Day 326, Kindle edition..

Tonight’s blot was written on DW’s Kindle Fire.  I wanted to see how practical the concept would be.  Today is Tuesday,  May 22, 2012. I was the last one to leave for work this morning. DS1 left first around 6:30. Next was DS2 who works in
the deli at the Acme on LBI. He left around 7 am. My DW left for work at 7:15 while I was in the shower. I got out of the shower and the house was empty.  Wow!

Dinner tonight was meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Both were quite good.  DS1 is somewhere as I write this. He texted to say that he would not be home for dinner.  That is nice that he checked in with us.  Late edit: seems he worked late and then went to a diner for dinner.  My DW had a friend, her daughter, and granddaughter over for tea and a visit.  DS2 was playing his ukulele for the little girl.  I got out his electric piano so she could play along with him.  It was fun to watch.

It rained off and on today.  I went out this evening to feed the plants. With some more rain forecasted for tomorrow,  the plant food will soak in good.  Work?  Work was ok. I was busy helping out in general support today. My job is on hold until after the Memorial Day holiday. Tomorrow is my last work day of the week. Thursday I fly to Houston for my youngest sister’s wedding on Saturday.  My DW had a busy day once again today.  DS2 nipped his thumb on the slicer. He will be wearing a band-aid for a few days.

Tonight’s picture comes from August 2012. In this picture DS3 is saying good-bye after moving into school. Now he has survived his first year of college. He will be home on Monday. Enjoy!


PS. Writing on the Kindle took some practice. I had problems getting the picture in (I added via my laptop). There were some editing issues that I would need to figure out. In a pinch, I can blog from her Kindle Fire.  Good night 


Day 321, Countdown day..

Get it? 3… 2….1 Happy (New Years, Birthday, something). Tonight will be light-hearted and short. I worked from home today. I had a busy morning and a boring afternoon. I have started reading The Innocent by David Baldacci.  I finished The Girl Who Plays With Fire the other day. Now I am looking for the third book.  I liked the second one. My DW worked a full day. She is enjoying her Kindle Fire. She is looking for the free books and stuff. She did buy her first book the other day.  The Kindle Fire is the right size to fit in her purse. She seems to be enjoying her Mother’s Day present. 

DS1 had the day off. He went to the beach fishing and caught seaweed. DS2 went to Barnegat Light to walk around and work on the songs that he is writing. DS3 has one more final to go and he is done for the year. He will stay in Scranton until Memorial Day. He is singing at commencement on Memorial Day. The rest of tonight will be pictures. Some are from the beach and jetty in Barnegat Light. Others are from last night’s birthday celebration.  Enjoy!



Day 317, Happy Mother’s Day..

Today is Sunday May 13, 2012. Mother’s Day in the USA.  Tonight two of our three children are home for the summer. The oldest has been home since December. He finished up his last college class last week. Tomorrow he plans to go to the community college and get an official transcript and mail that off so he can get his Diploma. DS2 came home after dinner with a car full of stuff. He was lucky to have help unloading his stuff.  He had a long day that began with him locking the keys to his car in the trunk of his car.  He could not find a remote trunk release and did not know how to fold the rear seats down so he called Allstate Roadside Assistance. They sent some out who helped him get his keys out of the trunk. After that he performed with the Marywood Orchestra at the university’s 2012 graduation.

My DW got a Kindle Fire for Mother’s Day. I was not sure how she would like the gift. I wouldn’t mind getting one, but she is far more practical than me. She was thrilled to get it. I had opened the box beforehand and had charged the battery, configured the WiFi and added a few apps for her. The best part about her Kindle Fire might be that I got her a pink case. This should discourage the children from borrowing it. I was dismayed to find out that the Kindle only can download apps from Amazon. A quick web search showed me a workaround. Thankfully, the USB cable for my cell phone works with the Kindle Fire. I can download Google Play or any Android apps to my phone. Share the download via Dropbox to my computer. I can then plug the USB wire into the Kindle and copy the installer onto the Kindle from my computer. Finally, I can browse for the installer and run it installing the app. Ok, I know, I lost you at hello. Simple enough to do.

Breakfast was Eggs Benedict. Our favorite breakfast. We went food shopping this morning. There were people out driving everywhere. It was a good day for over the river and through the woods.. Today was sunny and nearly 80 degrees.  After food shopping we ate lunch watching college lacrosse. Then I went outside to water plants and do some chores. A farmers work is never done during the growing season. All I need is a tractor and some bib overalls.  And maybe a hat. Dinner tonight was marinated flank steak and corn on the cob.

All in all, a pretty nice day (if I say so myself). Tonight’s pictures are from various things that happened today. The captions will explain.  Enjoy!