Wo(man) to blame..

I nominate Radio Margaritaville DJ Carson Cooper for this honor. No, Carson is not a woman, he is a man. He is to blame for last night for sure.  I have listened to Radio Margaritaville since it’s inception in the late 1990’s.  Between Carson and Steve Huntington, we (the family) have been exposed to quite the broad range of music.  Thank you gentlemen.  The roster of DJ’s has expanded since the early days adding a few new radio friends.

So last night.. While I was driving to work, Carson tells us that the reggae group Third World will be playing in Philadelphia that night. I have been listening to their music on RM since the beginning. Some people have a (much hated term) “bucket list” of things to do or places to visit. My list includes seeing many of the musicians that I have met through RM in person.

Fast forward to a Wednesday night in University City, Philadelphia. The club where the concert was held is called World Café Live. They have live music both upstairs in the café and downstairs in the club.  The show last night was downstairs.  A few tables, a bar and cozy dance floor and 200 other reggae fans made for a real fun night.

We had general admission tickets and got to stand and dance for three hours.  Oh, did I mention that we dragged (invited) DS1 and his girlfriend to join us?  I’m not sure what she thinks about her boyfriend’s parents now.  After the show as we walked back to the car in the early February cold, my ears were ringing.  Good stuff for sure.  Grandpa why can’t you hear me without your hearing aid?  Gee, I just don’t know.

Why wo(man) to blame?  See the lyrics for Margaritaville – of course

Wasting away again in Margaritaville,
Searching for my lost shaker of salt,
Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame,
Now I think, hell it could be my fault.


DS1 and GF 2015-02-04 21.24.52

Stephen "Cat" Coore

Stephen “Cat” Coore

2015-02-04 22.02.41

Funny how a weekend can come together..

This past weekend was one of those serendipitous collections of moments that often happen in my life.  I hope to get 75 points in Word with Friends for that word some day.  This weekend was one of those where the journey and the destination were both the key. And the best part of the weekend was that I got to share it with my DW.

This odyssey started the week before when I saw a Tweet from Mac McNally detailing that there were tickets still available for his show in Annapolis, MD at the Rams’s Head. I get emails all the time from the Rams’s Head, I don’t remember seeing that Mac would be playing there. I sent my DW an email asking if she was interested.  We do communicate via email often. It works because she will check her mail at some point and she may not check her phone. I can send the email from work and follow-up in person when I get home.

Well, I got no reply from her. I figured, oh well. She has been overwhelmed these past few months since her mom passed away and I am trying my hardest to make life as easy as possible. A week went by and the tickets are still available so I asked her, any interest? She said yes, let’s go! I bought the tickets on-line and figured that was it for the weekend. I booked a hotel on Hot Wire so we would not have to drive home after the show.

The week before the concert we started looking at Chevy Captivas on-line. The Captiva once was a Saturn Vue but now has come back re-styled and re-engineered with a better engine and drive train. This small SUV is only available for fleet sales. Fleet sales = rental car companies.  We drove one for two weeks in Florida and liked the size and style. As we looked on-line most of the cars were 2013 models with 20 + k miles.  We found one in Delaware that was a 2014 with 12 k miles at the same price as the 2013 models and the car was at the top trim level. Heated seats, remote start, sunroof, navigation.. the works.

Since we were driving to Annapolis (going through Delaware) I figured we could stop by and see the car.  I traded emails with the dealership and my insurance agent. In the midst of this, we looked to who was playing college lacrosse in Baltimore Saturday. It turned out that John’s Hopkins and Syracuse were playing at Homewood Field.  Homewood  Field is one of those places that you have to visit if you are a college lacrosse fan.  It was decided that we would get up early, drive to Delaware, look at a car. Then travel to Baltimore for a noon time gave and end the day in Annapolis for the Mac McAnally show.

The car purchasing went well. The car was as advertised and the dealer did not try anything shady. So we parked my DW’s green minivan in the dealership parking lot and headed to Baltimore with the new wheels. We arrived at Homewood Field midway through the first quarter. Visiting Homewood Field is a bucket list check off for me. Always wanted to go, was not sure if we would ever get there. The game was excellent. Syracuse won to the disappointment of the home crowd. Excellent venue to see a game.

