Tampa/Sarasota Saturday afternoon..

Saturday morning we spent in Tampa at the Flan Festival and the Ybor City Farmer’s market. You can read about that here. Saturday afternoon we drove south to Sarasota, Florida to visit the distillery at Drum Circle Distilling. This is the company that makes Siesta Key Rum. Their website can be found here.

The distillery has a tasting room and also gives tours. What could be better than free rum and a tour?  Nothing that day for sure.  While we were there they had a camera man video taping the tour to be used in a promotional video.  My DW and I are in the video which I will post below. We are in the video in seconds 20 -23, in the tasting room talking to the owners.

The rum was good. I wish it were available in New Jersey near us. The only liquor store that carries the rum is in Union, NJ which is about 80 miles from home. The best rum was the spiced rum. The aged rum needs a few more years to age.  Here is the video.




The crazy part of the afternoon was that the rental car would not start.  The battery was dead while we were in Sarasota. I called Allstate Roadside (we have with our cars at home) and they came out and jumped the car for free. The car, which we rented from Dollar Rent A Car, was a 2012 Altima with 41,000 miles. The tires were beat and the body showed the miles. When we picked it up at the airport there were not many cars to choose from. Next time I will walk back inside and get something nicer. Really, 41,000 miles at a major US airport in your rental fleet?

When the mechanic opened the hood we discovered that the positive terminal on the battery was corroded. I have never, ever, had a battery that corroded on any of the cars that I have owned over the years.  The mechanic removed the negative terminal and cleaned that (it wasn’t too bad). He went to take the positive terminal off and the connector started to bend. Then next stop after bend is break. He stopped working on the terminal and just jumped the car. He advised that we don’t shut it off and return it ASAP! Nice, huh?

We drove the car back to Dollar after talking to them on the phone. We picked up a 2013 Impala with 7000 miles. That is the kind of mileage I would expect at a major US airport from a major car rental. Shame on you Dollar Rental!

Here is a picture of the battery terminal on that car

2014-02-22 14.58.46

Here is a link to the Drop Box containing the pictures from the distillery tour.

Here are few distillery pictures.

Enjoy and Thanks for Reading!


Calorie equivalent?..

Late night posting here in New Jersey. Today being Thursday, we (DS3 and I) have just returned from playing lacrosse in Manalapan.  We had a good group of guys tonight. There were enough players to field two full teams with about 5 substitutes on each side. And, we had two goalies!  Me, no hits, no runs, no errors (as they say in baseball). I did run around a lots and I worked up a good sweat.

Tonight there is no good rum in the house. I finished it last night and failed to replenish the stock during the day. I will remedy the problem tomorrow. I decided to have a Klondike Bar in place of the rum. My thought was equivalent calories?  I did  a little web research shows that 80 proof hard liquor has 100 calories per ounce. If I have two ounces that would be 200 calories. The Klondike Bar (as near I can tell) has 240 calories. So, not exactly equivalent. But I did run around chasing younger lacrosse players for 90 minutes. That should count for something.

I am off to bed. The picture of the day is of DS1. He posted this on Facebook today. He told me later in the day that he was spraying pesticides today. I’m not exactly sure I am happy with that. I would not want him to grow an extra thumb. Enjoy!