Back to school specials..

Did you participate in the back to school madness this year or have you escaped the back to school grind?  Here is Manahawkin, the grind appears to be over.  This past Sunday both of the college students packed their cars and drove back to Scranton. DS2 returned to Marywood University for his senior year. DS3 returned to the University of Scranton for his junior year. Right after they left we (DW and I) went food shopping.  As we are getting ready to leave, I glanced at her shopping list, it was still quite extensive. I asked, “If both of the boys went back to school, why is our list so long?” Her reply, “Well, they took everything with them!” Good point.

Our back to school shopping does not/did not include the Wal-Mart or Target. We were shopping in both stores over the last week and watched the families with children in tow choosing paper, pens, notebooks, backpacks.. The list goes on. In our world, back to school starts in July with student loan paperwork. Then the parents and students have to survive August. We had a car accident with DS2’s car. The damage was minor, the other party lives locally and were ok.  DS3 had the passenger window on his Mustang come off the track and fall apart. After 250 dollars and at least 8 hours of my life, the window goes up and down (more than once).

Oil changes, windshield wipers, brakes and headlights… The list goes on and on. Our shopping for back to school is just a bit more expensive than the Wal-Mart or Target families.

We are heading back to Scranton Sunday to see them. Yes, it has only been a week. And no, we are not in withdrawal.  Sunday is the Italian Festival in downtown Scranton. There are supposed to be fireworks Sunday night. I need to figure out where the fireworks will be. We are planning on dinner at Doc Magrogan’s Seafood House.  This Sunday and Monday they have their Buck A Shuck oyster sale.  Shucked oysters will be a dollar a piece. I’m looking forward to that.

Buried deep in tonight’s blog is a sidenote about the LimeGuy being diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. I’m not sure if this is the proper forum for this sidenote. This entry into the A Fib club has curtailed my lacrosse playing for the time being.  I did attend yoga for the first time in three weeks tonight. It was nice to do something active (yes, yoga is active) again. My knees have healed from the fall I took while playing lacrosse in Lake Placid three weeks ago. All I need is the all clear from the cardiologist and I will be back to playing. Further medical details can be shared by you the reader, emailing, texting or calling me directly.

Here are a few pictures from the back to school weekend with the boys.  Here is a Drop Box link to the entire group of pictures.

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Empty account at the Karma Bank..

I don’t really understand it.  How could my good karma account be overdrawn?  Maybe the “issues” that I did not see nor have to deal with exhausted my account.  Karma Bank, what is that? Well, when you do good deeds and help people out for no personal gain, you get credits in your karma bank. Then when FATE stops by to smack you on the head (because it can), you can use some of your good karma like a get out of jail free card.  Or maybe that is just my way of looking at things. Either way, the last two weeks have been bumpy.

Two weekends ago, my DW and I went to Lake Placid so that I could play lacrosse in the Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament. I play on the Ohio Wesleyan University alumni team.  I am not an alumni. I am a friend of an alumni. About 60 % of the team did not attend the university.  Everybody knows somebody and you are on the team. Our team won out first three games which put us in the Championship Game on Sunday at noon time. That is pretty exciting stuff. We won our division in 2009 and went to the championship game the next year and lost.

Sunday at noon and we ae looking around on the sidelines. The face off guy who won 70 % of the face offs over the last three games had gone home. Several of our attack and midfield players from the previous three games, had gone home. The bench area was pretty barren of players on the OWU sidelines. We lost the game by a score of 6 to 4. Not bad considering the players that were missing. The other thing to note is that the winning team had scored 10 plus goals in each of the previous three games. We held them to 6 goals. 

Me, I am still injured from the weekend. In the first game another long stick defensive player (on the other team) took some offense to me and swung his stick like a baseball bat connecting with my shoulder and chest. I still have the bruises.  Saturday I was going for a ground ball and went out-of-bounds trying to keep my balance until I finally went down on my hands and knees on a cinder and mud roadway. Both of my knees still hurt. I am walking better and hoping not to have to call the doctor about them. Two years in a row I got hurt at this tournament. I’m starting to rethink my future attendance.

