More Christmas time pictures..

In keeping with the holiday theme from yesterday, I went out in search of holiday decorations today. After I had my chicken parmigina and manicotti lunch at Tony’s in Farmingdale, I drove around Farmingdale looking for inflatable decorations. I found a few that were inflated in the middle of the day. Most of the inflatable decorations were lying on the ground, like discarded zombies waiting for night fall to rise up and haunt the neighborhood. Yes, I know that zombies don’t sleep during the day. In my world, they might.

After dinner, my DW and I walked around our neighborhood to see the various decorations and shoot some more pictures for tonight’s blog.  We had a nice walk. The loop around the neighborhood is about one mile. Easy to do. 

Here, without any further nonsense from me, are the pictures.  If you click here you can see them via Drop Box. 



War at the Shore or I still have my sense of humor..

Today is July 28, 2012. On this date in 1988 our oldest child was born.  Happy Birthday, DS1. We spent most of the day with him and DS3 at a lacrosse tournament in Brick, NJ. The tournament is called the War at the Shore.  DS1 and DS3 played on the same team for the first time ever (in a tournament). It was a lot of fun to see both of your lacrosse playing children playing on the same team and on the field at the same time.

The day started at 5:45 am when I got up and headed to the shower. Our first game was not until 9:20 am. The field is about 45 minutes away from our home. We had house guests from Ohio today and they had a 8:15 am game. DS3 and I went up early to get a good parking space and to watch their game. They lost their first game and won their second game. My children’s team, lost both games that they played.

Around lunch time a tremendous thunderstorm engulfed the fields and suspended play for two hours. After the weather cleared, a few more game were played then the thunderstorms came back and ended the day. We had two cars in Brick today since I went to the field early and my DW came up about an hour later. On the way home in the tremendous rain storm the fan belt came off her van, again. This is a problem that will be solved this coming week. I sent my family home in my old van and I stayed with her van until the tow truck came.

The first tow truck was rickety. I mean, I thought we were going to need a tow truck for the tow truck. We drove south about half way to the mechanic and the driver needed to stop at his office and put my van on another truck with a different driver. The second driver was not as competent as the first. This truck was not as scary, but scary. The driver put my van on the back of the second tow truck and headed down the parkway. The  van was mostly straight on the back of the truck. As the driver went down the parkway the truck started to sway to the left, the driver corrected to the right. The truck swayed to the right and the driver corrected to the left. The truck started to oscillate from side to side. Fortunately the driver slowed down and got the truck under control before we crashed.

I spent the entire drive down the parkway with my eyes closed and breathing. Wondering how far I could drive the van without a fan belt and if that would be safer than the old, really old, tow trucks. In the end, we got to the mechanics and all is good. Scary.  DS1’s Explorer got brakes and tires today. I drove that vehicle home from the mechanics after the tow truck dropped the van off.  Stressful? A little bit.

I went to the local pizza place to pick up a sandwich for dinner. In the picture below you will see my sunburn from the day. I used sun tan lotion, maybe not enough or early enough. I walked in and told the girl at the counter my name and what I was picking up. She looked up from her register and notice my sunburned face. I said “Do you think I got too much sun today?” She did not know what to say. She replied, “Maybe a little bit”. The guy next to her said “That means you had a good day outside”. You know, I did.  And, I still have my sense of humor.

Pictures with captions, enjoy!



The Origin of the Species or day 36..

Time for the deep discussion about the origin of the species. Tough topic to discuss, you never quite know who might read your blog. Just the other day somebody from Perth, Australia “liked” my blog! Wow, so much for writing for me, an audience as it were. DW upon hearing that I dreamed up tonights blog while driving to work, said I was deep. Hmm, good thing, I asked? She said that I was me. Ok, I can roll with that. Enough fluff, on with the words..

The origin of the Lime Guy species. You did not think I had insight into where mankind came from, did you? Please, there are a dozen people on the street corners in all the major city’s willing to tell you that. No, this is the where, did the Lime Guy moniker come from. Well boys and girls, everybody get comfortable around the glowing computer screen, Uncle Lime Guy is going to tell you a story.

The story takes place in a small, slightly rural (at the time) town in Southern New Jersey, not far from Long Beach Island. There in this small town live many hard-working families. Some, found work in the local business, some, like our hero, traveled great distances each day in the dark of night for their employment. Shhh, quiet down, you won’t be able to hear the story.  As I was saying, our hero was a daily traveler to a distant land know as Philadelphia. This great city was actually in a different state, across a great river that could only be crossed by paying the trolls three dollars each day.   Our hero worked in the Philadelphia Fish market each day from three am to noon time. Then he would travel back across the big bridge (for free when leaving Philadelphia) and travel through the woods back to his small home and family near the ocean.

As was tradition in this town, and many other towns, Friday was the day to travel to the local beer, wine and spirits store. This local merchant started selling a fine imported beer from Mexico called Corona, yes the one in the clear bottle. It has been around for quite some time.  Each bottle of Corona was destined to have a slice of lime (yes, the green-skinned, slightly sour fruit) inserted into it before our hero would consume it. Now the local merchant had no idea where to procure the special limes needed for this beverage. This is where the Lime Guy got his name.

Our hero suggested that he bring limes back each week from the big city and sell them to the merchant, ensuring that all the customers could have limes in their Corona.  Hands were shaken and commerce commenced. As the children of the Lime Guy got older, they would occasionally travel to the merchant and help their father deliver the limes. As each child was introduced to the staff they were also given names like Junior Lime Guy, Mini Lime Guy and Junior Lemon. By this time the Lime Guy had added lemons to the items he delivered. Now and then the wife of the Lime Guy would need to make the delivery due to sickness or other reasons. She became know as Mrs. Lime Guy.

So that boys and girls, is the Origin of the Species. 

I hoped you like the story, embellished, but every word is true.   Oh, and the car is dead. Transmission needs rebuilding. Between 1500 – 1800 dollars. The car only cost 800.00. Off to the junkyard tomorrow.

Today’s picture is from our party last night for DS1. He was twenty-three on July 28. Enjoy!

DS1 birthday, 23 years old