Lumbergh is going to make me work..

This weekend, I just know it. Ahh. Another gratuitous quote from the movie Office Space.  Where reality and Dilbert meet to form the perfect place of employment. So, Mr. Lumbergh or the guy with the pointy hair from Dilbert, or whatever you might call your boss, sent one of those emails today.  What, you say that you own the business? Then you probably have sent that email, or several of them.  This particular email informed us non-support types that we would be expected to start picking up after hours call shifts.

Hmmm, the email said that the support department was basically  down to four people so they have to take after hours call once a month. Basically, in that sentence means, kind of, but not exactly. Seems there are two support people that don’t have to take after hours call. Why? Should I ask? I will. I’m not interested or excited about working after hours call. The extra pay is not that good, and you never know what will “walk through the door”. If I’m taking call, then the other two people in support will also. Share the wealth, as it were. We were supposed to have a meeting today at 2 pm to discuss this. You can gather that the meeting did not take place.  File this topic under “too be continued”.

My DW worked a few hours in the middle of the day.  The chief doctor on Tuesday’s had the day off. That left a few cases to be done in the middle of the day.  DS2 had the day off. His car went back to shop and got new exhaust parts and tires. Hopefully this will keep him going until next summer.  DS1, boss man, once again. It’s funny, when he is in charge, he is home at a decent hour.  He took some cucumbers into work to share with his employees. They took the cucumbers and removed the skin and sliced them up and smothered them in hot sauce. Then they devoured them with “mucho gusto”.

DS3 worked the day shift today. Tonight is date night with his girlfriend. They went to dinner and now they are basking in the hot tub. Tick, tock, tick, tock. College time is coming soon.

Tonight’s picture is of some of the items that my DW has collected for the Barnegat Food Pantry. She is on a committee at work and she accepted the challenge to run a food bank drive during August in her hospital They have another two weeks to go. The donations started out slow, but they continue to come in.  Good job honey!  Enjoy!