Sunday after we lost my DW and I drove to the top of Whiteface Mountain. The view was spectacular. There are pictures from the top of Whiteface.

Monday we drove home from Lake Placid, a fairly uneventful drive until we go into Ocean County, NJ. This is the same county where we live.  The people down here on vacation are nuts. Period. Driving like it’s the last day on earth. Tomorrow (which was a week ago) the world ends. Obviously not. I can’t wait for the summer season to be over.

Pictures, here is a link to the Whiteface pictures. And a team picture from Lake Placid. Enjoy!   Thanks for reading,


The old man buries one..

Like campers around a campfire, we gathered last night, standing over our lacrosse gear bags.  The air was cool and pungent with the smell of sweat and under-washed lacrosse gear. We had just finished playing lacrosse in Manalapan. DS3, DS1, the Weatherman and the Lime Guy.  22:00 hours and everybody had a smile on their face.

The Weatherman was busting the chops of DS1 since his father had almost scored a goal on him while he was playing  defense and his father was playing attack. For my part of that I caught the ball and turned and shot hitting the top cross-bar then the side post. If the ball had traveled maybe a half-inch lower or to the right, I would have had that goal. DS1 heard from a few guys that night how he would never live down having his father score on him.  I did score dodging from the right of the goal and shooting with my left hand.  I had the only goal by any of the four family members that played last night.  It still feels good.  Next week I may get shut out and be back to my old self.  Today, I will enjoy the ride!

This morning’s paper had a picture of Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) with a birth year and a death year. He was born the same year as both my DW and I.  Yikes!  I guess a follow-up movie or show are now out of the question. I read on the Internet (so it must be true) that he died in the bathroom.  Didn’t Elvis die in the bathroom?  Note to self: Don’t die in the bathroom. No matter what, pull up your pants and get out of the bathroom.  I wonder statistically what percentage of the people that die each year meet their demise in the bathroom.  Where do you want to be when it is your turn? This Zac Brown song (You Tube video) jumped off the Pandora page today. He sings about being found with a guitar in his hands. A romantic notion for a musician. And a pretty good song!

While the boys were out playing lacrosse, my DW went to another yoga class. She is working on trying them out (as many different classes) with her unlimited pass for the next 30 days.  As part of my attempts to keep current with the world of social media I am playing with this Vine video app. Here are six seconds from my office yesterday.

Here is a picture from last summer’s drive to Lake Placid. When you see this sign, it is time to get off the highway!



If I had a hammer..

There are several things I might use it on. These may be just small nails that stick out, a good whack might push them back in place.  In no particular order:

  • Why does an MRI machine have to make so much noise? This is 2012 (almost 2013), people please, somebody invent the quiet MRI machine
  • When my test was over today, 30 minutes of mind numbing noise, it would have been nice if they let me sit up on the table for 30 seconds to get re-oriented.  I was in another time/place when the test was over. Hopping up and leaving immediately was a challenge. I can’t imagine how it is for the elderly. That is not yet me.
  • College can’t come soon enough for DS3. As my brother the weather man said “That boy needs a break from driving”.  Tonight he is taking his girlfriend to the 10:30 movie. Gets him home after 1 am or so. He better make it home with no phone calls.. Nothing good happens after midnight.
  • The wasp nest from the other night appears dead. I guess the wasp and bee killer I sprayed it with did the job. I was out picking tomatoes in the garden today and there was no activity around the nest.
  • Saturday we head to Annapolis to see the Chesapeake Bay Hawks play the Denver Outlaws in professional lacrosse. We hope to go kayaking Saturday afternoon for a few hours. We are staying a bed and breakfast in Annapolis for the night. Their website can be found here.
  • My brother only had one goal last night. This correction is brought to you be the AARP, for older Americans (LOL)
  • Two of my worlds collided today. One of the guys I play lacrosse with in Lake Placid emailed me today to ask if I was “Limeguy”. I said yes, and where did you find me. He said a “friend” had been searching for pictures of Lake Placid and had found my blog. Small world.

