Back to school specials..

Did you participate in the back to school madness this year or have you escaped the back to school grind?  Here is Manahawkin, the grind appears to be over.  This past Sunday both of the college students packed their cars and drove back to Scranton. DS2 returned to Marywood University for his senior year. DS3 returned to the University of Scranton for his junior year. Right after they left we (DW and I) went food shopping.  As we are getting ready to leave, I glanced at her shopping list, it was still quite extensive. I asked, “If both of the boys went back to school, why is our list so long?” Her reply, “Well, they took everything with them!” Good point.

Our back to school shopping does not/did not include the Wal-Mart or Target. We were shopping in both stores over the last week and watched the families with children in tow choosing paper, pens, notebooks, backpacks.. The list goes on. In our world, back to school starts in July with student loan paperwork. Then the parents and students have to survive August. We had a car accident with DS2’s car. The damage was minor, the other party lives locally and were ok.  DS3 had the passenger window on his Mustang come off the track and fall apart. After 250 dollars and at least 8 hours of my life, the window goes up and down (more than once).

Oil changes, windshield wipers, brakes and headlights… The list goes on and on. Our shopping for back to school is just a bit more expensive than the Wal-Mart or Target families.

We are heading back to Scranton Sunday to see them. Yes, it has only been a week. And no, we are not in withdrawal.  Sunday is the Italian Festival in downtown Scranton. There are supposed to be fireworks Sunday night. I need to figure out where the fireworks will be. We are planning on dinner at Doc Magrogan’s Seafood House.  This Sunday and Monday they have their Buck A Shuck oyster sale.  Shucked oysters will be a dollar a piece. I’m looking forward to that.

Buried deep in tonight’s blog is a sidenote about the LimeGuy being diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. I’m not sure if this is the proper forum for this sidenote. This entry into the A Fib club has curtailed my lacrosse playing for the time being.  I did attend yoga for the first time in three weeks tonight. It was nice to do something active (yes, yoga is active) again. My knees have healed from the fall I took while playing lacrosse in Lake Placid three weeks ago. All I need is the all clear from the cardiologist and I will be back to playing. Further medical details can be shared by you the reader, emailing, texting or calling me directly.

Here are a few pictures from the back to school weekend with the boys.  Here is a Drop Box link to the entire group of pictures.

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Office Wrap Party – Scranton, PA..

We spent the past weekend in Scranton.  DS2 had a choir concert that we wanted to see.   The concert was Saturday night. The music was sung A Cappella. That just means that there were no musical instruments other than the voices in the choir. The music was the Mass, with various parts of the mass coming from different composers. Here is a link to the Marywood University website with more information about the concert.  The concert was in rotunda on campus. The singers sang from the second floor and the audience sat in chairs or the first floor level.   We (DW and I) both enjoyed the concert. I shot some video and pictures.

Also on Saturday, the tv show, The Office, held it’s Office Wrap Party in Scranton.  My DW and I went to the parade. We aren’t big fans of the show but I figured we were in town, so why not go and experience the spectacle. And yes, I shot some pictures. I saved them in two groups. This link will take you to the pictures taken of the cast members in attendance.  This link will take you to the crowd pictures that I took. It was 75 degrees and sunny in a college town.  Enough said.  DS2 was not interested in the parade. DS3 had a paper to proof read then email in by 5 pm that day so he missed some of the parade.

After the parade we went across town to Marywood with DS3 to see DS2. They would never see each other if we did not get them together. DS2 and my DW walked around the lacrosse field and talked while DS3 and I spent an hour shooting and passing lacrosse balls.  We walked over to “The Rock” afterwards and took some pictures. The rock is a formation of two flat as a table rocks in the field between the lacrosse field and I 81. Each time we play on the field I look over at the rock and think that it would make for some neat pictures.  I will add a few of them at the bottom.  After the concert Saturday night we went to Coopers for a snack and a beer (or two). Both boys attended this function (there was free food – parents paid). College students know better than to skip a free meal!

