Day 356, Added a member to the family..

Tonight DS3 and I went and looked at a 2001 Ford Mustang. 86 k miles, three owners. The car has a 6 cyl engine. We looked, poked, asked question, test drove it and left a deposit on the car. The owner is going away for a week on vacation. We should pick the car up a week from Saturday.  They said that they would put the car back in the garage until then. The owner was a teacher at Marlboro High School. He retired tonight after 40 some years of employment.   Pictures will be below.

One of my childhood friends, Uncle Dude, stopped by for lunch today. His job takes him around the tri state area. Today he happened to be in South Jersey.  Lunch was good, his expense account paid for it. We spent some time catching up on families and such.  Work was slow for me today. My DW and DS3 got out of work early. DS2 worked the evening shift. DS1 tore a contact this morning and his boots yesterday. He was a mess this morning. My DW helped him get his life on track and out the door to work. I slept through the drama.

DS3 and I played lacrosse outdoors under the lights in Manalapan tonight. The temperature today was in the upper 80 to low 90’s at game time. Everybody was moving a little slower tonight. We even stopped for a water break. That’s how you know the weather was hot. I had two goals, DS3 had one goal.

Picture time, lots of car pictures from tonight. Enjoy!