Lobster night..

Sunday night dinner was lobster thanks to the local supermarket having them on sale.  As I mentioned the other day, today was our (my DW and I) 28 th wedding anniversary. Wow, that is all I can say.  Sometimes it seems like we were just married yesterday day. And sometimes.. Well, you can figure that out for yourselves.  We both got lots of well wishes on Face Book from our family and friends. We want to thank everyone once again for their well wishes.  So, what do you do to celebrate being married 28 years? Cook a lobster dinner, of course.

The fall weather has caught up with us today. Temperatures in the 50’s all day. Grey skies, some rain. A good day to go out and come back home. Yesterday was a lot warmer and sunny.  Other than dinner we went grocery shopping, watched the NFL Red Zone and just enjoyed a day off. DS1 came home from his overnight on LBI in time to help us with the groceries. We enjoyed having a little extra help. 

College children, hmmm. I traded a few texts with DS2 this morning and this evening.  His friend’s family went to Syracuse yesterday for family weekend. They brought him a shirt and a pin.  His Obama 2012 bumper sticker came in the mail yesterday. I will be sending that back out to school in the mail tomorrow. DS3, AWOL today. No calls, no texts, no Face Book posts. 

Tonight’s picture are of tonight’s dinner and two more from our sailing adventure. Notice the tilt of the boat in these pictures.  Enjoy!


You smell like Barnegat Bay…

Well, not my best opening line. But this one was accurate. The best part, I’m not sleeping on the couch tonight! Today went sailing on Barnegat Bay. Back in May we bought a Groupon that gave us a three-hour sail on a sail boat. The deal was about 50 % off the retail cost. We had sailed with Captain Dave and Jersey Coastal Adventures last year.  We had fun last year and figured, what the heck, and booked another three-hour tour this year.

Our first try to go sailing was this past Wednesday. The weather did not cooperate. It was foggy for most of the day. This morning the skies were clear and the temperatures were forecast to be in the upper 70’s. Not bad for October. There was no breeze when we left our house and drove the 20 minutes to the marina. At the marina, there was a slight breeze. When the boat got down the river to the bay, the wind was blowing 10 to 20 out of the south – south-east. Funny how that happens. We live 7 miles from the ocean.

The first part of the sail was downwind. The captain only had the jib unfurled. The jib is the sail in the front. The mainsail never went up. The wind and the jib were quite enough. I shot this video on the downwind section.  Once we got as far north as we were going, we had to tack against the wind for the next two hours to get back to the river so we could head to the marina.

The only real problem was that I had my new camera with me on the boat. My DW and decided to sit up on the bow to enjoy the sail and have some romantic time. This was all good on the downwind section. Once we started tacking, the waves left the bay and “visited” us on the bow. I was able to protect my camera wrapping it in my shirt and moving my cell phone to my chest. I sat with my back to the wind and waves and hung on. There were times when it seemed that the boat was on a 45 degree tilt.  The lower edge of the deck was almost in the water quite a few times.

I did not shoot many pictures while we were tacking. Each time we got to the top of the tack, the captain would warn us, then switch the direction that the boat was heading in. Back and forth, like a zig zag. The east tack was fairly dry, the west tack was wet.  We got good at ducking when we changed directions and then switching the way we were facing to have the wind (and waves) at our backs.

Ordeal? Not hardly. I worked on a commercial fishing boat for a year when I was younger. I was wetter and colder with no hope for a reprieve. Today was just fun!  We will do it again. On the way in the captain came forward to talk to us. He asked how we were doing, Ummm, wet? Yes we had fun. He took two pictures with my cell phone of us up on the bow. Then he took a picture with his small personal camera. After we docked he came out of the cabin with a print of the picture that he had just taken on the way it.  It was in a paper frame. That was pretty cool.  DS1 saw the picture when he came home from work and told my DW “You two look like you enjoy being together, not just faking it”  Hmmm, that is quite the correct observation.

After we got back to the dock and were safely back in out car, I looked at my DW and said “You smell like Barnegat Bay” I think I did as well…

Tonight’s pictures come from today’s sail. Enjoy!


What is the world coming to?..

Yesterday was Wednesday, October 4, 2012. There are 77 days left until the end of the Mayan Calender.  Wednesday,  we were supposed to go sailing on Barnegat Bay. Unfortunately, the fog that we woke up with did not burn off in time to make either a 10:30 am or a 2:30 pm sail. We will try again on Saturday morning.

Since I had taken the day off to go sailing, we both did our usual Sunday things. Like grocery shopping, paying bills, house cleaning. I even tried to fix our Roomba. The Roomba has a problem with the optical sensors that tells it when it hits a wall.  I bought the necessary parts and had the Roomba completely apart. I replaced the sensors and still the problem persists. Today, our Roomba was shipped off to be fixed. 

We had a nice dinner of mussels and clams in a white wine sauce.  We enjoyed some of the white wine that was left over from cooking, really.  DS1 came home from work all full of energy and went off to the gym.  After dinner we got caught up on some of the tv shows that we missed so far this season.

Thursday was back to work. Having Wednesday off was like having an extra weekend this week. Work for me was busy all day. I went out at lunch time and bought two headlight bulbs for my DW’s mini van. One of the bulbs burned out Tuesday night on the way to yoga. Tonight after I dinner, I rushed out to replace the bulbs since I was driving that van to Thursday night lacrosse. After I finished the headlight swap, I got an email from the Thursday night lacrosse organizers that the game was cancelled tonight due to weather up in Manalapan. Hmmm. Two cancellations in a row due to the weather. What is the world coming to?

Collage children, no contact since the weekend. I guess they had enough mom and dad time over the weekend. DS3 posted on Face Book about his Army PT test scores.  He said that he needs to run more. 

Tonight’s pictures are from Sunday’s trip home. The fall colors have already started in Scranton. Enjoy!



Yoga is quiet time?..

Tonight was Tuesday night, adult school yoga.  Not the most challenging yoga class on the planet. Which, is just what I am looking for. A chance to turn my mind off, concentrate on my breathing and stretch those muscles that are not interested.  We usually meet in the high school library where they move the tables out of the middle creating a space for our yoga mats.

Last week and again this week, we were yoga gypsies. Something happened in the library where we used to meet and the room is not available for us. Last week we used the other library in the high school. This week I got a call during my ride home that we were meeting in the career center. Even though we had three kids graduate from that school, I had to ask where the career center was. 

The teacher turned out the lights and we started out meditation and stretching to start the class. Then a flashlight came streaming into the room. The security guard must not have gotten the memo that we would be in this classroom. Ok, giggles aside, back to unwinding, turning the mind off. Outside the classroom the high school marching band was practicing. Just as the class was having a quiet moment, the drum line started really hitting the drums.  More giggling, then back to breathing.

I did get to that place where the only thing you hear in the music, the instructor’s voice and the labored breathing of you and your fellow classmates. She took it easy last week, this week she ramped the movements up a little bit more. I enjoyed the class.

Tomorrow, weather permitting we are going sailing on Barnegat Bay. We did this last year via a Groupon with a local sail boat charter company.  Our anniversary is in a few days, so the timing is right for a few hours on the water. The forecast is for fog in the early am and then light winds (except for thunderstorms) in the afternoon. We should be off the water before the thunderstorms start-up.

Here are two more pictures from the weekend in Scranton.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!