Sunday we went to mass and watched DS2 play his trumpet with the choir. After mass we all got together one more time at the Buck Town Diner for lunch. Then we drove home and the boys went back to their lives. Monday night was lacrosse. I scored my first goal in a month! I was pretty excited. Tuesday was yoga. Tonight might be outdoor lacrosse depending on the weather and how I feel. I found a cold somewhere in the last 7 days. Cough, cough and cough.

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

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Sandy, Post 2…

Thankful, that is the word for this week. Thankful that the power is back on (for us). Thankful that everyone in our family is safe. And thankful that we did not get water in the basement.  In that order, maybe not. The power being back on is way up there, though.   Yesterday’s blog ended with Sunday night, sleeping in Scranton, PA, after spending a frantic afternoon driving to Scranton and making sure that DS2 was ok and getting the proper (and best) care.

Monday morning was grey in Scranton. I could write that sentence everyday and be right two-thirds of the time.  We called over to the hospital at 8 am and the nurses told my DW that DS2 was off to have his MRI done. We checked out of our hotel since they would not give us the same rate as the previous night. We moved across the street for the same price. Just as nice. After coffee and a breakfast sandwich we got to the hospital as DS2 was returning to his room. He had just finished having the MRI and EKG done.  We hung around with him all morning and then the EEG tech came by and did that test. Several doctors and residents came by over the course of the morning. All asking essentially the same questions.  The highlight of the morning was having hot dogs from Coney Island Lunch (for lunch).

Around 3 pm the neurologist came by, the same one from Sunday afternoon. He had looked at the test results and did not have a definitive answer. He said either it was a case of sleep walking or a seizure disorder that does not cause you to flop around, but causes you to lose track of time. He could find no evidence to support one reason over the other. So, he sent us on our way. We will continue to monitor things. Maybe this was a one time episode. Hopefully. 

We dropped him off at school so he could visit with his friends and tell the story of his hospital stay. We headed down to the hotel for the night. We got to the hotel around 5 pm. It had been raining all day. Both children’s universities had been closed for the day. We went down to the bar to find a drink and some dinner. As we sat there watching the weather channel chronicle Sandy’s landfall 30 miles south of our home, we ate dinner.  During dinner the bar started to fill up with power crews from as far west as Wisconsin. Everybody was having one last fun night waiting for the next day when they would start putting the power grid back together in New York State.

After dinner we spoke with DS1 about conditions at home. He said there was no water coming in, but that he had lost power around 4 pm Monday afternoon.  We spoke with DS3, he was playing video games with his friends. We figured no reason to drag him out into the storm to see us. We watched some tv and went to bed.

I did not take any pictures on Monday. We were a bit on edge wondering what the doctors and their tests might find. All clear, for now. Here is a picture from Face Book of DS2 in his tuxedo. Enjoy!


Sunday night blogging..

Welcome to Sunday night. The Giants won, the Saints won and who would have thought based on the first quarter, LSU and Rutgers won.  Geaux Tigers!  There is my football update for Sunday, October 21, 2012.  

Today was the start of the fall shut down, clean up, that happens every year. In the spring, we take things out of the shed and decide if they are salvageable from the previous year.  Then in the fall, you just put things away figuring that you can always throw them away in the spring!  The most important part of the fall close up ritual is running the lawn mower out of gas. I never did this before last year. And, each spring the lawn mower would be in the shop since it would not start. Last fall I ran it out of gas. And guess what?  This past spring I put gas in the lawn mower  and it started right up! A miracle? Hardly.

Saturday, hmmm.  No meteors. Did you see any? We went out to the hot tub at 11 pm last night and soaked for 40 minutes with nary a shooting star. The NASA website said that we should go out before dawn Sunday morning. That obviously did not happen.  Maybe you were more motivated than we were. There is always next year, right? 

