Mankind defeats evolution, take that Darwin..

Sometimes (often) these crazy thoughts just pop into my head.  Maybe, I should do as one of my yoga teachers says. She says that we should acknowledge any random thoughts, then dismiss them. Nah, where’s the fun in the that.? I got you this far, here’s the deal.  I grew up being taught about evolution. How mankind and everything in nature is constantly evolving. Even if you don’t believe in the evolution of man, the evolution of animals, plants, bacteria and everything in nature, is pretty hard to argue.  Is evolution good or bad? Can mankind stop or defeat evolution? 

Here is my proof. Friday morning, DS2 and I drove up to Red Bank, NJ to see his retinal specialist. If you have been reading for the last 500 or so posts, you would know that in 2011 he had three surgeries to re-attach detached retinas in both eyes. Friday’s appointment was a one year follow-up.  As he and I are sitting in the doctor’s office I notice a few things. One thing was that he and I were among the youngest patients/family members in the packed waiting area. Then I noticed that the two people (85 plus years old) across from us both have walking canes. Identical walking canes. I flashed back to my wife’s FIL who at 90 (ish) has just started walking with a cane and now has progressed to a walker.

Do you think if mankind had not invented the walking cane that evolution would have caused people as they grow older to grow a third leg to help them get around, much like a cane?  Well??  We will never know since the cane was invented. Now evolution has been stunted. Take that, Darwin!

Oh, the visit went fine. He goes back for another visit in two years.


Here is a picture from our New Years Day roast chicken. Enjoy!


2013-01-01 18.48.48


Dante’s Nine Circles (plus One) of Hell post 167..

If I can’t get you to bite on that title, there is no chance for me. As it is says at the entrance to Hell “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”  The “official” nine circles of Hell are (and I quote from Wikipedia, high school was a long time ago):

 First Circle (Limbo)

Second Circle (Lust)

Third Circle (Gluttony)                                                                                         


Fourth Circle (Avarice)

Fifth Circle (Wrath)

Sixth Circle (Heresy)

Seventh Circle (Violence)

Eighth Circle (Fraud)

Ninth Circle (Treachery)


Modern Circle (Wal-Mart Pharmacy) 

An “unofficial” circle of Hell. In Wal-Mart’s quest for every dollar we might spend they have pushed the groceries and the pharmacy on us.  Now the groceries are just static displays, you look, you choose and you buy. All grocery sales do is increase the per sale dollar amount of each transaction. The pharmacy is manned by the pharmacist, a cashier and a pharmacy tech. Tonight it took 20 minutes for the cashier to take care of two customers. Finely the pharmacist came around the counter and helped the cashier with the register. Then the cashier left the pharmacist to run the register. I wonder if she thought after all those years in college that she would be a cashier at Wal-Mart.

They seem to have a system for filing the filled orders so that they are easy to find. This lady had no chance. At one point she was laying on the floor reading the names on the packages. When she finally found this poor guys stuff, he paid her with a hundred-dollar bill. She could not figure out how to either get the register to tell her the correct change or figure the change out herself. Unreal. In the cashier’s possible defense was that she might not be an actual cashier at the Wal-Mart. If that is the case, she should stay far away from the register. 

Today, if you have been reading all along, DS2 went in for surgery on his right eye. He had surgery back in August on both eyes. He had two detached retina’s back in August. The right eye was the worst of the two. The repair on the right eye done in August did not work. The left eye is fine.  The doctor said that the surgery went well today. Part of this effort was the addition of a gas bubble in his right eye. He has to lay on his left side for the next six days. He can get up and move around for ten minutes each hour. The idea is that the gas bubble will press up against the retina helping it re-attach itself.  The doctor was confidant this afternoon about our chances for long-term success. We have a post operative visit first thing tomorrow morning. Since he had the surgery today, I went down to the Wal-Mart to get eye drop prescriptions filled.  That was how I found myself in the Tenth Circle of Hell.

DS1 continues to visit with his girlfriend. DS3 had two finals today. He has one tomorrow and one on Saturday. He passed his ROTC physical today.  We (DW and I) skipped yoga tonight, we just were not confident enough to leve DS2 home alone. I will work from home for the rest of the week to keep an eye (as it were) on him.

We finish up tonight with a picture from the hospital.


DS2 in the hospital, again