A toast to Juan Ponce de Leon..

On this date, April 2, 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon, while searching for the Fountain of Youth, was the first European to visit (discover) Florida. That makes today Florida’s 500 th birthday. A toast (Guinness tonight), to the man who made it all possible.  WPEC-TV CBS 12 has a web page that can be found here about this momentous occasion.

Two days ago we celebrated Easter Sunday.  We gathered at my DW’s mom’s house to eat Easter dinner and visit with family. DS1 and DS3 were in town. DS2 was in upstate NY with his girlfriend.  DS3’s GF was also in attendance.  DS3 spent a few days at her home (Spring Break) and then they came from Long Island to our home to visit for a few days.  Monday he drove his GF to the train station so she could get home and he drove back to Scranton. DS2 drove back from upstate NY to Scranton on Monday as well. It was nice to meet DS3’s GF. She is a very nice girl.

Saturday we planted petunias in two of the flower boxes on the front porch. I was tired of the gray and colorless false spring that we are having. They looked a little tired this morning due to the low temperatures. They looked better this afternoon as the temperatures got up to about 50 degrees.  Work for me has been busy. My DW was on call this weekend and had to work Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. The money will be good, but the time off is sometimes better.

Here are two pictures from Easter.  One is of the family dinner that I attended here in NJ the other is of the Easter dinner that DS2 attended in NY. Enjoy!



Day 247, Spring break begins..

DS2 came home from college today on spring break. I would have to say that Manahawkin, NJ is not one of the glamorous locations for college students to travel to.  He arrived home about an hour and a half ago. We waited for him to cook dinner. While we waited we watched the Johns Hopkins vs. Princeton college lacrosse game on tv. I enjoyed the game, Princeton almost made a game of it in the fourth quarter.

Before DS2 came home I went grocery shopping for dinner and some other important items. We had fish and chips tonight. This is one of his favorite meals. I also picked up chocolate milk, bacon and white bread.  All these things are foods that he enjoys and we did not have in the house.  It was nice to have him and his older brother join us for dinner. It was sot of like the old days but now everyone is a little older.  School seems to be going ok for him. He is glad that his mid-terms are over.

Today was a work from home Friday for me. My DW worked a reasonable day (or so it seems). She is on call and already knows that she has to work tomorrow.  DS1 came home this morning from his college (she’s not my girl) friends place where he sent the evening and night. I had expected to see him Saturday afternoon. She got called into work expectantly this morning.

Tonight’s picture is from 2009 when DS3 went to lacrosse camp in Maryland. Enjoy!


Lacrosse camp - DS3 2009