We ate lunch in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Outdoors in the sun. Not bad after the cold winter we had.  While we eating lunch, a couple walked up to us and inquired about my OWU lacrosse jacket. I play on the OWU alumni team even though I never attended the school. I know someone who did and that is how I got on the team. We talked lacrosse for a few minutes, compared who we knew (a lot of people).  They were at the Hopkins vs. Syracuse game that day as well. Small world.

Then we drove to Annapolis and killed an hour before heading over to the Ram’s Head for the show. After we parked the car we were walking to the club when some guy said “Hey OWU”. I turned my head and the man introduced himself (class of 84). We talked lacrosse and who we knew (deja vu) and then went into the venue. Safe from OWU lacrosse people.

The show was excellent. Mac is the six or seven time CMA Musician of the Year.  He is also part of Jimmy Buffett’s band and a music producer. We sang along with every song and enjoyed a few craft beers at the same time.  A few days later I tweeted Mac’s daughter to tell her about the show (not expecting a response) and she said that Mac enjoyed the show as well.  Seeing Mac is a check off on my bucket list.

Two in one day!  Watch out!

Here are a few pictures from Saturday. I did not bring my big camera into either venue since I was unsure about camera policies and walking back to the car with the camera sucks.

Thanks for reading this long post, I lived it and dammit it was great!


US A1A..

Thursday morning we dropped the kids off at the airport and then went to Grandpa’s Bakery for breakfast. This restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  The food is excellent. You get a few samples of some baked good to eat while looking at the menu. After we ate the plane had taken off towards Philadelphia and we were free to explore.  We wanted to stay near the airport in case something went wrong and we had to go back and get them.

We drove to Hollywood Beach and walked the boardwalk. Two miles each way, no hills or snow!  We walked some of the walk on the beach near the water until my DW’s pant legs got wet from several waves. As you can imagine, I took some pictures. The Margaritaville Resort was under construction this year. Last winter the lots were vacant with a sign announcing the arrival of the building. Maybe by next January, the construction will be completed. I don’t image that we can afford to stay there, but we certainly can walk the grounds and have a cocktail.

After our walk we continued down A1A into Miami. We found Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant. This is another place we certainly can’t afford. We can buy our own stone crab claws and the mustard sauce recipe is on the internet, so why should we go there? To rub elbows with the rich and famous, I guess.  We stopped for gas near the American Airlines Arena where the Heat play. In the gas station we saw filling up, a matte black Lamborghini. Talk about awesome. And when the driver was done fueling up, he gunned the engine for all of us who were watching.

We drove around Miami some more and found our way behind the airport where we discovered the Lala Seafood Market. I will admit to being a fish market groupie. My DW will attest that I will stop in random fish markets to see what is for sale. I did spend the first 20 years of my working years in the seafood business. We purchased a fresh Hog Fish and some fresh white shrimp. The lady working the market did a good job filleting and skinning my fish. The entire transaction was done by us in english and her in spanish. Neither of us spoke the other’s langauge. I don’t know if she enjoyed our visit, but we did.

The fish got marinated in the juice of a fresh lemon and some fresh garlic. After an hour I added the fish to a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil.  I used a cajun seasoning to give the meal a little bang. The fish and shrimp turned out good, no leftovers.

Thanks for reading and here are some pictures from the day.




Looking forward..

What is that old saying? Tell God your plans and watch him laugh? Or something like that.  With reservations, here are a few upcoming things in the Lime Guy universe.

  • June 15 – Mac Mcanally will be playing a free concert on the beach in Atlantic City at 4 pm. There is a “special guest” listed on the website that the various Jimmy Buffett websites say might be Jimmy.
  • June 21 – my DW and I will be in Time Square to do yoga during the summer solstice.  We will be part of the 7:45 – 9 pm class. Afterwards, not really sure. A light bite and a beer and then back home to the Jersey shore
  • June 27 – Lime Guy turns 52 years old!
  • July 7 – Tour De Queens bike ride
  • July 28 – DS1 turns 25 years old!
  • July 30 – Scott Kirby will be performing at the Tuckahoe Inn in Beasleys Point, NJ
  • August 8 to August 12 – Lake Placid, New York for the Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament
  • August 25?-  DS2 returns to Marywood for his senior year
  • August 25? – DS3 returns to the University of Scranton for his Junior year

Come September 1 we could revisit this blog and see how the summer really went!