I worked Saturday for one of my local customers. He messed up his accounting software interface and needed help. I worked for way to cheap yesterday. I solved his problem and took a 12 pack of beer for my hour’s effort.  I will do better next time. My DW and I did the usual Saturday chores and shopping. Lunch was at Mud City Crab House. They always do a good job there.

Sunday we went grocery shopping and watched some NFL Red Zone. Today was especially difficult to follow along. Some weeks all the games are not close, so you get to watch a lot of several games. Today it seemed like all the early games were close. There were double, triple and quad boxes at the same time.  Football for the person that can watch four screens at the same time. Yikes!  I enjoyed it, it was just intense.

After the early games ended I went out and put gas in my van and drove to the hight school to work on my shooting. I purchased a “cage cover” which covers the front of the goal leaving several openings for you to shoot at. The openings would be where the probable goal scoring opportunities would be. I shot about 120 balls into the gaol. Some took more than one try!  Hopefully this will help my shooting skills.

Children, DS1 went to AC last night to see a band at the House of Blues. He sent a picture of AC at night. DS2 continued to enjoy his relationship status. He is playing in the Jazz Band tonight at the Jazz Band dance. He sent a picture. DS3 went to Philadelphia Friday to see the haunted prison in NE Philadelphia. No pictures.. 

Here are the pictures that my children shared plus the cage cover. Enjoy!




Dorm room madness..

Here’s a backward post for tonight..

Tonight’s pictures are of the two children’s dorm rooms in Scranton. The captions will explain which child which picture(s) belong to.  Enjoy!

DS3’s dorm at the University of Scranton

DS2’s dorm room at Marywood University

DS2’s dorm room at Marywood University

DS2’s dorm room at Marywood University

We (my DW and I) traded texts and tweets with both college children today. They seem to have enjoyed the first day of school. Ds3 mentioned that he did not have ROTC PT this morning. He also said that he can see his car from his bedroom window. DS2 mentioned that the sun came out at lunch time and it was hot in Scranton. He should grasp that memory tightly, winter is coming.  He also mentioned missing the music building. His classes this year have less of a music focus than the first two years. He is still involved with all the performing groups. They seem to meet in the evening.

 Tonight I was back to Monday night lacrosse with the old men. Almost all of the college students are gone. We had enough people show up to play two full teams with two substitutes on each side. me, I had two goals tonight.  One from the right side and one from the left side. I narrowly missed the hat trick tonight. I also had an assist.  My leg was fine, no pain at all. My DW went to yoga this evening. She said that the class was not well attended. I guess the yoga people are on vacation. Good night moon, Namaste

Day 315, Four days until..

Family note: Boys (even though your are men), Mother’s Day is in four days. Don’t be a slacker and wait for the last-minute.  Enough said.

We finally had a decent day of rain here in New Jersey. Maybe knowing that the rain was coming is why I slept in until my DW woke me at 7 am. Some days I am up early on my own. Not this morning. The past few mornings I have been getting up early to water the garden and the new grass that we are trying to grow. So far, so good. As you can imagine the GSP was a mess in Brick today because of the rain. 

The following rant may be familiar if you are a consistent reader. Each day while driving to work I turn the radio from Sirius to a local station for news, weather and traffic at 8 am. After a healthy dose of commercials and the news, I go back to Sirius for the rest of the drive.  The traffic follows the weather which follows the state/local news. The traffic is the real reason that I listen. Why,I keep asking myself?  The traffic person talks about Rote 9 being heavy and some other minor stuff. Advising us to “slow down” due to the rain. Aren’t we smart enough to figure that out? And will I slow down because some faceless person on the radio suggested that I should? Obviously the answer to both questions is NO.  We are not smart enough and I won’t slow down if you suggest it.

After the traffic report the morning DJ’s go back to quacking, I go back to Radio Margarittaville. In no more than two minutes I am stopped in traffic. This phantom traffic jam lasts for nearly ten miles and takes 45 minutes to traverse. In the end I am 30 minutes late for work, but no one really cares. How could the traffic people at that radio station not know about the ten-mile long traffic jam? Maybe they need better sources. Something. So, the traffic reports on WOBM FM in Ocean County, NJ are a waste of time. Will I listen again tomorrow? For sure.  I’m crazy!  End rant..

