Sandy, Post 3..

Survivor guilt?  You have heard of it, I’m sure. Maybe not that extreme, but, over the last two or three days as I have done my shopping and bar hopping (just tonight), I have spoken with lots of people. Everyone has a story to share. Most make leave you feeling two things, one is sad for their loss and the other feeling is that you are fortunate you are doing ok.  many, and I mean, many, of the people in my area are still without power. Some say that they can see the lights on one or two blocks over, yet they suffer in the dark. My DW went to visit her mom in Brick where they hope to have the power back on Wednesday.

Yesterday’s blog left with Sandy coming ashore, my DW and I in a bar in Scranton with about 50 IBEW electricians who had been collected from as far west as Wisconsin. These electricians were having their last night of fun before the storm passed and they had to get to work.  We had also dropped off DS2 at his dorm (the scene of the crime).

Tuesday morning in Scranton was… anyone? Bueller?, Bueller? Somebody say it!  Yes, it was cold and grey, thank you! We left the hotel, Northern Lights was closed, Coney Island Lunch was closed (it was early). I challenge you to find a decent cup of coffee in Scranton either on a weekend or a weekend like day (see Hurricane Sandy). We wound up at the new Turkey Hill near the Scranton High School. Gas for the car, coffee and “passable” breakfast sandwiches  were purchased. We then drove the 200 miles back to Manahawkin.

The ride home was uneventful We texted both Scranton children before we left town. I would say, that we woke both of them up!  When we got home, the house looked intact, dark, but intact. DS1 wanted to know why we hurried home from Scranton where they had power and such to be home in the dark. I think we needed to be reassured that things at home were ok.  My DW was on call at her hospital this week. Since the land lines and cell phones were not working consistently, she went into work at 3 pm on Tuesday afternoon. She stayed in the hospital until 8 am the following morning. They did not have any cases, but they were on-site f they were needed.

She came home and spent the day with us, in the dark. She went back into work for 4 pm on Wednesday, for another overnight call shift. The power came back on around 5 pm Wednesday. 48 ish hours after it went out. We are lucky. No doubt about it. We lost very little as far as food goes. Wednesday afternoon DS1, my DW and I cleaned up the leaves, branches and twigs from the from front yard. After my DW went to work, DS1 and I had a steak dinner since the steaks had thawed out in the upstairs freezer. After dinner we had a fire in the back year to burn some of the twigs and branches that Sandy had dropped in the front yard.

Thursday, my DW stayed at work until 4 pm. DS1 went to work for the first time in 5 days. Me, I worked from home. The office has no electic, phones or internet. There were two other employees that showed up on the instant messenger. Between us we handled the calls that came in via email.  This was extra challenging since we had no access to the corporate help desk where the user and password information is stored.

Oh, we missed Tuesday night yoga. That was supposed to be the final session of the six-week set. I wonder if they will make it up, or is the session lost for good.

Here are a few more pictures. Two are from Scranton Monday afternoon. The one with the fire is from Wednesday night.