Empty account at the Karma Bank..

I don’t really understand it.  How could my good karma account be overdrawn?  Maybe the “issues” that I did not see nor have to deal with exhausted my account.  Karma Bank, what is that? Well, when you do good deeds and help people out for no personal gain, you get credits in your karma bank. Then when FATE stops by to smack you on the head (because it can), you can use some of your good karma like a get out of jail free card.  Or maybe that is just my way of looking at things. Either way, the last two weeks have been bumpy.

Two weekends ago, my DW and I went to Lake Placid so that I could play lacrosse in the Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament. I play on the Ohio Wesleyan University alumni team.  I am not an alumni. I am a friend of an alumni. About 60 % of the team did not attend the university.  Everybody knows somebody and you are on the team. Our team won out first three games which put us in the Championship Game on Sunday at noon time. That is pretty exciting stuff. We won our division in 2009 and went to the championship game the next year and lost.

Sunday at noon and we ae looking around on the sidelines. The face off guy who won 70 % of the face offs over the last three games had gone home. Several of our attack and midfield players from the previous three games, had gone home. The bench area was pretty barren of players on the OWU sidelines. We lost the game by a score of 6 to 4. Not bad considering the players that were missing. The other thing to note is that the winning team had scored 10 plus goals in each of the previous three games. We held them to 6 goals. 

Me, I am still injured from the weekend. In the first game another long stick defensive player (on the other team) took some offense to me and swung his stick like a baseball bat connecting with my shoulder and chest. I still have the bruises.  Saturday I was going for a ground ball and went out-of-bounds trying to keep my balance until I finally went down on my hands and knees on a cinder and mud roadway. Both of my knees still hurt. I am walking better and hoping not to have to call the doctor about them. Two years in a row I got hurt at this tournament. I’m starting to rethink my future attendance.

Sunday after we lost my DW and I drove to the top of Whiteface Mountain. The view was spectacular. There are pictures from the top of Whiteface.

Monday we drove home from Lake Placid, a fairly uneventful drive until we go into Ocean County, NJ. This is the same county where we live.  The people down here on vacation are nuts. Period. Driving like it’s the last day on earth. Tomorrow (which was a week ago) the world ends. Obviously not. I can’t wait for the summer season to be over.

Pictures, here is a link to the Whiteface pictures. And a team picture from Lake Placid. Enjoy!   Thanks for reading,


Doing the Time Warp..

Not the dance, just an abbreviated overview of Days 6, 7 and 8. These were all lacrosse days. The reason, or excuse for traveling to Florida each January is to play in the Florida Lacrosse Classic.  I play on the OWU Men’s 45 plus team. This tournament has three age levels, 45 plus, 50 plus and 60 plus.  The 60 plus guys had two games this year. Most years they only play in one game. I guess there are more active players reaching the 60 plus bracket.

Friday, January 18 was Day 6. The 45 plus team played in four games that morning. Each game was 18 minute running time halves. We played at  8 am, 9 am, 10:30 am and 11:30 am. Wow!  So, you wanted to play lacrosse in Florida.  Welcome home, as it were. The 50 plus team played later in the day at 2 pm and 3:30 pm. I primarily played on the 45 plus team, but I did play some of the 50 plus games when the older guys needed a break.  The 45 plus team went 2 wins and 2 losses on Friday. The 50 plus team lost both of their games.  After we played there was a huge tailgate with red solo cups and much laughter.

Saturday, January 19 was Day 7.  The 50 plus team had a game in the morning that they lost. The 45 plus team played 2 games in the afternoon that we lost both of.  After the second 45 plus game/loss of the afternoon there was another lively tailgate in the parking lot.

Sunday, January 20 was Day 8 and the last day of the tournament.  The 45 plus team played at 9 am, winner would be in third place for the weekend. Looser, not really sure. We won a very close and spirited game against a team that had beat us on Saturday in a close game loss.  The 50 plus team’s final game was won by forfeit. The other team went home.. So, we got our entire team together, along with DS3 and some players from other teams and had a pick up game Sunday afternoon. DS3 was really happy to be able to play since he watched the old guys play all weekend.  Sunday night was the team dinner at the Carolina Ale House where we watched New England lose their football game.

There you go, three-days in 400 or so words.  The daily schedule for those three days was something like this: get up, breakfast was a sandwich from McDonald’s. Play lacrosse. Come home to timeshare, make a real breakfast. Take a nap, get up, play lacrosse, tailgate, cook dinner (or eat out) and go to bed. Repeat until the weekend is over.  All in all, for the weekend I played in 11 lacrosse games.  My DW and DS3 shot pictures of all the games, the tailgates and the sidelines. There are about 3000 pictures on my computer from the weekend. I will continue to go through them for content and clarity and then post them to the web.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend of lacrosse. Enjoy!


