Where are those kids, it’s too damm quiet..

Really? After only 12 hours with just one child living in the house?   I asked my DW that question this afternoon while she and I were the only one home. DS1 was on LBI goofing off (some fishing, some whatever). The other two boys had left for school, arrived, moved in, got back together with their friends and promptly forgot that they live in Manahawkin. Just like that.

In the big picture, them adjusting quickly to the change in living location and rules is a good thing.  It is also a good thing that they can drive themselves back to school and get moved in without the help of their parents. I will admit that I missed going to Scranton today.  This was a step back (by the parents) and hope for the best moment.

DS3 went back to school on Saturday. He was supposed to move in on Sunday, but his roommate spent the summer on campus so DS3 had access to his room a day early. So far, we have not heard much from him.  We saw his plus one at the grocery store today. She works where we do our weekly food shopping.  I asked about him and she said he was doing fine.  Classes start tomorrow.

DS3 left the house at 6:30 am this morning for his move in adventure. He had no issues with the drive. He also has gotten together with his friends and slipped back into college life. Ok, I am jealous. I would like to be living in a full-time learning environment without the cares of the adult world. Who wouldn’t?   His classes start tomorrow as well.

At home, we (DW and I) did our usual weekend stuff. This was the last weekend for the outdoor professional lacrosse season so we watched the semi-finals and championship games on tv. There will be no more new lacrosse on tv until the indoor season starts around Christmas time. 

I have quite a few pictures from the last two days. I will post a few here .  Enjoy!


Ah, the empty nest..

Not really empty, at least not yet.  This evening nobody is home except for my DW and I. DS1 went to work Saturday morning saying that he was not coming home Saturday night. He went to Allentown to visit his girl friend. He has not been home today. His phone must be dead since he does not answer calls or texts. DS2 is at work today until 9 pm. DS3 is working until close. This means 10 pm plus clean up the store. He should be home by 11 pm. He did make it home alive Friday night and I still have some teeth left from grinding them that night.

Us, the happy couple. We had a date weekend. I took my date to Annapolis to see a professional lacrosse game. It is a good thing she likes lacrosse. We left Saturday morning and were in Annapolis by noon time. We had a room booked at the Taylor House, a bed and breakfast in Annapolis. We stopped by the house, got our key and got changed into bathing suits. The owner directed us to the local state park called Quiet Waters State Park. Here we rented kayaks for a couple of hours. We kayaked on Harness Creek. In this video, we are in one of the secluded coves off Harness Creek. The kayaking was easy, there was not much boat traffic or wind to disturb the water.

After our boating adventure we returned to the bed and breakfast and got showered and cleaned up. We met some friends at the Boatyard Bar and Grill for dinner. They had dessert since they had already eaten dinner. My DW and I had crab cakes. I had a sandwich, she had the dinner without the bread. The crab cakes were very good. I also had Malpeque oysters as an appetizer. There were delicious. After dinner we drove over to the Navy – Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, in the rain, for the game.

We did not have tickets so as we walked under our umbrellas towards the ticket window I ask a guy if he had tickets to sell. He said here, take these two, I’m going home. And, the tickets included two VIP tent passes!. I was excited,these ticket would cost you 50 dollars each. I looked at the ticket and they were singles, one here and one there. Since there were four of us, I decided to just buy tickets so we could all sit together.  When we got in the stadium the game was under a lightning delay. We made our way towards the VIP tent to see what these passes would get us. The husband and I went into the tent with the passes and saw the food and open bar. We each got a beer. I went back for the ladies. My DW used one of the passes and came back in with me. Then I went back out and brought the other wife in with me using the passes. We hung out, had free beer and soft drinks untill the game was ready to start. Our seats were under the overhang so we did not get wet.

The home team lost. We enjoyed the game. After the game the other couple drove south to their home near Washington, DC. We went back to the Boatyard for drinks. I had another half-dozen oysters and some rum. It was an enjoyable way to end our date night. The bed and breakfast only had one room left when we booked. This room had two single beds. We slept in separate beds in the same room for maybe the first time in our lives. I did not like it.  One night, you can do most anything.  Next time we will make sure we get a room with a queen or king sized bed.

Sunday we had our continental breakfast and then headed home. On the way we stopped at the farmer’s market downtown in Annapolis. We purchased Cream Line Chocolate milk for the children. This milk has been pasteurized, not homogenized. The milk is very creamy and tastes like a milkshake out of the bottle. We also bought some crab meat and some crab dip. The ride up 95 was not to bad.  No real traffic jams.

Tonight for dinner we had filet mignon with fresh crabmeat on top. This was covered in a Hollandaise Sauce. We had mashed potatoes with crab chirps mixed in and a salad. Now, it’s quiet.  She is reading a book and I am typing..

Tonight’s pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!


Add this to the list of..

Add this to the list of places that you should not choose to drive to on a Saturday afternoon in the summer time. The place? Hofstra University, in Hempstead, NY.  We drove from Manahawkin, NJ to Hempstead NY to watch a MLL lacrosse game. It was only 115 miles. When we drive to Annapolis to see a game the trip is 190 miles (each way, of course).  My DW, DS3 and I went to see the Long Island Lizards play the Boston Cannons.  The ride sucked. There is no other way to describe it. I hope to never make that drive again. The trip to Annapolis takes just as long and is not anywhere near as stressful.