Yesterday my mini van turned 260,000 miles. The bottom of the doors are showing some rust and corrosion. But, it starts and stops (or it did this morning).

Last night my DW and I went to a new (to me) yoga studio. Our Tuesday night adult school yoga is done until October so we are looking for a yoga class on Tuesday nights for the summer. The studio is called Hot or Not Yoga. The concept being that they have a room for hot yoga and a room for not hot yoga. The opposite of hot yoga might (you would think) be cool yoga. The room was 82 degrees last night.  That is almost hot yoga in my mind. The class was free with passes that we got at the Founder’s Day parade. My DW wants to go back.  I am undecided. The studio is expensive. Maybe she can go and I will walk or practice lacrosse with whichever of my lacrosse children that is available.

Sunday, DS3 got up early and took the train to NYC to spend the day with his girlfriend. She lives quite a way out on Long Island, so meeting in the city is a halfway point.  He shared a few of the details from the day. It seems like they had a good time. DS2 is traveling to Copenhagen, NY today to visit his girlfriend for a few days.  I’m glad my girlfriend is right her in town.

Here are a few pictures with captions, enjoy!

Thanks for reading and welcome aboard to the new people following this blog!


2012 in review or Happy New Years!

First off, to those that have read and visited my blog, THANK YOU!  Yes, I’m shouting. 

Below is the end of the year report that detail where you are all from, how many times you visited, or if you have been naughty or nice.


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Two car wrecks and a Buffett concert from 1977..

The Jimmy Buffett concert of the week this week is from Central Park, NYC recorded in early August, 1977. I was a sophomore in high school that year. I don’t remember the concert being advertised. But then I was only 16 years old. The concert can be heard several times this week by going to Radio Margaritaville on the internet. If you have a Sirius/XM radio, you can go to channel 24. It was fun to listen to an old concert on the radio tonight.

The two car wrecks, that is a different story altogether. Neither of them included anyone that I know (thankfully).  We (DS3 and I) saw the first wreck Monday night on the way home from lacrosse. We were driving home through the woods (and fog) when I saw several cars on the side of the road with their flashers on. I slowed down and moved to the middle of the two lane highway to avoid whatever was going on. As we went by we saw a small car on its side wedged up against a roadside billboard.  There were cars and people everywhere. The cars were sitting, the people were just standing around, talking. No police, fire, EMS or tow trucks. We drove 5 minutes further east and never saw any emergency vehicles.

The second wreck was a two car deal on the GSP near MM 96 northbound this morning.  Traffic was backed up for ten miles while the tow trucks and state police sorted things out. Funny thing about this morning, I left home ten minutes early (don’t know why) and got to work 30 minutes late.  I still beat most of the people I work with to the office.

Tonight was the last night of adult school yoga for the year. We start-up again in February or March.  We (DW and I) both enjoyed tonight’s class even though the library where class is held was a little warm.

Pictures, two from the summer.  Enjoy!


IMG_0002 IMG_0011

Life is just a tire swing…

Wednesday night here in New Jersey. DS2 just go home from work. He was supposed to be off today but they called him in when someone else called out sick. He has succeeded turning his scheduled 27 hour week into a 36 hour week once again.  Good for him.  DS1 worked a full day at the tree farm. He sent a picture of the truck he is learning to drive. He posted this on Face Book today. I will repost at the bottom of the blog. My DW worked a full a day. Tonight she went to yoga after dinner. The class is in the summer doldrums, or everyone might be on vacation. There were only six women in the class tonight.  I did not go because my leg still hurts.

I worked today as well. Another busy, post vacation day for me.  I have an MRI scheduled for 7:30 am Friday morning. I had several choices of times and figured that the first appointment might, might be on time since there would be no patients ahead of me.  I sprayed the wasp nest today with a can of bee and wasp killer. I hosed their front door for about 45 seconds before they started to come out looking for trouble. I’m going to chop away a little each day. I’m not running too fast these days.