Vacation Day Five…

Today is Thursday, January 17, 2013. When I last posted we had arrived in Weston, Florida after trashing my min van driving to the airport. Today I got the estimate for the repair, 1500.00. I guess I need to add the cost of the tow to that number. And in response to my brother’s comment that we should invest in a tow truck, I’ve been giving that some serious thought. The car will be repaired and back on the road by the time I return from Florida (I hope).

Today DS3 and I stopped in Key Largo and visited Kiffney’s Firearms to shoot pistols in their indoor pistol range. Neither DS3 or I have ever shot a pistol before. We shot 100 rounds each. We shot the following pistols, .45 Glock, .40 Glock, 9 mm Glock and a 9 mm Smith and Wesson.  Bam and bam until there was nothing but spent shells on the floor. We traded off pistols to have the chance to load and fire all the different weapons. We had fun. My DW watched through the window while we were shooting. She did not want to shoot the pistols. I shot zombies and DS3 shot a terrorist target.

After we returned from Keys (we went to the Keys on Monday, more about that later this week), we had our lacrosse team’s first and only practice. The tournament starts tomorrow. Our first game is at 8 am tomorrow morning. Yikes!

Here are a few pictures from today. There will be many more pictures as the week goes on. Enjoy!



Vacations starts now..

For me at least. The rest of the troops have to continue working. This weekend is the annual Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament in, Lake Placid, NY. I play on the OWU (Ohio Wesleyan University) alumni team. I did not attend OWU, I just know somebody that did and they got me on the team. I think this is my fifth year playing in Lake Placid. Our team won our division in 2009.  How will we do this year?  Time will tell. I am usually happy with a .500 showing. Just as many wins as losses.  The boat pushes away from the dock before 4 am tomorrow for the 400 mile drive. I’m packed and ready to go. All I have to do is fall asleep tonight..

I worked from home today. Today being August 1, 2012, I was quite busy with my end of the month projects. Same customers, same project at the end of each month. Writing this I realise that I have one more customer to deal with when I return from vacation. He is new to the end of the month club, so I forgot him today. His project is data mining for the last 30 days and adding the results to a working spreadsheet and the generating a .pdf that the owner can analyse. Not tough stuff once you rough out the format and the spreadsheet.

My DW worked 2/3 ‘s of a day today. She came home from work while I was cutting the lawn during my lunch hour. I had many chores to do before I could go away and I got them all done (I hope). She worked on doing laundry while I worked this afternoon and helped me pack this evening. DS1 was the”boss” today since the owner did not show up for work. Maybe it’s me, but today was the earliest that  he has been home during the week in a long time.  Coincidence?

DS2 is currently working. He should be home in about 15 minutes. DS3 worked his 9 to 5 shift. His allergic reaction from last week has flared up again. The doctor’s office re-did his prescription for another week. Two days after finishing his first course of medicine, he started to show new signs of the allergy. We are thinking that maybe he walked through some poison ivy the night he had the accident on the GSP. He was walking around on the side if the road in shorts, in the brush, in the rain.

Tonight’s pictures are of the tomatoes and cucumbers that I picked in the garden today. Most of the tomatoes got ground up and frozen to be used to make sauce in the winter. The cucumbers will either be given away this weekend or made into more pickles.  Enjoy!



Day 235, plans not accomplished..

I have a mean procrastination streak in me. I really have to work sometimes to overcome this character flaw. Back in late December I decided that February would be cold and crappy so it would be a good month to get some long overdue painting done in the house. The ceilings especially need some attention. The last time I really painted was the year I was under employed. I was between full-time jobs and had time to do home projects. That was almost ten years ago. We are way overdue.

Yesterday I picked up blue painters tape to start taping the walls off in preparation for painting. Then the fate full “I need you in the cellar” call came and the rest of the day was lost. Today I worked for two hours in the morning. Then we went grocery shopping. After we came home from grocery shopping we sat down on the couch to watch college lacrosse on tv. Four and a half hours later it was dark and time to make dinner. So much for getting the paining project started. I did get the tape, that is a start. A small start.

Dinner was grouper fillet marinated in a mango marinate and then baked in the oven. We had Zatarain’s Spanish Rice, shrimp cocktail and sliced fresh mozzarella. The fish turned out fine. My DW does not like spanish rice, I do. I enjoyed it. The fish is gone, there are rice leftovers for the week.  It was just two for dinner tonight. DS1 slept over at a friend’s house last night and he texted around lunch time that his ex-girlfriend was sick and nobody could take care of her. Both DW and I gave each other that parenting look and said, ok.. be safe. What an interesting relationship they have or do not have.