Boston jumped out to a 6 to 1 lead at the end of the first quarter. By half time the lead was dow to 6 to 4. The final score had Long Island winning 14 to 9, I think.  The game was good. The fans were Long Island fans. We love them when they go home after their vacations.  The announced attendance was about 4500 fans. When we went to the two games in Annapolis last year, the attendance was over 8000 at each game. Long Island needs to do some more work and get the fans in the seats.

DS3 met up with two lady friends from college at the game. They did not just bump into each other. The kids made plans Friday night when we decided to go to the game on Saturday. I have some stories about Saturday that I will save for Sunday’s blog. It is Sunday already and I am going to bed.

Pictures, see the captions and enjoy!



Blazing Saddles..

Was the answer to last night’s movie quote question. My brother in Oregon wins the prize. He gets to fly at his expense to New Jersey and pick blueberries in the hot summer sun. I promise to provide cold beer AFTER the berries are picked.  If he picks his share, I will even send him home with some. How generous is that?  The blueberry season is upon us here in New Jersey. The fields to the south and west of us (away from the ocean) have been producing local fruit for the grocery store and farmers markets for the last two weeks. The blueberries in our garden are holding their own, meaning that they are not yet ripe. I picked my first cucumber today. We will have it tomorrow night with dinner.

Dinner tonight was veal chops with a basil – mustard sauce. The recipe can be found here. The sauce turned out well. I doubled the recipe so we have leftovers to use with some other meal. Along with our veal chops we had sauteed zucchini, mashed potatoes and jumbo lump crab meat. The crab meat was served on a chilled plate as finger food. My DW was my assistant tonight. She kept the dirty things moving off the counter and into the dishwasher.

DS2 was working the afternoon into evening shift. The grocery store on LBI was full of vacation people today. He said he was quite busy. DS3 worked the 8 to 5 shift. He spent 5 hours in the pool room watching dogs play in the water. His shoes were damp when he came home. I put his nasty lacrosse gear out on the hot tub today to dry out. Tonight when he came home he took them all to the cellar to be run through the washing machine, twice.

DS1 went out with friends last night. He did not sleep here. He was rushing around the house at 7 am this morning before going off to work. He must have looked bad (he did when he got home) because his boss sent him home early. He had dinner and watched some tv until 7:30 when the MLL Lacrosse All-Star game came on the tv. We invaded his space to watch the game and he went to bed.

Tonight’s pictures have captions to tell the tale. Enjoy!




Day 344, What makes your skin crawl..

Maybe crawl is the wrong word.  Here is the event that made my skin crawl today. I spent some of the morning outside. I cut the grass, ran the weed whacker, blew the pine needles off the deck, fed the garden, tied up the tomatoes and watered the garden.  All these chores needed to be done.  I enjoy doing some work outside since I have a desk job. If I worked outside for a living, I certainly would not be interested in working in the yard on the weekend.  After working in the yard, I took my shower for the day. I am a daily shower kind of guy. (Not a bad thing to be, I might add)

For lunch we  (DW and I) had leftover crab cakes from last weekend. Somehow they escaped being eaten all week. Then we  went to the COSTCO, the liquor store and the italian deli. After we left the deli we went to Rita’s for a snack. I worked outside, my DW worked inside, we deserved  a treat. As we were driving home I brushed the hair off my forehead and discovered something in my hair. Umm, yuck. This is one of my issues.  I put my fingers in the viscous liquid and then smelled it trying to figure out what the heck was in my hair. One possibility was pine tar since I was working in the yard today. But I had just showered a few hours earlier.  It was not pine tar.

When we got home I washed my hair. Pretty much before doing anything else. Whatever it was, it washed out fine.  I still don’t know, maybe the bluebird of paradise left me a present. Other things that make my skin crawl is getting yogurt on my hands or skin. I also don’t care for the smell of rotten fish. I spent a few too many years in the seafood business. Bugs, spiders, mice… no problem. Each will be dealt with is the necessary manner to eliminate them.  My DW does not like the slugs that seem to like the lettuce in the garden. I need to put some Coors Lite out for them this week.

This weekends non-cheap beer adventure is the Brooklyn Summer Ale. This summer ale is a little less expensive than the Victory Summer Love that we tasted last week. Light and crisp.  This ale got a thumbs up from all the beer or non-beer drinkers in my house. They all like the Victory from last week better.  Given the price point, this beer has potential.

Children..  DS1 is in Cleveland this weekend. He sent a picture of one of his college buddies on the golf course. I guess this means that they started the day off with some golf.  DS2 worked this evening at the Acme. He said it was both slow and busy.  He tried a steak sauce on his dinner tonight for the first time. He said it was not too bad. DS3 worked the day shift at the bark and biscuit.  He had an ok day. Not problems to report.

Dinner tonight was steak, fresh mozzarella, shrimp cocktail, potato salad and wine/beer. We ate outside on the deck until the flies found the shrimp and chased us into the house. We had finished dinner, we were just sitting and talking.  There was professional lacrosse on tv tonight. We watched one game and DVR’d the other.

Tonight’s pictures are from some of the various events of the day. The captions will explain what they are of. Enjoy!