Kildare’s Irish Pub – What do we do with you?

What do we do with you? The following is a restaurant review and a “modest” rant about Kildare’s Irish Pub in Scranton, PA.

An open letter to the Dave Magrogan Restaurant Group,

They say you only get one chance to make a good impression. Saturday night (09/21/2013) your Kildare’s Irish Pub in Scranton gets an D in first impressions. Harsh? Not really considering the evening we spent there.  Last weekend was Parents Weekend for the University of Scranton.  If you are not sure about the location of your restaurant in relation to the university, they are a walking distance apart. This weekend was an excellent chance to show off to the parents and entice them to return over the next four years as their children go through their studies at the university. This coming weekend is the Parents Weekend for Marywood University. Your 3 – 4 mile distance across town should limit your exposure to these parents.

We are parents of two college students. One is a senior at Marywood and the other a junior at the University of Scranton.  We visit Scranton often and have eaten at Kildare’s and the Doc Magrogan’s Fish Market many times. And I have the credit card slips to prove it!  My expectation for Saturday night was a moderate wait since Kildare’s does not take reservations and for the service once seated to be reasonable. Not speedy, but certainly not death valley slow.

Low points of the night:

  • Girl working the front desk was clueless. People were milling around, some on the list, some not, nobody in charge. Moderate chaos would be my best description.
  • Once people were seated, nobody liked the barrel tables. Three different parties were seated there and then moved when another table opened up. We took the barrel tables as better than nothing.
  • We sat down around 8 pm. We had a party of six. We ordered three appetizers and everyone ordered an entre. The appetizers came out one at a time over the next hour. If we had each ordered an appetizer, we still might be waiting for our dinners to arrive.
  • The dinners came out at 9:30 pm.  We watched an entire half of college football between ordering and eating!
  • We had no silverware. I asked a waitress for silverware as she walked by, she smiled and said sure and never came back.
  • Our waiter returned when I walked up to the bar to ask for silverware and provided forks from the front and after walking somewhere else, he brought knives.
  • One person in our party ordered the corned beef and cabbage. The corned beef was cut incorrectly and really thick. Anyone with any experience in the restaurant business would not have cut the corned beef that way.
  • Where was the manager?  Maybe she was working in the kitchen.
  • They ran out of wings. On a Saturday night at 8 pm, out of wings, really?


High points of the night:

  • Other than the silverware gaffe, the waiter did a great job with what he had to work with
  • The food was hot and other than noted above, good
  • LSU won the football game

We will go back and eat there since this meal was an anomaly based on previous visits.  The other parents/patrons that may have been there for the first time? Probably not. Your loss, Coopers and the rest of the cities restaurants gain.  You only get one chance to  make a good impression.


Family Plus!

Mostly pictures for post 130…

Tonight’s post comes from the Radisson Hotel in Downtown Scranton. We traveled up north to visit the two younger children this weekend. Tomorrow is my DW’s birthday. We celebrated tonight at Kildare’s Restaurant across the street from the hotel. DS2 and DS3 were in attendance as was DS3’s roommate, Dustin.

Dw with birthday cake

This picture is from tonight, my DW with her birthday cake.

This picture is of my

Funny face

DS3 making a funny face at the table while we wait for our food to come.

DS2 had his dress rehearsal for the concert this afternoon. While he was having his rehearsal, DS3, Dustin and I went looking for a field to play lacrosse on. The field at the University of Scranton was locked up. We went across town to check out the fields at Marywood. When we got to Marywood, the men’s lacrosse team as getting ready for a captains practice. This is basically a pick up game. DS3 and I got to play with the Marywood Men’s lacrosse team. My first impression, the ball moves very fast with these college kids. I played about 40 minutes on attack, with not much success. I played another 30 minutes on defense. If felt I did much better on defense. I went to Marywood and a lacrosse game broke out. After the game the captains came over and thanked us for playing and said tha they would be playing each week if we were interested in playing again. Wow! and Pretty neat. We both had a good time. My DW took some pictures that will find their way into this blog in the next few days.

The final picture is of DS3 and his roommate at the Coney Island Lunch where we went for lunch today. Enjoy!


DS3 and Dustin