Trying to make sense of post 154..

Well, I was a bad boy at yoga tonight. Is that possible? Aren’t we there to pray for universal peace and understanding?  My crime? I forgot to silence my cell phone. I don’t get many calls on my cell. It’s primary use is for texting and taking pictures/video. During yoga my friend in Indianapolis sent me a word in Word Feud and some 888 number called and did not leave a message. Oh well. I was going to silence the phone after the second interruption, but I felt self-conscious and hoped that the world would take the rest of the hour off.

I will do better next week. I feel that going out on a rainy evening to practice yoga should be good for some redemption points. You need to collect redemption points during your life or you might come back as a lobster or some other bottom dwelling creature.  That is an obscure Jimmy Buffett reference for those Buffett fans out there. Google it if you don’t know and are curious.

I was back in the office today for the first time since last Wednesday when we had our Thanksgiving dinner. I was out sick yesterday. I found six calls from the weekend on my extension. I still don’t understand why when someone calls out sick that their extension isn’t either monitored or the message is changed so that customers looking for help don’t just keep calling and getting more upset.  Granted, this is nothing new, just a head shaker. You know, something that makes you shake your head.

Other odds and ends from the week so far, one of my cousins is going to see the President at Scranton High School tomorrow. Tonight she was looking for someone to give an extra ticket to. I asked both of my children who are in Scranton. I mean, nevermind your politics, most people will never get to attend a function with the President of the United States. I though it would be a neat experience. Neither of them can go. Classes are winding down towards finals and the big push to the end of the semester is on.  My DW’s college graduation speaker was Ronald Regan. Like the current president, no matter your politics, you go if you can to say you were there.  Or, maybe that is just me.

Tonight’s picture comes from October 2007. In this picture DS3 is wearing his uniform before school probably for the first time. They would have uniform day once a week for the ROTC kids.  Notice the “you are going to miss the school bus ” chaos going on around him! Enjoy!


DS3 in his uniform HS Freshman year