I can’t drive 155 (post)..

I am thinking that I will use that line from Sammy Hagar every time I hit a x55 post. Clueless? Try this. That is one fun video. I laughed through the whole thing.  A good smile to end the day.  The warm weather seems to have finally departed New Jersey. On Monday we hit 70 degrees.  For the rest of the week we will be happy to see 53 degrees. That still is not too bad. One of the websites I view regularly is www.spaceweather.com . They often have pictures of the Aurora Borealis. If you read the captions of the pictures sometimes the photographer will provide the outside temperature when the picture was taken. Most of these pictures seem to have been shot when the temperature is well below 0 degrees F.  No thanks!

My cousin who had the extra ticket for the President’s visit to Scranton posted this picture

President in Scranton 2011

on Facebook tonight.  I guess all things being considered she had a good seat. I wonder who those people are that got to sit behind the president? Maybe if you know, you could post a comment. I blew up the picture (omg, the federales will be after me) and it looks like a mixture of high school student and teachers.  I bet it was a memorable afternoon. From one of the Facebook comments it would appear that there was quite the traffic jam due to the visit.

Speaking of memorable moments, DS1 went to has first job fair today. The area where we went to school is booming or about to boom due to gas and oil exploration. One on the gas companies organized a job fair to try to hire some of the local populace. DS1 said there were several companies there, not just the oil and gas people. He felt he was the best dressed person there looking for a job during the time he was there.

He said he had a few favorable quick interviews and was promised a call back in a week or so. Who knows. I told him that was a perfect way to get his feet wet and polish is job fair, interview skills. I don’t think he believes me.  Time will tell. He sent me his resume and I changed a little of the wording and layout. I explained to him what and why I did what I did.  He has two more weeks of college to go. I really can’t believe this chapter is drawing to a close.

Work was busy for me for most of the day. As I wrote last week I am moving from one office to another. My new office has no furniture. Yesterday my new desk was delivered. I got one of the shipping guys to help me carry the box into the office. It was pretty heavy. I spent the last hour of the day working on the desk. The instructions say it will take two people three hours to build. I don’t thinks so. I have some experience following directions and putting furniture puzzles together.

The pictures below were clipped of DS3’s Facebook page. He was in New York City a few weeks on a school sponsered trip. His girlfriend Caroline took or had someone else take, most of these pictures.  Just click on any picture to start the slideshow.  Enjoy!