My DW worked a half day. She walked me through the check in process at her hospital before her shift started. We went to break after my test. I was her driver today. Drop off and pick up service.  I worked from home. I spoke with a few of my favorite customers today. They all had odd problems that we got resolved. DS1 worked a full day. He needs to use an outdoor shower before coming in the house. Note to self: build an outdoor shower with said hammer.  DS2 worked a full day at the deli. Tonight we discussed some possible parameters for studying abroad. He has much reasearch to do. DS3 worked half a day as well. He had a doctor’s visit to wrap the care for the infected leg. His leg is much, much better and the allergic reactions on the rest of his body have stopped and subsided.

Tonight’s pictures are again from my Lake Placid trip last weekend. Enjoy!


I better hurry up..

I better hurry up and get this done before it is tomorrow.  Not that it really matters. Tonight is Thursday, August 9, 2012.  This evening I went to Thursday night lacrosse even though I could not play. I brought my gear bag, even though I could not play. Not playing was difficult. Kind of like going to your favorite restaurant with your friends and sitting at the table with them watching them eat. Man..

DS3 played as did my brother the weather man.  Ds3 had a goal and two assists tonight. One of his assists was a feed to my brother who was standing alone on the crease. My crease.. It was funny to see him play attack.  Here is a person that goes out for a 10 k run just because. He belongs on the midfield line running back and forth. I know he had one goal, but I think he may have had another. He got plenty of passes tonight.

Standing on the sidelines tonight I shot some video of the guys playing under the lights. If you click here, you can see that video.

Tonight’s pictures are of Keene Valley, NY. This is part of the drive from the highway into Lake Placid.  I was not able to shoot any picture of the Mustang tonight since there was an accident on the GSP (not involving my son) and I got home late. Enjoy!


Foolish, not stupid (time will tell)..

Last night’s blog was devoted to my run in with the player from an opposing team and the subsequent injury to my left calf.  This all happened Saturday evening in Lake Placid. The blog further details my attempting to play with the old guys on Monday night and how my leg “ended” the night early. Now that we are caught up, read yesterday’s blog for the details, we can move forward. This afternoon I went to see the local orthopedic/sports medicine doctor about my leg. Imagine that. a sports injury at 51 years old! Foolish, not stupid?

The doctor is a family friend and two of his children play/played lacrosse. They attended the same high school as my children and supported the lacrosse parents association that I was the president of. Good people. He said three if not five times in the 15 minute office visit that I should have called him at home (or on his cell, I have both numbers) and gone to his house for the exam.  I thanked him for the offer, and told him that I would save that favor for a real emergency.

His final opinion was that the whacking of my calf by the opposing player bruised and weakened my calf muscle so when I played last night the interior part bulged through the exterior part. These are layman’s terms of course!. He asked about last night, saying “Did you stop running when you felt the pop in your calf?” Umm, yea.. foolish, not stupid! He said no lacrosse for two to three weeks and to get a neoprene sleeve for my leg for the first few weeks when I go back to playing. Also a MRI has been ordered just to be sure.

In the garden tonight, while I was cooking the steaks and looking around, bored. I noticed a huge (basketball sized) paper wasp nest in the garden. I was out there yesterday walking through the garden, picking tomatoes and cucumbers and never noticed it. I don’t know how fast the wasps can build a nest, but Wednesday afternoon I ran the lawnmower through that area, not noticing a thing. Several ideas have been floated about eliminating the nest. My favorite idea is thumping the nest in the dark and expecting the wasps to go find another home. During a rainstorm this also might be a good plan. Or, I could send a child out to handle the problem. Foolish, not stupid.

Tonight’s picture is of that wasp nest. Maybe tomorrow night you will see it split open, or pictures of the welts on my body. Which would that be, foolish or stupid? Time will tell. Enjoy!


A line from a Jimmy Buffet song..

