Chaos, then quiet..

Today was a Work From Home Thursday for me.  Both of my immediate supervisors had the day off.  And, the traffic heading south towards the Jersey Shore is usually bad the Thursday and Friday before a holiday weekend. That certainly is enough incentive for me to work from home.  The past two days I took my lunch to the beach to shoot pictures of the beaches in several Monmouth County towns. Today for lunch? I stayed home and had a bowl of stone crab soup with my DW. We bought the stone crab soup from Keys Fisheries in Marathon, Fl. There were nice chunks of stone crab meat in the soup. And the soup was not too peppery.  Often we have found that pre-made “home-made” soups have a lot of pepper. I like the pepper, my DW, not so much.

My driving today was just one lap around the block. No, not just keep in practice. The town truck came by this morning to collect the tree branches that we stacked on the curb a few weeks back. The driver asked me to move one of the cars from in front of the house so that they could get the truck nearer to the brush pile.  Dinner tonight was chaos. DS1 arrived just as dinner was hitting the table. He backed his “red truck” into the drive without any incidents. The truck is full of trees that need to be delivered tomorrow morning.

Around the table for the first time since maybe Christmas were all the boys and us. It was loud. We (DW and I) usually eat alone since DS1 gets home late. So dinner is a quiet, relaxed, how was your day, kind of event. Tonight was closer to a MMA match. Who said what, who was where, who wanted something from the other end of the table.  I enjoyed the noise. I think the boys missed the camaraderie as well. Then, dinner was over, DS1 went to the gym, DS2 went to the high school to see a concert, and DS3 went to see a high school friend. 

No cars in the street, nobody in the cellar. Back to empty nest. Chaos to empty nest in 5 minutes. Wow!

Here are a few pictures from around the house tonight.  Enjoy!


I want what that table is having..

“Words that you might say to your waiter” for $100.00, Alex.  Friday night my DW and I were eating dinner at our favorite restaurant and I said those words. My DW looked at me with a quizzical look on her face. “Umm, what do you mean?”, she asked me. I said, “Your eyes were closed and you were moaning while eating that Stone Crab Claw”. She blushed and smiled, “But it was just that good!”

Dinner Friday night was in out kitchen.  The fresh seafood from the Florida Keys was purchased from Keys Fisheries Fish Market and Marina. Just my kind of place, fresh fish and boats. How can you go wrong? They can be found at . This was our second order of stone crabs from them this season. Yes, it is expensive, but we had a little “fun money” to play with, so we splurged. We ordered Jumbo Stone Crabs, Yellow Tail Snapper Fillets, Smoked Fish Dip, Crab and Spinach Dip and Stone Crab Soup.

The stone crabs were in the top three stone crab meals that I have ever eaten. We have purchased them up and down both coasts of Florida over the years. Working in the Philadelphia Fish Market for 13 years also afford many opportunities to sample stone crabs.  The red snapper fillet was excellent. Again, as a fish person from a previous life, outstanding! We finished the snapper fillets last night. I cooked them real simple, butter and seasoning in a frying pan. No sauces, no breading. Just the fish. YUM!  The dips were good. The soup, that is waiting for an opportunity to enjoy. I have had a very busy weekend so far.  Fish from the keys? Shop on-line with Keys Fisheries.  We hope to visit them in January when We are down for the lacrosse tournament.

Here are few pictures from the Keys Fisheries website. Enjoy!


Been talking rum, how about you?..

Yep, I took last night off from the blog writing gig. I am, back in the saddle this evening. Yesterday my DW and I went to Atlantic City for dinner. We live about 45 minutes north of the city. We are not gamblers. I would rather enjoy a good meal or a trip somewhere than sit at a table or slot machine watching my money disappear. There are plenty of people that feel the opposite. I see them on the GSP every evening while I am driving home.

I woke up Thursday morning and decided that I did not feel like playing lacrosse that night in Manalapan. Turns out that lacrosse was cancelled due to the weather.  Go figure! I got the idea that I could probably find some good, fresh oysters in Atlantic City. I went online and looked at the various casinos and what their room rates were. There are certainly some good deals mid-week in the Fall and Winter.  I read many of  the reviews on Trip  Advisor and decided to book a room at Caesar’s.  

After work, I drove home and picked up my DW who was dressed in the “little black dress” outfit for the night.  I changed into some nicer clothes and we headed south. We checked into the casino and found out that the king bed we reserved would actually be two twin beds. Whatever, my DW prefers a larger bed. Something about me not sleeping in one spot. Beats me..

We walked around the casino and finally found our way to Morton’s Steak House. We had one of the most delicious steak dinners ever. Ever!  Ruth’s Chris in Annapolis was better because someone else picked up the check. Talk about steak that melts in your mouth. And yes, I got my oysters. Six of them, no need to share.   We really enjoyed dinner.

After dinner we walked down to the Tropicana and visited the Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar. We were the only customers sitting at the bar that night. The bartender asked what kind of rum I liked. I showed him one of the bottles on his shelf, the top shelf, that I enjoyed. We talked rum for the next hour. He brought down and gave me a taste of each of the high-end bottles of rum that they had in the house.  Wow!  I had two doubles of Vizacya 21 year rum. The rum is produced in the Dominican Republic by Cuban ex-pats. It was really good. My DW had the house-made white wine sangria.   After we left the Tropicana, we rode in one of those wheeled chairs that the guys push up and down the boardwalk.

This morning came early. My DW could not get out of work so she had to be at work for 7:30 am. The drive up the GSP was uneventful. After I dropped her off I took a nap for an hour before I started my work day. I was surprisingly busy today.  Most Friday’s are slow. This one was not. While I working this morning the brown truck stopped by.

On the brown truck was my box with three pounds of jumbo Florida Stone Crab Claws. The season opened up on Wednesday. We had fresh claws on Friday.   They were dinner tonight. That and some fresh mozzarella and prosciutto.   A picture of the claws will be at the bottom. Three pounds equals 8 claws!  The claws came from Keys Fisheries in Marathon, Florida.

The other interesting development is that my middle child posted on Face Book that he is in a relationship. That is pretty cool.  We’ve watched the other two children go through the first girlfriend process.  A process is not necessarily a bad word in this context.  They will do what they do.  We both wish them the best. One day at a time.

Tonight’s picture is of stone crab claws we ate for dinner. Enjoy (we did)!