Moving towards normal..

If ever there was a normal. Maybe that should have been the title.  We are fortunate to have had very little damage (some tree branches) and the inconvenience of the power being out for two days.  Here are  a few signs that things in my neck of the words are on there way back:

  • I was in the bagel store this morning waiting my turn behind two young men (mid to late 20’s). Big burley men with beards and pickup trucks. Manly men. They were discussing the pro vs. cons of color, cut and clarity. I guess one or both are getting engaged this year.If you don’t understand the reference, just wait until you shop for an engagement ring.
  • Last night was Monday night lacrosse. The building we play in is still suffering from poor lighting this week. The main set of lights in the middle is still out. I took the initiative to check if the breakers were tripped during the storm and just needed to be reset. I reset them and took out the power for the entire building.  Ooopss.. I reset the main and the power came back on. Note to self: Don’t do that again. I did have a few shots and one assist. An assist on a goal, not an electrician’s assist.
  • The gasoline rationing north of Exit 91 on the GSP is over. That’s good. It never really affected us down in Ocean County.
  • The snow plow piles in the parking lot at work are almost gone. It snowed last week Wednesday into Thursday.
  • The NJ National Guard that I wrote about has broken camp and gone elsewhere. The parking lot is empty. Somebody needs to stop by and collect the porta potties next to the building.
  • LBI has been reopened. Now the real work begins.
  • Tuesday night Adult School Yoga resumed tonight. Ahhh.

I hope to get down to the beach at lunch time tomorrow. The plan is to take some pictures from my usual lunch time spot. They should make for some interesting before and after comparisons.

Here are a few pictures from the high school football game on Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!


Hype or Hide?…

The tale of two storms. One forecast said to run and hide. The other, well, could be all hype. I asked my brother the weatherman this morning this exact question. His reply, “You are ground zero for 8 – 10 inches of rain and wind gusts to 60 mph. Hopefully your waterproofing works” A direct quote, no, but really close.  Storms like this must be like Christmas for people that work in the weather profession. Day in and day out, we chuckle at their employment when they forecast sunshine on a cloudy day (there is a song in there).  But, big storm, they are king!  It’s nice to be king.

I owe my readers a recap since I took a few days off.  Quickly the last few days went like this:

  • Thursday, worked, no lacrosse, steak dinner (yum). Saw hurricane tracks on-line. All but one were heading out into the ocean after the storm passed Cape Hatteras. The radio was already talking up the storm
  • Friday, found me in Jackson, NJ taking pictures of the Southern vs. Jackson football game. I will add a few at the bottom. No, I don’t have a child playing for either school. I volunteer time taking pictures for various teams at the local high school.
  • The computer models on Friday showed the storm heading west after passing Cape Hatteras (all except one) How could they all be so different from one day to the next?

Today is Saturday, October 27, 2012. The storm (named Sandy) is due to hit this general area on Monday. We spent most of the day putting things away outside and getting ready for the storm. Are we ready? Hmm, we could be more ready, but, we are ready enough. I hope to not regret those words. Check back on Wednesday and see if our storm readiness preparations were correct.

Sunday (tomorrow) was supposed to be an 80 th birthday celebration in Brick for my DW’s mom. The party has been postponed due to the impending storm. I was going to drive to Scranton and pick the boys up and take them to the party and then take them back after it was over. Yes, they are adults. Yes, they have cars. I, would worry less if I did most of the driving. I’m not a control freak (much), I just am a better long distance driver. Hah! Argue that, I say.

So, without any further nonsense from me, are a few pictures from last nights game. Enjoy!


If you haven’t used it in 10 years…

Maybe it’s time to throw it away.  This seems to be the theme this weekend.  Many items have been dragged out of closets and revisited. Most of them have very little useful or sentimental value.  Their value lies in their ability to collect dust and fill the top shelf of the closet.  Note to my children away at college: your precious things have not yet been throw away. They may be on an “inventory” list that gets looked at (discussed) some time when you return home from school. Take notice of the word “yet”

Quiet Saturday here in New Jersey. What a difference a week makes. Last week the humidity and the visitors from out-of-town were unbearable. This week, cooler temperatures and crazy people may have just figured out that the summer is over and they should stay home and do stuff in their own neighborhoods.  I picked tomatoes, a cucumber, carrots and brussel sprouts today. Their picture is at the bottom. This is the end of the carrots. The greens were starting to look bad, so I dug them all up and cleaned them in the sink. The brussel sprouts are a work in progress. They will be part of Sunday night’s dinner. The lonely cucumber will be enjoyed the week. We had home-made pickles with dinner made from the earlier summer harvest.  The tomatoes may get crushed up and frozen for sauce this winter.

DS1 went to work today. My DW and I were off. We worked at home.. No kids in the house, nice weather. We had a decent day doing our Saturday chores. Tomorrow I head back into the cellar for a few hours of waterproofing work. Dinner tonight was cheeseburgers with beef from the local butcher and fresh mozzarella from the same butcher. The burgers were good. There are leftovers that will be lunch Sunday and maybe Monday. DS2 continues to work on writing music. He sent me (via Drop Box) the first seven minutes of the song that he is writing for a student film being filmed by a student at his school. I was impressed. I will find some pictures to go with his music and make a slide show.

DS3 had a good day off. Some homework, some goofing off. Tonight is movie night in his dorm room.  I spoke with his high school lacrosse coaches last night at the football game and they told me that one of the current high school lacrosse players was in Scranton looking at Scranton and Marywood. They bumped into DS3 while they were on their college tour. Small world.

Tonight’s pictures have captions as necessary. Enjoy!


Friday night lights..

Living the tv show. I never watched the show, so I’m not sure if I am living it.  I was however at the local high school that our children attended for the Friday night football game. In many of the past years I was part of a group of parents (usually men) who shot still and video pictures of the game. The still pictures would be made available to the parents and players during the week after the game. The video would be edited and turned into a game film for the entire season. Usually this would be shown at the year-end banquet.

I took last year off from being involved with the high school. We (my DW) were involved for eight years in everything that our children were interested in. Last year was our year off.  I eased back into the photographer’s group at a scrimmage two weeks ago. Tonight was both feet in, as it were. I shot 900 pictures tonight between the ROTC, the band and the football team. I edited them hard. I think I kept 600 of the pictures. This camera makes me look good.  We stayed for the first half and the band’s halftime show. The halftime score was 19 to 0, in favor of the home team. The final was 19 to o, in favor of the home team. I guess I did not miss much in the second half.  Yes, 900 pictures in only half of a football game.

Thursday was a lacrosse Thursday.  My brother the weatherman joined us in Manalpan for the game. Neither of us had a goal. I feel that I am playing better. I am making better decisions when I have the ball. Now if I could catch a few more of the passes thrown at me. I hit the goalie twice shooting and missed the goal four times. That is a pretty active night for me.

Thursday afternoon I went to the Shark River Inlet to take pictures. Different inlet, different day. The video is below. A few notes about the video: the cormorant (?) in the water has a fish in its mouth. In the pictures it is trying  to get a fish down its throat. The huge seagull has a hook in the right side of its mouth. I guess this has not impeded its eating. The red boat coming in the inlet is a lobster boat returning from checking traps in the Atlantic Ocean.  The two pictures at the end of the flowers and the railing are an artistic attempt on focus. In the first picture the focus is on the railing and the town name “Avon by the Sea”. In the second picture the focus is on the flowers..

The Shark River Inlet video can be found here. The pictures below will have captions were needed. Thanks for reading and ..