Cold front..

We have finally arrived at the Memorial Day weekend here in the US. This is a three-day weekend for many of us. My DW and I are off from work until Tuesday. DS1 has to work tomorrow and then he has two days off. DS2 has to work tomorrow and yes, DS3 starts his summer job tomorrow at 7 am. Bright and early, as it were. By 7 am tomorrow everyone except for us old people should be at work. I think I like that.

This morning the temperatures were in the mid 60’s and humid. Around noon time today a cold front brought rain and wind to the Jersey shore. The temperature right now 8:45 pm is 46 degrees. I am concerned about some of our plant and the cold weather.

Dinner was pizza and shrimp cocktail. We stayed home this Friday night. We did sign up for a free month of Netflix today. We got a new smart tv last weekend.  We never had Netflix before so we will see if the service is worth the 7.99 a month.

Short and sweet tonight. A picture seals the deal. Enjoy!


A turtle on the Hillsbrough River - Feburary 22, 2013

A turtle on the Hillsbrough River – Feburary 22, 2013

Day 358, Annual flood cleanup..

So it seems. As my brother the weatherman explained it, the ocean breeze pushing against the low-level jet stream caused the thunder storms that popped up today to sit stationary over our house.  This is not the first time we have been ground zero for a huge, short time, rain event. The lightning today was unbelievable. Multiple instances of flash and bang, no time in between them. We have only had water in the cellar when we have one of these 100 year storms. I think that maybe I’m like, 300 years old since this is at least the third time that thunderstorms sat over our area and just rained like crazy. I have not yet seen the rainfall amounts for Manahawkin, but I am willing to guess that the rainfall for the day will exceed 4 inches.  We had a break from the rain for about 3 hours, now it is ramping up again.

Mixed in with the rain and lighting, was about an hour of hail.  The hail really beat the heck out of my garden. Tomorrow I will have to go out and re-tie the tomatoes and cucumbers and hope that the plants rebound from the storm. If you click here and here, you will see video that I shot with my phone early in the storm. The noise in the background is the hail striking the roof of the canopy over the back deck. At one point, I was out on a ladder cleaning the downspouts so that the gutters would drain properly. Big fun, in the rain, on a metal ladder with a lightning storm going on.

The cleanup is going well, and will continue to go well if the rain were to stop.  All of the standing water is gone, the fans are running to dry the floor. The a/c in the house is cranked up to take the humidity out of the air and the de-humidifier in the cellar is going full blast. I know where the water was coming in today. Or I know of two places where the water came in.  When we went from well water to city water, they cut through the foundation and ran the water pipe in from the street and through the wall. The water pipe is about 5 feet below ground leve. This is where the water is coming in. I will need to find a way to seal this so next time we won’t have water enter the basement this way. It will just have to find another way in.

The power went out around 1:30pm and came back on around 5 pm. Just in time to discover the additional water leaking in and making a mess.  My next house will not have a basement.   For dinner my DW and I went out for beer and bar pies.  We were hungry and wanted to get out of the house.  I guess we were both hungry since we finished our bar pies. DS1 worked late. we brought him home a bar pie to eat. DS2 is still in upstate New York. He had his first taste of Scotch tonight. He does not like it. DS3 is working at the bark and biscuit as I write this. He worked the closing shift tonight.

Tonight’s picture is of my bar pie. What can I say?  Enjoy!



Brother can you spare (a)159 post..

I visited my parents today before heading back to New Jersey. As I was driving down the road to visit them I reflected on how often I had been by to see them now that the children are going to school in the same city.  Probably before DS2 started at Marywood, I had been by maybe once a year, twice a year was a notable year. They were their usual silent self’s today. It was sunny, nearly 50 degrees and a little breezy. 50 degrees in Scranton on December 4 is something to enjoy. Sooner or later the real Scranton winter will rear its ugly head.  I do believe that they keep an eye on the children while they are in school. Or at least I hope they do.

If you read yesterday’s post you could probably figure out that I did not add to the blog Saturday night. We (DW and I) found ourselves sitting in a pizzeria across from the University of Scranton at 11:30 at night. At the table was a pitcher of beer and four college students. We went to get something to eat after DS3’s holiday chorus concert. He brough along his girlfriend and his roommate to eat. Our middle child was there as well.  We had fun at the table. DW and I drank the beer, the kids polished a 2 liter of Sprite. None of them are drinkers (that I know of). After we finished our pizza and beer we walked DS3 over to his dorm. The grass on the Donner green crunched under our feet. That is the beginning of the real Scranton winter.

Sunday morning we woke up to figure out that it was 10:20 in the morning. That explained the noise of the children swimming in the indoor pool at the hotel.  We had planned to attend mass at the U since Marywood’s Sunday mass time was changed to 4:00 pm today.  Needless to say, we did not get there. There was no way to get out of the hotel, pick up DS2 and drive across town and be there by 11 am. Instead, we went to the Sunday brunch at the Radisson hotel. Note to self, eat breakfast elsewhere. Why?  The brunch was excellent! Really good. But, the cost was 26.00 per person (in Scranton), ouch! I told the kids to back and have more to eat. They had everything, carving station, made to order omelets, chocolate fountains, unlimited mimosas.  Good, but just more expensive than I expected. I am more a diner person.

On the ride up we listened to the LSU – Georgia football game on Sirius. As LSU fans, the first quarter and a half were distressing. But they woke up and ran all over Georgia. Sunday driving home we listened to the Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati game on Sirius. Cincinnati got the snot beat out of them. Granted they shot themselves in the foot early and often, but they did not seem in the same league as Pittsburgh today.  Dinner was leftovers since neither of us were interested in a big meal or any elaborate meal preparation.

For pictures tonight, I will add a slide show of pictures shot this weekend. Enjoy!


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