Forty five (post) bottles of beer on the wall..

Forty five empty bottles on the floor.  Yikes, that would be quite the party. You probably would be better off with a half keg. Back on track I am (using my Yoda voice).  Tonight is a lacrosse night. I will be playing with DS3 since DS1 is stuck at work. Funny job, he had the last two days off, and is working 11 hours today.  This morning my old van (230,000 miles) overheated before I got on the GSP to go north. I had to go east first to drop DS3 (carless child) off at work. My car was beep, beep, beeping since the temperature gauge was pinned to the top. I stopped on the side of Route 72 and put some water in the overflow tank and then carefully drove it the two miles back home. At home I got the hose and added water to the radiator. Feeling lucky, I drove it to work.

I came out of the office at lunch time to put gas in the car and there was a stain in the parking lot where some of the cooling fluid had leaked out. I put more water in it, not really that much, got gas and drove home early from work. The car is at the shop, waiting for its appointment with destiny (I think his real name is Ken) tomorrow. Last time one of my vans behaved like this we had the water pump replaced. Hopefully it is only a hose.

On my check list from the other day I can remove two items. The laptop for DS3 came in today. We bought a HP Elitebook 8560P from Amazon. They were 25 dollars cheaper than Tiger Direct and we got free shipping. You can’ t beat that. The computer is more than he needs but should have the right parts to last through his college tenure (hopefully).  And the other item done on my list is books for DS2. I bought them on Amazon (no sales tax, free shipping to school) as well. The books came to 500.00!  Yikes!  That is a record for the 6 college years that I have been involved with buying books. We plan to sell them back after he is done unless they are need for reference material.

Off to lacrosse, picture, picture… ok, here is the picture of my OWU GM lacrosse team taken after our final game on Sunday.  Enjoy!

OWU GM Lake Placid 2011