (just kidding), has been to ride your bike for at least 20 minutes each day the riders in the Tour De France ride their bikes.  I completed the challenge this morning at 8:55 am. That noise you heard was the cheering throngs lining Lime Guy Bouvard cheering me on to the finish. The reality was quite different (as it usually is). I did finish my nearly 25 mile ride this morning around 8:55 am, but there was nobody home except for my DW. The neighbors were hiding behind their air conditioning. A quiet morning in the neighborhood.

I finished the challenge having ridden 306 miles in 23 rides. Out of 24,956 participants, I am ranked number 2939!  Not bad to a 53-year-old man who could stand to lose a few pounds.  It was a lot of work. There were lots of mornings at 5:51 am when the alarm went off that I wanted to roll over. Now what? I will ride less frequently, but the health benefits should continue.  And, it has not rained here in Manahawkin in the morning since at least June 29 th!

Children, where are they today? Funny that you should ask. Let’s see, DS1 is in Philadelphia with a childhood friend after spending Saturday in NYC at a concert on Governor’s Island.  He is scheduled to come home after work tomorrow. DS2 is on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his girlfriend and her family. They had a very long drive from the Jersey shore to Cape Hatteras yesterday. I’m glad I was not in the car. DS3 is on the train from New York’s Penn Station to Long Branch, NJ. He spent the day in NYC with his girlfriend. She lives out on Long Island, so the city is a good central place for them to meet.

My DW went to yoga this morning.  I took a short nap after riding while she went to class. Then we went grocery shopping. See, the Lime Guy life is not all glamour and Hollywood parties! I worked in the garden this afternoon harvesting a 5 gal bucket of tomatoes and cucumbers. Most of the tomatoes got ground up for sauce and frozen for the winter. I will probably be bringing cucumbers into work to give away this week.

The boardwalk in Seaside Heights is open! Really. We went there Friday night and there were not many people. Get out while you can, summer is going to pass you by!

Here are a few pictures with captions.  Enjoy, and thanks for reading..  Who needs PRISM? Just read the blog, dude!




Trying to fool the Grim Reaper..

Grim Reaper, Father Time – whatever name you might give to getting older and slowing down. Well, not this past week or this week so far.

  • Monday, June 24, played 80 minutes of lacrosse – no goals, one assist
  • Tuesday, June 25, yoga – we also met a bee keeper and learned about bee colony failure
  • Wednesday, June 25, 3.5 mile bike ride after dropping the van off at the mechanic. Oh, 649.00 dollars and three days later the van was back running again
  • Thursday, June 27, my birthday, rode my bike 35 miles
  • Friday, June 28, drank beer – I needed the carbohydrates
  • Saturday, June 29, rode my bike 13.5 miles
  • Sunday, June 30, rode my bike 35 miles
  • Monday, July 1, rode 1 mile (really) and played 80 minutes of lacrosse scoring two goals
  • Tuesday,  July 2, rode 7.3 miles at lunch time  and did an hour of yoga with my DW tonight

It’s been a busy week for sure. The Map My Ride app that I have on my phone is running a Tour De France challenge this month. The challenge is to ride your bike everyday that the guys on the tour ride their bikes.  That is why I rode a mile yesterday, just to keep up with the challenge.  The rest of the week will be crazy with the 4 th of July holiday.  I hope to get out each day and get some miles under my belt.

Did I ever mention that my job gets in the way of my personal life?  LOL!

Thanks for reading!  And thank you to all the Facebook and Twitter people that wished me a Happy Birthday last week.

Here are a few pictures with captions.  Enjoy!