DS2, I’m not really sure about his day. He tweeted his song of the day. I tweeted back that the song did not have direction. We have been exchanging points of view about this song this evening. His final statement is that “it’s an art song”. Fair enough.  DS3 shared a few text messages. He had four hours of programming homework today. He may have found another thing that does not really interest him. I learned some programming in college. I enjoyed taking my thoughts and having the computer respond to the code I wrote.

Last night we had veal chops on the grill. The chops were presented on the table with a cracked pepper bourbon sauce. I found the recipe on the internet. The sauce was good, I probably should have reduced the wine/bourbon mixture some more before adding the butter. The sauce was good, but we both felt it was missing something. Along with our veal chop we had the French champagne we bought for Valentine’s Day but never enjoyed. We enjoyed it last night. I have discovered that my DW like good champagne. As do I (of course!).

Tonight’s picture is of the 50 + team that I played lacrosse in Florida with this year. Enjoy!


50 + team, Fla Lax 2012 OWU Alumni team

Day 225, Rockin’ to the Tuna..

Tonight’s blog is brought you courtesy of a fine Dominican Rum and the music provided by the video feed from the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in Key West, Fl.  Speaking of smoking, did you have lottery tickets for the drawing last night? The prize was over 250 million. Nobody won so Saturday night’s price is over 310 million. The cash prize for Saturday night is 195 million (before taxes). I am not shilling for the lottery, just adding the historical setting for the future when I look back on this blog. And, for last night’s lottery I had five tickets.  I checked my numbers at work today. I had no numbers, not one. What does that guy say in the tv commercial when his ticket is a looser, frank!

On the list of things that aren’t right and annoy me, the company that makes the Tom Tom GPS have been added. Early in January I bought a GPS from Amazon which was delivered while I was in Florida. When I came home I opened the box and plugged the brand new unit into my computer to update the map. The unit comes with lifetime maps. The unit wanted to update the software first. The process was fraught with errors. After three hours of web searching and trying everything I could find on the web, I put the unit down for the night. The next day I called their customer support and the bottom line was that the unit was defective, right, out of the box.

I sent the unit back to them for replacement. I asked the person on the phone if they were going to replace with a refurbished unit or a new one. A new one was promised since mine was new out of the box. Well, the replacement unit came in the mail today. Two guesses, new or refurbished? Refurbished.  Do I send it back, do I complain or do I just get on with my life. At this point I am on the just get on with your life. I could have returned it to Amazon, but what assurance did I have that a replacement from them would work any better? Why would I think that? I read on one of the Tom Tom forums that Tom Tom shipped a batch of bad units to Amazon around Christmas time. There was a problem with the image written to the units.    This the fourth Tom Tom GPS that I have owned, but the first one to be a problem.

Enough ranting for one evening.  I was busy at work today. For a few hours (3 or 4) the company phones were down, again. I have said it before and it is still true, I am glad I am not responsible for the company phone system.  My DW worked some of the day. She finished early and had some time to relax this afternoon. Tonight she continued doing homework after dinner. DS1 is helping a friend move in Philadelphia. DS2 was sick today. Hopefully he will be back to class tomorrow. DS3, he has escaped detection today. I will make an effort to catch up with him on Friday.  Tomorrow my DW and I are going for massages after work. We bought Groupons that were about 70 % off the cost of a massage.  Tomorrow we are redeeming them. We are both looking forward to our massage.

Tonight’s picture is of the three Pete’s. When I was in Florida playing lacrosse there were three defensive players named Pete. My DW thought it would be a cute to get a picture of the three of us. Enjoy!


Three Pete's



Day 220, A vist to the eye doctor..

Wow, is that an interesting title or what? Probably not. The visit to the eye doctor was for me today. I wear contacts and the eye doctor/contact lens conspiracy dictates that you need to visit the eye doctor each year.  I only buy a years worth of lens at a time. After a year, the prescription expires and you start again. They surely have their justifiable medical reasons to see you each year. I just feel like a rat in a maze without any choice. Oh, I do have a choice, really two choices. The first to stop wearing contacts and wear glasses. Then I would go see the eye doctor when my vision changed and I can not see things anymore. The second choice is buying two years or more of lens at a time and skipping the eye doctor until the lens run out.

