LimeGuy birthday morning..

Reading the title you can figure that today is my birthday. As such, I took the day off as a personal day. I get five sick/personal days a year. Today I took one of them.  I was up at 7 am, my usual work day time. DS3 asked me why if I had the day off was I awake at 7 am?  I told him I could not sleep. The adventures of the day beckoned. (Sounds like a good answer anyway).

I decided laying in bed this morning that I would ride my bike to the Barnegat Lighthouse and back today. The round trip distance is 35 plus miles. The two biggest challenges of the ride (other than the actual distance) are crossing the Manahawkin Bay Bridge on a bicycle and the inevitable winds on Long Beach Island.  The bridge is not bike friendly as you will see in the pictures I took from the top. The winds, I hoped to get my ride in before the wind picked up.

Thursday roll call here at the house found only DS2 and I not working. Everybody was out of the house by 7:15.  I was dressed and out of the house on my bike by 8 am. The ride onto Long Beach Island of the bridge was not too bad. What the two children that regularly travel onto LBI failed to share was that the inbound lanes and the outbound lanes had been compressed around the bridges. This left absolutely no room for a bike and two cars. I got through that section but was none to pleased to have traversed it.

The trip up (north) the island was uneventful. I sopped at the Barnegat Lighthouse and had a drink and a snack. I took some pictures and started heading home. About a mile from the light house I ran over an industrial staple and promptly had a flat tire. Guess which tire? If you guessed the back tire, you would be correct. I got off the bike on the bay front of Barnegat Light and sat on a park bench and changed tubes removing the staple from the tire. I took pictures if the view that I had while working on my bike. At least it was not raining and I was on the side of a busy highway. After the tire issue I stopped at a gas station and completed inflating the tire and rode home. The wind was in my face and was building the entire way as I rode south.

Up and over the bridges, no problems. The inbound side was scarier. DS2 and I went out for lunch (2 beers and a cheeseburger) after I had cooled down and had showered.  The beers were to hydrate and replace the carbs that I expended this morning. The burger, why that was the protein of the meal!

Pictures and such.  Several pictures with captions are below. Here is a link to the entire group of pictures from today’s ride. Here  and here are links to the Map My Ride APP that recorded the ride.  Enjoy!



Tuesday that feels like a Monday..

I spent most of the day out of whack. Here in the US, Monday was a legal holiday.  Everyone in our family had the day off.  That made today the first day of the work week for all of us. Except for DS2 who is more part-time than full-time until the we get closer to July 4.  DS1 walked in the house at 9 pm after leaving for work at 6 am. And, he was driving the company truck.  I guess going home from your last delivery is better than heading back to the yard, then driving home. It probably saved him more than an hour tonight.  Hard work is good for the young. It builds character and serves to motivate you to move up in the employment food chain so you don’t have to work so many hours.

Our Memorial Day dinner was steamed little neck clams, cheeseburgers and cheese noodles. There were about 75 clams in the pot Monday night. The five of us sat down to eat and the clams were gone in less than three minutes!  That part of the meal was nearly a contact sport. The burgers and noodles came a little bit later and the sharks were more behaved. There was no lacrosse last night for me. The indoor league starts back up next Monday night. Tonight we (DW and I) attended the last adult school yoga for the school year. Adult school yoga will start-up in late September or early October. Tomorrow night we will (weather permitting) play lacrosse outdoors in Manalapan.

Here is a picture from September 2011 where we took part in walk over the Manahawkin Bay Bridge. Enjoy!