Rain, rain go away (far away)..

I’m starting to think that the earthquake last August may have damaged the foundation of our house.  Far fetched, maybe. But there must be some rational reason for the water in the basement, again.  Today was day two of the remnants of Issac here in New Jersey.  The storm seems to have just sat on our town (once again, what is the attraction?)  As I came home tonight I got off on to Route 72 in a torrential rain storm, lighting and flooding.

Route 72 was flooded across three lanes. The lane closest to the businesses was about a foot deep. I made it home without any issues. I was able to take one picture of the flooded highway. This was just as I was exiting the flooding. The picture is below. The changes that we made in the cellar to stop the flooding have been ineffective so far. Now we seem to have several spots where the water seeps through the foundation into the cellar. This was never the case in the past. Or, we never had storms like this in the past.  This is why I wonder if the earthquake shook something loose.

I will be shopping for a waterproofing substance for the bottom foot of the cellar walls. DS1 suggests the stuff you see advertised on tv. They spray it on a screen door and then use the door as the bottom of a boat and it does not leak. Maybe if it works half as good as advertised, we will be ok.  The stuff in the cellar is all moved around, the water has been sucked up and the fans are drying everything out.  One word, frustrating.

On the plus side, I play the lottery every now and then. In New Jersey we have a game where you or the computer pick five numbers. If you match three, four or five you win. I missed the 158 k top prize by one number Friday night. Having four out of five paid 372 dollars. I still have to cash the ticket in, my local lottery retailer did not have enough in the lottery till to pay me today.  I will attempt to get paid tomorrow, if the rain will stop long enough to go out at lunch time.

Work was hectic for me. I worked 2.5 hours tonight at home. Yes, this was in addition to my flood recovery duties. My DW worked a short day. DS1 was home a reasonable time. He probably would have driven slower if he knew he was going to be helping clean up the cellar mess.  The Scranton boys, hard a work I guess.  DS2’s school had liturgy for the whole school that excused them from some classes today. He played his trumpet during the service.

Tonight’s picture, build the ark, quick.  Click on the picture for the full size image.  My town seems to be ground zero for shore area flooding. Enjoy!


Issac watered the garden and more..

New Jersey got it’s share of the remnants of Issac last night and today. We had a thunderstorm last night that seemed to go on forever. Today it was very humid with intermittent thunderstorms. About 3:15 pm this afternoon my phone started making funny noises. The Weather Channel app was alerting me to a tornado warning in my area. I was to seek immediate shelter. Unfortunately I was driving in my car. The warning expired without an actual tornado (that I know of). We don’t get many tornadoes here in New Jersey.  I guess if we lived in the mid west I would have taken the warning more seriously.

I missed my poll worker class today. I had the right day, the right location, I thought the class started at 3:30, well it started at 3 pm. I got there at 3:15 and was told that I was too late to attend.  I called and left my name and number so they can reschedule me. Oh well. I got to work from home, that is always a good thing.  My DW worked a full day.  Tonight for dinner we had leftover night. We had lots of leftovers from the weekend. Now we have less leftovers from the weekend. It is difficult to switch from feeding five people to feeding two and sometime three people. The sometimes part is because we never know if or how much DS1 will eat for dinner. We stopped worrying about that 10 years ago.

The children, DS1 worked all day. I guess he was tired tonight, he did not go to the gym after work. DS2 has me on the lookout for mail from the Obama campaign. He has a bumper sticker coming in the mail and would like it forwarded to school. DS3, his picture showed up on the ROTC website. His name was not mentioned, but that certainly is him. Classes, hopefully going well for both of them.

Tonight’s picture is of DS3 on campus . He is the guy with the short hair and sunglasses in the background. Enjoy!