Day 269, Painting worked on..

Not a picture. I am painting ceilings in the house. This is an ongoing project that was supposed to be completed last month. The schedule was set by me, so I can procrastinate (to some extent) all that I want. Two weeks ago I put two coats on all the ceilings on the first floor except for the room that DS1 sleeps in. Today I went back and put one more, final coat on those ceilings. I have to go around with a brush and do the edges. At some point when we get his room straightened out, I need to paint in there as well. 

DS1 spent the night in Philadelphus with a high school friend. He went to see his old college team play Chestnut Hill in lacrosse.  His old team lost 10 to 9.  He said that the team had a bad second quarter but played well the rest of the game.  DS2 arrived back at school after his music therapy conference. He had a great time.  We are looking forward to maybe talking to him tomorrow night to hear more about his adventures. DS3 was quiet today. I saw some silliness on Facebook, that is it.  My DW and I were off from work, this being a Saturday in March.  The weather was sunny in the morning, grey in the afternoon.  We enjoyed the empty nest for a day while DS1 was at his friends.

Dinner tonight was Veal Francese. My DW makes a good kitchen assistant. She loads the dishwasher and can read and follow the recipe. She helps gather the ingredients and put them together. There are leftovers that will be really good for lunch if DS1 does not see them. He is not a big leftover eater unless he is broke and hungry.. Go figure.  Today I planted six brussel sprout plants. I like them, but have never grown them (not recently at least). My mom used to grow them.  My DW has decided that pan-fried with some bacon chips is a way that she will eat them. We will see.

Tonight’s picture keeps with the theme of food. DS2 sent this picture on Thursday of his lunch. The focus on the picture is fair. I asked what he was having, he replied “Sashimi”  Enjoy!



Day 255, Anything but painting..

I continued my painting procrastination today. If you remember, last Saturday and Sunday I put two coats of primer on the ceiling of most of the rooms on the first floor of our house.  The plan for this weekend was to either go around and paint the edges with two coasts so that everything matched or put a final finish coat on all the rooms. Or, I still have one bedroom that I have not done anything to. I taped the walls, but that is it.

Today, I did none of the above. Instead, I removed the gazebo from the back deck. I put the grill and the table on the ground and pulled up the green all-weather fake grass carpet that has been down for the last five years.  We originally put the carpet down on the deck since the deck needed some work and covering it with the carpet was a quick and reasonably cost-effective way of dealing with the problem. And, you would not get splinters in your bare feet. Fast forward though five years of weather and use, the carpet was a bit rough here and there. It certainly could have lasted another year.

I was afraid the wood under the carpet would be really nasty after being covered for all that time. I was quite surprised with the condition of the deck. It really did not look any worse than it did five years ago. Maybe the carpet protected the deck. I decided to power was the deck and buy a new carpet. As an aside, while it was sunny today, the outside temperature never got above 45 degrees. Not exactly my idea of ideal power washing weather. I rented a power washer from Home Depot and got busy. DS3 spread out a mixture of water, bleach and soap on the deck and the various parts of the house’s exterior where there was green mold. I ran the power washer.

My plan was to wash the deck surface and the bad spots on the house. Three hours later I was finished. I had done the entire back deck, the railing, the steps, everything. I did the entire house. I did the entire front porch. All this effort to avoid painting. Granted, all the work I did today needed to be done, but anytime this spring would have sufficed. It was good to have all the kids home to help move things off the deck. Tomorrow we will put the new carpet down and return all the things we moved back onto the deck.

DS1 went to work around 4 pm today. He watch college lacrosse on tv for the rest of the day. DS2 went out to lunch with the girl who he went to the senior prom with. He also visited with a friend from high school for a few hours. Last night he went to the movies with another friend from hight school. DS3 helped around the house today. He has always been a good helper. He smiles, is not afraid to tote that barge and lift that bale.  My DW did some household chores and worked on the final touches for her paper. It is due tomorrow at midnight.

Tonight’s picture come from July 2009 when DS1 turned 21 years old. Enjoy!


DS1 turns 21, July 2009

Day 248, Black or White..

Do you think that Steve Jobs had a preference?  Do you have a preference? Today the second child to make the switch moved from a Droid to the Apple 4 S. Siri has conquered half of the smart phones in our house. My DW does not have a smart phone. DS1 has a Blackberry and I have a Droid 2. We (the family) are slowly sliding over to the dark side of the force. I will continue to resist. Until one day when my Droid has frustrated me for the last time it will get the boot. But not today. DS2 got an Apple 4 S (in white today). He had the Droid X but has lamented for two years not having an iPhone. At the time he made the jump to a smart phone, Verizon was not offering the iPhone. He is very happy with his new toy.

Today My DW was on call and worked from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Wow, what a day for her. The OT is nice, but working the entire day sucks. I worked at home today. I had been taping the walls in preparation of paining the ceilings. Today I put two coats of paint on the kitchen, living room and hallway. In this video you will see the mess that the house was today. Painting is not one of my favorite pastimes. I have admiration and respect for people that paint interiors of houses for a living. Not me (please)!

DS2 was home, DS1 went to the gym and is working tonight. DS3 is in Scranton for another week. His spring break starts when DS2’s break is over. The weather here was nice today. The temperatures were in the 60’s so I had the windows open while I was painting. For dinner we (Me, DW and DS2) went to Makoto Japanese Restaurant for hibachi. The food was good. Tonight DS2 had his birthday at the restaurant. No, today was not really his birthday, but it was an excuse to sing and for him to get some ice cream and a candle.

Tonight’s picture is the first picture taken by the new phone. In this picture I am driving home from Home Depot after getting my painting supplies. Enjoy!