Day 238, A new age in clothes washing..

Really? Not! As I wrote about previously our old washing machine made a puddle/stopped working/was temperamental for the last time on Saturday. We purchased a new one at Home Depot. Today was the scheduled delivery day. I was going to have DS1 take care of watching for the delivery guys this morning, but I felt if there were any “issues” I would not be happy with how he handled them. No matter the outcome.  Maybe I am a little type A despite my efforts to ramp it down.

The delivery came at 9:10 this morning. They called about 8:45 to say they would be here shortly. The lead delivery person came in and went down to the basement to see where the machine was going. He was pleasantly surprised that the old machine was gone. Come to think of it, he was not the least bit disappointed that they did not have to carry it out from the cellar. They strapped on their carrying apparatus and carried the new machine down the stairs and placed it where the old one had been. He hooked it up, tested the functionality and they were gone on their way in less than 15 minutes.

After the delivery I went to the office to work for the rest of the day. I had not planned yesterday to stay home this morning so I was not prepared to work from home.  Work for me was slow. I spent some time setting up next week’s work.  My DW had a decent day. It was less crazy than the last two days have been. Tonight after dinner she went to the basement to work on her masters class homework. She spent the entire evening down there. I don’t think she could have done this class while the kids were in high school. There always was just too much going on every day here for her to get the quiet time that she needs.

The kids were quiet today. DS1 is working. I have not seen him yet today. He slept through the washing machine delivery. DS2 and DS3 have been doing their college thing. I will try to schedule some time Friday afternoon to talk to them. They both are done with classes on Friday by noon.  Hint, hint!

Tomorrow the temperatures are forecast for around 60 degrees again. I will definitely find something to do at lunch time outside. Tonight’s pictures comes from July 2006 when my DS2 was in France. I think the pictures were shot near Paris. Maybe he will read the blog and text me where the pictures were taken.


Day 232, One of life’s lessons

Not learned by me (at least not today). My youngest son and his girlfriend have broken up. When I told my DW she asked “Why?”  I had been talking to him for a few minutes trying to gauge his emotions and state of mind. He sounded fine, unhappy, but resolved to move forward. To my DW’s question I told her that the girlfriend “Had lost that loving feeling”. There may be a hit song in there.  He did provide the flowers and card for Valentine’s Day, but I guess it was too late at that point. From the parent of the person who sent the flowers, breaking up a few days earlier would have saved him some money. I know, always counting the money. Money does not equal happiness, but it can certainly smooth out the rough edges.

Me, I shuffled through the day having second thoughts about volleyball. I can tell myself all the conventional wisdom. Things like your knees hurt because you are getting old, and wait a few days to see how you feel. I woke up around 6:30 am with a huge cramp in my right calf. It hurt all day, off and on.  I will be fine. If the volleyball is going to interfere with the lacrosse, then the volleyball will get the boot. We start yoga (yea!) in two weeks. I am excited to be back to Tuesday night yoga.

My brother the weather man posted a few pictures “behind the scenes” at New York 1 on Facebook today. He has a desk covered with what looks like four computer monitors. The only thing missing from the pictures was a … window. I guess he can always boot up the Time Square web cam for a look outside.  He asked me if I was the only volleyball player to show up with lacrosse gear (helmet, pads and gloves). I thought is was funny. Must be lacrosse player’s humor.

Tonight’s pictures come from July 2006 when DS2 was in Paris with American Musician’s Abroad.  Here they are on a river cruise. Enjoy!


Sunset cruise in Paris