Life is just a tire swing is from a Jimmy Buffett song  of the same name.  Here is the pertinent set of lyrics for tonight:

Then the other morning on some Illinois road
I fell asleep at the wheel,
But was quickly wakened up by a ‘Ma Bell’
telephone pole, and a bunch of Grant Wood
Faces screaming, ‘Is he still alive?’
But through the window could see
it hangin’ from a tree, and I knew
I had survived.

No, not me. The child whose story de’ jour has not yet written been about today day owns this one. DS3 went to Morey’s Pier in Wildwood to celebrate a friends birthday today. He fell asleep driving on the GSP on the ride home this evening. Fortunately for him, not the car next to him, there was a car next to him. He bounced off that car and woke up before he could leave the roadway.  The Mustang has minor damage to the passenger side.  He received a ticket for careless driving for his effort. But, he is still alive and learning from each experience that he encounters.

Tonight’s picture is of the truck that DS1 is learning to drive. Tomorrow I may post pictures of the Mustang. When he got home tonight it was too dark to take decent pictures.  Enjoy!


Day 267, More about ducks than you may want to know..

I got in the mail today a dozen duck eggs from my brother and his wife in Oregon.  No, this is not a common occurrence. For me, eggs are delivered by the milk man on Tuesday mornings, not the mailman on Thursday afternoon.  The eggs had a “19” written on them.  Three days ago I got an email from my brother suggesting that the package he shipped on Monday (3/19) should be put in the refrigerator. Since we don’t usually send each other stuff except on the holidays, this was an odd email. I naturally asked if the package was ticking..

Today I came home and found the package on the coffee table. I was concerned since my guess about his “gift” was that he sent us some snow since they are getting the snow and we are not.  My  DW opened the box and found two magazines and two six packs of eggs. They are quite large, in the chicken world they might be extra-large. I looked at a few of the eggs with the setting sun behind them, kind of candling them. I asked my DW if we were supposed to hatch them.

I sent me brother a few texts, thanking him for the eggs and asking for a little more background.  He called me and we talked for a while and I learned more about ducks than I may have wanted to.  These eggs are from Saxony ducks. These are good ducks to own since they are too fat to fly and keeping them local is an easier project.  My brother and his wife sell the eggs for hatching. I asked, What does that mean?  The short story of it is that people buy eggs from them to hatch Saxony ducks on their property. Since the ducks lay an egg a day and don’t care about orders or backlog of inventory, I got a dozen fresh duck eggs from Oregon in my refrigerator.

You know, reading my horoscope this morning I had not clue this was going to happen.  Friday is a work from home day for me. I will be having duck egg omelets for breakfast. My brother says that the egg whites cn be tough but if you scramble the eggs or make an omelet they should be fine.  He has not purchased many chicken eggs since they got the ducks.

What is really funny to me is that I intended to write about DS2 and his day as a lobbyist in Washington, DC.  Instead, I wrote about  ducks in Oregon.  I hope to be able write about eating duck eggs and/or Music Therapy tomorrow.

Tonight’s picture is of the fire (tonight  in out backyard).  DS1 and I shared a few beers and the fire.  Enjoy.


Nice, not a bonfire

Day 213, Random thoughts from my time in the sun..

I am sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport. I got here a little early. I had to be out of the room by 10 am and the flight is at 5:50 pm.  I drove around Weston and Davie trying to get a better feel for the area. After making my way to the ocean staying off the interstate, I parked the car and walked the Hollywood Beach “boardwalk” again. I had lunch watching the people walk by. During lunch some (up and coming ?) singer was shooting a video on the beach. After they wrapped up the beach part they moved to the boardwalk to shoot some more. I shot a few pictures with my phone of the goings on. I will post them on the bottom.