None the less, I went, and sat for 45 minutes after my appointment time waiting to be seen. My eyes are fine. The left eye has weakened slightly. The right is fine. They dilated my eyes to check my retinas after the problems my son has had over the last six months.  I am fine. Pay the man, don’t let the door hit you in the backside. I spent the afternoon with my cheater glasses on reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I liked the book. My only complaint is that the names are all swedish as are the places and money is swedish as well. If the book was less Sweden specific it might have been an easier read. Should you read it? Yes, I am the Lime Guy and I recommend this book. Maybe I have seen too many political commercials.

My DW worked one case at the hospital today. She continues on call all weekend. She came home from work, had some lunch and headed to the cellar to work on her paper. I helped her with a few things (layout and formatting stuff). She has pronounced the paper complete. She will submit it tomorrow morning after she has had a night to sleep on it and read it one more time. I am heading to Scranton tomorrow for a brief visit. DS3 left a few things home when he went back. I will have a few hours to talk with both boys tomorrow. I plan to be on the road and home well before the start of the game.

Tonight’s picture comes from Florida. In this picture I am dressed and waiting for the next lacrosse game to start. Enjoy!


Time to play



Lucky enough by me post 182..

I am a half post (a half post?) away from the mid way point of this adventure. I am writing tonight listening to Scott Kirby play at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in Key West. At 10 pm tonight they have another band come on and one of the band members is saxophone player Amy Lee. She played with Jimmy Buffett for many years. I have caught their first set a few nights this week. I don’t think I will watch tonight. I am going to bed early.  I am 50 and a half years old now.  Soon my hair will turn grey (too late).

Today started very early. DS3 and I were up at 05:00. We left the house at 05:50 and headed west to Willow Grove, Pa.  I dropped him off at his college girlfriend’s mothers house and headed east into the rising sun towards work. I was early for work despite the 130 mile commute. Early is good. Did I ever tell you DS3’s mantra about being on time? If not here we go:

To be early is to be on time

To be on time is to be late

To be late is unacceptable

I like that style. I guess that things are going ok since I have not heard from him at all today. I told him to call me if there are any problems. It is only 60 miles away, I can go get him. Yes, he is 18 and an adult. But he will always be my youngest.

At work today I struggled to keep busy, again. The impending doom of January 2, 2012 is like a sand storm on the horizon. I have a full slate set for January including traveling to Florida for two weeks. The adult lacrosse team from OWU that I play for is competing in a lacrosse tournament in Weston, Florida the weekend of January 21, 2012. I traded in two timeshare weeks so that I can go south early and stay after the tournament is over. I can work remotely from Florida. This will allow me to save some vacation days for later in the year.

February’s home improvement project is painting indoors. The last time I did any major painting was probably back in 2002 when I was out of work. It is well past time for a fresh coat. By February two of the three children will be back to school. With just the three of us in the house it will be easier to get things done. Or at least that is the story that I am telling myself this week.

Tonight’s picture comes from Christmas 2009. In this picture are DS3 (L) and DS2(R). Neither of them look very awake. Enjoy!


Christmas 2009. Not quite awake yet

Forty five (post) bottles of beer on the wall..

Forty five empty bottles on the floor.  Yikes, that would be quite the party. You probably would be better off with a half keg. Back on track I am (using my Yoda voice).  Tonight is a lacrosse night. I will be playing with DS3 since DS1 is stuck at work. Funny job, he had the last two days off, and is working 11 hours today.  This morning my old van (230,000 miles) overheated before I got on the GSP to go north. I had to go east first to drop DS3 (carless child) off at work. My car was beep, beep, beeping since the temperature gauge was pinned to the top. I stopped on the side of Route 72 and put some water in the overflow tank and then carefully drove it the two miles back home. At home I got the hose and added water to the radiator. Feeling lucky, I drove it to work.

I came out of the office at lunch time to put gas in the car and there was a stain in the parking lot where some of the cooling fluid had leaked out. I put more water in it, not really that much, got gas and drove home early from work. The car is at the shop, waiting for its appointment with destiny (I think his real name is Ken) tomorrow. Last time one of my vans behaved like this we had the water pump replaced. Hopefully it is only a hose.

On my check list from the other day I can remove two items. The laptop for DS3 came in today. We bought a HP Elitebook 8560P from Amazon. They were 25 dollars cheaper than Tiger Direct and we got free shipping. You can’ t beat that. The computer is more than he needs but should have the right parts to last through his college tenure (hopefully).  And the other item done on my list is books for DS2. I bought them on Amazon (no sales tax, free shipping to school) as well. The books came to 500.00!  Yikes!  That is a record for the 6 college years that I have been involved with buying books. We plan to sell them back after he is done unless they are need for reference material.

Off to lacrosse, picture, picture… ok, here is the picture of my OWU GM lacrosse team taken after our final game on Sunday.  Enjoy!

OWU GM Lake Placid 2011