“Crack went my leg, like the shell on an egg, someone call a decent physician.”  Not broken, but there is a doctor visit and probably physical therapy in my near future.  Here’s my story…  Saturday afternoon I played in game four of the Lake Placid tournament for my age group.  As I walked on the field to start the game,  the attackman I went to cover said “You! You broke my rib two years ago when we played your team”   I told him maybe, I hope not. 

Fast forward to late in the 4 th quarter, I was ready to get off and let another player have my position. The ball was loose in front of me on the ground, so I ran after the ball to pick it up and give my team possession of the ball. The attackman with the mended rib decided that I would have to work for that ground ball.  As I tried to pick up the ball he was hitting me with his stick.  I finally got the ball off the ground and passed it my teammate, successfully.

As I got off the field, my left calf was hurting, pretty bad. I just figured that the attackman had slashed the back of leg along with the rest of my body. Today, I went to play Monday night lacrosse and within 5 minutes of the start of the game, I felt something pop in my left calf. I immediately got off the field. My leg does not hurt any more than when the game started, nor does it appear to be anymore swollen.  I called my DW, the nurse, to let her know that I would be needing to go to the doctor for this injury. Tonight I have the leg iced and elevated.

Sucks, that’s what I think.

Tonight’s picture is from the Lake Placid trip. Enjoy!



Summit Lacrosse Tournament Day 3, last for me..

It’s 12:01 on Sunday, August 5, 2012. This is the blog for August 4 th. I got home from Lake Placid about 30 minutes ago. The first order of business was to give my DW a kiss, then take a shower. I walked off the field this evening, put on a dry shirt and drove home.  The ride was uneventful, which is a good thing. It is quite humid here in NJ, much more so than up in the mountains.

Today our team redeemed itself. The players did what they were supposed to do and we won both games.  We finished the tournament with a record of 2 wins and 2 losses. During our mid day break I rented a kayak and paddled around Mirror Lake. The pictures below are from my kayaking trip.  Enjoy!



Summit Lacrosse Tournament, Day 2

One of the curses of being a computer person is when someone says “You can’t use the in-house wi-fi because the access code is missing some characters”  Huh? I took this statement at face value last night and just used the wi-fi from the hotel across the lake. I was uploading pictures last night and the blog software would not play nice with the reduced bandwidth. Today, after our 9 am lacrosse game and a shower, I got myself connected to the in-house wi-fi. I’m good at challenges.  Maybe I should make my life a challenge.. oh, at moments it already is.

We lost today’s game. So we are o and 2 in the tournament. We play again tomorrow at 9 am then if we lose we play at 1 pm, if we win we play at 4:30 pm.  I had a good game. There was one miscue (by me) early in the game that I will discuss with DS1, the most educated lacrosse player in our home.  I did not get hurt, that is a good thing. Two of our players went down during the game with knee issues. This afternoon the 52 plus team lost their final game. They finished the tournament 2 wins and 2 losses. They seem to start out fast each year and then run out of gas as the tournament goes on.

Back at home, I really don’t know. I know that all three children are working. My DW worked the middle of the day shift. In at 11 out at 4:30. The doctors seem to be playing games with the patient schedules again. 

Tonight I have pictures to share. See the captions. Enjoy!




Summit Lacrosse Tournament, Day 1..

Today ends Day 1 of the 2012 edition of the Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament.  The tournament is held in Lake Placid, NY. Today the team I play for, the OWU 45 years and older (Grand Masters II team), played and lost our first game. At one point we were up 6 to 3. The final score was 8 to 7. There were two plays in the second half where the other team scored and we got a penalty on the same play. Both penalties resulted in a score by the other team. These two plays/penalties resulted in a four point swing.  Me, I think I played good today. In this tournament, I am a defensive player.

Tonight we had a BBQ at the camp where some of the players are staying. This year was tame vs. the BBQ at the same location last year.  I started the day with a 3 am wake up and a 4 am departure. The drive is about 375 miles, each way. I’m kind of tired tonight so this ends tonight’s blog.

See you tomorrow. Sorry, no pictures tonight. The internet connection here is real slow and they won’t upload.




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