85 proof post…

What did Jack Sparrow say?  There are actually websites devoted to the quotes of Jack Sparrow, odd do you think? The quote I like is  “Why is the rum always gone?” Story of my life.  In the next one I am coming back as a master distiller working in the rum distillation business.  I would probably be allergic to distilled spirits in that life. Damned if you, damned if you don’t. 

This blog got off to an interesting start tonight. I traveled over to Facebook this evening following some link. I found that the good people at Facebook have changed the layout and functionality of the page. Hmmm.  Now I have to learn a new trick. What about those of us old people who were comfortable with the old layout?  Out of luck appears to be the answer. DS2 posted that it has been a month since his first eye surgery. He has apparently made a full recovery. He should be able to discontinue the eye drops in another week and start wearing his contact lens again. I’ll bet he can not wait.  We will see him this weekend at the Marywood University parents weekend.  We (DW and I) are both looking forward to this visit. I wonder if he is?

DS3 went radio silent for about 36 hours.  I had no contact with him for a day and a half so I texted him today to see what was going on. He has his ruck packed for the weekend trip to Camp Smith for his first FTX.  He also attributed his dropping of the radar to “Scranton, pt, classes, Caroline, hw, eating, Life”   So, has he found a way to fit into college life?  I would say so.  Good for him. Keep up the good work dude!  And, don’t forget your towel this weekend!

Work was busy for me today. I heard on the radio that there was a transformer fire in the town next to where the office is. I drove up the GSP watching the column of smoke hoping that the power was out at the office. No such luck. I guess no internet once a week is the best you can hope for. Tomorrow I will work from home.  Hopefully I will get to play lacrosse Thursday night if the weather cooperates.

Picture time once again. Tonight’s picture comes from deep in the archives. Back in 2005 we had an inflatable Mardi Gras guy that spent some of Lent in the front yard. The wind and weather end his life after a few years, but his lives on in our memories.  Enjoy!

Mardi Gras guy