Sufficiently stretched for post 125..

Happy Halloween to everybody. DS1, the oldest college son, told me this morning when I texted Happy Halloween to him that I missed Halloween. I said, Dude, check your calendar. He said see appendix b, the college calendar. I get it, Halloween was celebrated Friday and Saturday night on campus. He said that the mascot outfit never left school since there were too many people around the office to “borrow’ it for the weekend. I think that probably is a good thing.  At the University of Scranton they had Safe Trick or Treating on Sunday. I mentioned this a few days ago. This is where “guides” (college students), escort groups of local children through the dorms for trick or treating. If you want to give out candy, you sign your room up and the guides bring the children by.  DS2, I don’t know what he did for Halloween. I guess we will get some face time this weekend to catch up.

Sufficiently stretched, yes I certainly am. Tonight there was no lacrosse due to Halloween. So I went to the health club with my DW for her (and my) usual Monday night yoga.  We were late. As we were trying to leave, the next door neighbor came by with two of hers and we chatted and my wife got to hold her six month old son. This is a picture of them.

Halloween 2011

Then after she and the kids went home, a “flock” of Halloweener’s came up the street.  This is why we were five minutes late for class. The usual leader says better to be a few minutes late, than not come at all.

Tonight I guess the usual leader was handing out candy at her house and was not working.  I met my fourth yoga teacher. Guess what, each of them are different. This women worked us hard. And she had the heat on in the room the entire time. Now, I sweat when we get going on a regular night, but with the pace, movements and the heat, I was soaked. As I sit here writing this, I am not sure if I enjoyed the class or survived it. I will have to give this some thought tomorrow.

My brother the weather man is still without power in North Jersey. He posted this picture on Twitter today.

Bloomfield, NJ - Halloween 2011

The caption said this was the house across the street from him and that most of his block looks about the same. He says they have been told it will be Wednesday or Thursday when their power is restored. In his town, trick or treating has been postponed until this Friday. My other brother that lives in North Jersey is without power as well. To add insult to his injuries, a branch or tree fell on their car. They posted a picture of the front windshield with quite a few sets of cracks in it.  Pretty crazy weather for the end of October.

Good night to all and hopefully you will get your power and heat back soon.