I obviously worked from the office today. I ate at my desk due to the rainy weather. My morning was busy, the afternoon, not so much. The company is working towards completing a software re-write so I started working on training documentation today.  When I get tasked with upgrading people from one version to another the first question is what has changed? In this case, quite a bit. And the company I work for is notoriously bad at documenting things.  My DW was in charge again today. Her manager is on vacation so the nurses are sharing (right) the responsibility of managing the unit. They get extra pay for taking the job.  She was home again at a decent time. She unfortunately is on call all day on Mother’s Day.

DS1 went to work today. It appears that classes are over at the community college. I guess once the grades are in and he sends the transcript to WJU, he will be a college graduate. He told his current boss that classes run for another week. Hmm, must not need the money. Oh, he has rich parents, so he doesn’t.  DS2 sent a quick text about his amazing internet speeds now that most of the students have gone home for the summer. He will be home Sunday evening.  DS3, must be getting close to finals week. He was quiet again today.

Tonight’s pictures are of my office. This was today’s lunch time view.  Also an older picture for DS3.  Enjoy!




Day 278, An evening of lacrosse makes the world go round..

What does that mean?  Somebody in the back row asked that question. I will explain the meaning of life (today’s version – amending at will is to be expected and encouraged).  Yesterday, as you may remember, my DW and I went to Scranton to see our children. DS2 had a concert, DS3 was getting back from spending the weekend in NJ about 30 minutes from home in the woods with the ROTC.  On the ride I up I enjoyed a travel mug of the new coffee I got from Orleans Coffee Exchange.  When we got home at 10:30  pm last night I forgot to bring the empty cup into the house. My DW went to work early today, as did my travel mug.  Score one for the disruption of the morning routine.

I found a smaller, less capable travel mug, made my coffee and headed to the bagel store since we were gone all day yesterday and did not have time to make muffins for breakfast. I got my bagel and tried to exit the parking lot onto Route 72 eastbound.  NJDOT is in the middle of some kind of road work on Route 72 so various lanes were closed, there were cones and cars everywhere. When I had a grasp of the pattern I started to ease out of the parking lot looking to go to work without any excitement. The lane closest to me had a red light so cars were starting to back up at the light. I eased into this lane of stopped cars to looked to my right to find a break to make the left turn. A school bus driver stopped and waved me in. As I turned my head to the left there was a silver car with a women driving leaning on the horn. I was in her way to sit at the stop light ten feet further down the road.  Breathe..

So, off I go east on Route 72. I went under the GSP and took the northbound ramp. As I got onto the GSP I was starting to accelerate when I came to the on ramp from Rouse 72 east. There was a 20 something in a white car with white sunglasses, arms locked, foot to the floor, blasting onto the GSP (not looking), right where I was. I was able to avoid this pitfall as well. I was looking for a nice quiet drive to work and I stumbled into the full moon driving effect a few days early. Maybe everybody is still pissed that they did not win the lottery Friday night. Hey, I won 2 dollars. I turned 20 dollars into 2 dollars. Warren Buffett has no worries about me over taking his empire.

The rest of the day (work and such) followed the pattern of the am commute. The drive home wasn’t bad but the music on Radio Margarittaville was odd as were the other channels I usually listen to. I turned the radio off and listened to noises that my old van makes.  Dinner for two was pork chops and applesauce.  My DW went to yoga, I went to lacrosse. My play tonight was about average. I caught a few, missed a few. I had an assist. The shin splints on my left leg are bothering me again, but not as bad as last week.  I hope I am on the road to recovery. A good night of lacrosse can out weigh a crazy day in the real world. That is the meaning of life. 

Here is a picture that I really like. I used this one already, but, I wish I had taken this picture. I will enjoy!



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