Today’s blog will be a catch up from the last week or so.  Here goes, in no particular order:

  • Fishing yesterday day was on the  Lady Pamela III. There were six men and one women on the boat. She arrived to go fishing alone. We caught Kingfish, Triggerfish, Squirrel Fish, Sand Tile fish, Grunts, and other bottom dwelling fish. I had fun. The idea for me was to get outside for the afternoon, mission accomplished.
  • After kayaking in Key Largo I went to the “World Famous Caribbean Club” for a beer while waiting for the sunset. This is a dive. World famous? Maybe in their minds. At one point there were three dogs running in and out the open doors areas and around the bar’s interior. This was a locals place for sure. ** Late edit** While driving home tonight Jimmy Buffett was performing in Miami. He mentioned the Caribbean Club. (Go figure) It is still a dive.
  • My neighbors the second week were odd. They had at least one small child. That was not the odd part. The odd parts was the playing of an Indian chanting, droning music (calling it music is a stretch for me) all hours of the day and night. They played it loud enough that I had to play the tv during the day to drown the noise. And the small child was up and screaming until nearly midnight each night.
  • Steven Spielberg has a huge boat. We saw the boat tied up at the marina yesterday. The pictures from fishing are still in my camera. I will put them up tomorrow when I get home.
  • I had short ribs last night for dinner. I had never had them and now I have eaten them twice in three weeks. I am going to find a recipe and make them myself.
  • Most people in the hot tub at the resort are friendly. Everybody talks, nobody seems to judge. At least not outwardly judge.
  • I went back to the fields where we played lacrosse last weekend and shot this video. It was pretty empty this morning.
  • I stopped to watch an informal high school lacrosse practice in Davie this morning. I drove by and saw the people throwing the ball around so I drove over to the park. They were all young kids. I thought that it may have been people my age (or so) and I was going to get one more chance to play down here.
  • When I went to return the rental car today a women in a Ford Edge cut in front of me in the lane that leads to the rental car return. I figured she must have full coverage. She goes the same way I was going, into the Budget return line. She cuts across three lanes of cars so that she can be in the front row of an empty lane. The ladies checking in the cars ignored her. I laughed all the way into the terminal.
  • It is cold in NJ. I am home again. The trip was for the most part uneventful.
  • DS3 heads back to school tomorrow. I’m glad I got back in time to see him off in the morning.
  • The refrigerator here in NJ has less stuff than the one I left in Florida. Tomorrow will be a food shopping day for sure
  • I saw some teenagers waving signs at an intersection today in Florida. They were part of the Get Out the Vote campaign. See the picture below.


Making progress towards Christmas post 172

On goes the star

Tonight the family is putting the lights and ornaments on the family Christmas tree.  In the old days when the children were little, we would travel to the tree farm and pick then cut down our family Christmas tree. Now that the children are older the trip to the “Tree Farm” includes Lowes and Home Depot. Lowes was really picked over, Home Depot had a decent selection. We also have a local garden center that sells trees. We found a good tree at Home Depot this year.

I took DS3 with me on the tree hunting adventure. DS2 was stuck on the couch for one more day. Tomorrow morning when he wakes up he is back to the vertical world. DS1 was out with some friends on the beach. It was cold here today, barely getting above freezing.  DS3 slept over a friend’s house last night. Tonight he sleeping over another friends house.

Dinner tonight was home-made lasagna, Texas toast and Stone Crabs from Florida. The Stone Crabs were delish. DS2 enjoyed them with us (DW and I). DS3 does not like Stone Crabs and DS1 was out with friends.  We went food shopping for five today. We used the “big” shopping carriage and the food bill was more than 100.00 greater than last week.  Ah the joys of having the children home.  After dinner there was a discussion of the four major gospels and the “other” gospels. DS2 really paid attention during his bible study classes.  It is interesting to debate different topics with the kids now that they have been exposed to different points of view in college.

My DW is ending her week of call. She was called in to work both Saturday and Sunday. The money is good, but she winds up working nearly 12 days straight. My call week at work for the year starts tomorrow. I only have to take one major holiday. Since our children are not small and we don’t do anything really special, I take Christmas. The people that I work with appreciate me taking that holiday.

On a sad note, if you are a Jimmy Buffett fan you probably know that Ralph MacDonald died this morning. He was  a percussionist for Jimmy Buffett and a prolific song writer.  He had been battling cancer for some time.

Tonight’s other pictures comes the tree decorating this evening. Here is Ds3 stringing lights on the tree.  And a picture of the finished product. Enjoy!


On go the lights


Family Christmas Tree

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