Day 234, Buy Home Depot stock..

Note: the Lime Guy does not own or control any Home Depot or Lowes stock. Well, now that we got our financial disclosures out-of-the-way, let’s get to the heart of the matter.  Today, for various reasons that will be explained here, we (DW and I) went washing machine shopping. Our town has both of the big home improvement stores within a mile of each other. If you don’t like what you see at one, you can easily get back in you car and drive to the other. 

We purchased our last washing machine back in 1998 (as best we can guess). It has been fixed several times over the years. If you have five people living under the same roof, doing laundry with one machine, things are bound to break or wear out. Add to that having three boys in the house, the laundry load is almost double due to sports and other outdoor activities.  The possible icing on the cake might be that each of the three boys learned to their own laundry on this machine. How hard can that be?  I don’t know, maybe just a contributing factor.

This afternoon I heard those dreaded words “Lime Guy can you come down the cellar, I NEED you?” Oh no, that has to mean water in the cellar. Dammit! I had settled into the chair to read a chapter or two of my book and then I might get up and do some chores. Scrap that plan. I went down and there was a small puddle next to the washing machine. The washing machine had become temperamental in recent years. You could not add liquid bleach to the bleach intake, it would either leak or destroy the things being washed. The machine would run for weeks and then decide one day that a three-hour nap was in order and not work at all.

I went down and moved the machine pulling the hot water hose off the connector and water began spraying on the floor. Nice, just like I planned it. I shut the hot water off and looked at the mess and decided, enough was enough. It was time for a new machine. I removed the cold water line before I turned that off. This caused the puddle on the floor to grow a little more. I guess having a plan before doing things might work out better.  I cleaned up the mess, took care of the leak and we headed downtown to find a new washing machine.

Lowes comes up  first when driving east on Route 72. We went in and looked at the various washing machines on display. We walked up and down, looked in them, read the signs and generally shopped. Nobody came over to help us. They also did not have much in our price range. We left and went down the street to Home Depot. We walked through their appliance section. They had more units in our price range. Think 500 dollars as our price range. The parent of a high school student that our oldest son went to school with works at Home Depot. He came by and got us situated with a salesperson. Bottom line, the new machine will be delivered Wednesday. They will hook up and remove the old one.  The moral of the story, sell your Lowes stock and buy Home Depot stock. I hate to say it but this is not the first time we have had this experience.

And, boys… you will need some minor training on the new machine.

Fun, fun. Today’s picture is of the first crocus of Spring. We have another month until Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. The Crocus’ are always the first play to bloom. Enjoy!


First flowers of Spring