Cultural Icon or late night dive..

That is the question.  Maybe the title should have been “You are here for the relish”. Either way, this is not the definitive blog about Rutt’s Hut.  Far more information can be found searching on the web. Here is a link to the Wiki page for Rutt’s Hut. This blog will walk you through a Friday night visit and the mighty “Ripper”.   The hot dogs that they sell are called “Rippers” since the skin rips during the cooking (deep-frying) process.  The hot dogs come either plain or with cheese. That is it. They have containers of their special relish and brown mustard on the counter so you can top your Ripper whichever way you want.

We walked in this past Friday night on our way home from doing yoga in Time Square. That topic will get its own blog entry.   We (DW and I) pulled into the dimly lit parking lot, not exactly sure if the business was open. The attached bar had lights on and the entrance to the hot dog section also seemed to have lights.  In the parking  lot there were a few couples smoking and auditioning for a part in a rendezvous later in the evening. I’m sure you get the picture.

We walked into the brightly lit hot dog stand and were greeted by the counter man. There were counters to lean on and eat.  No chairs or tables. There were only two other customers when we walked in. “What will you have tonight?” was the counter man’s question. I said one dog with chili and cheese. He looked at me and said “We don’t put chili on the hot dogs. I can sell you some on the side and you can add it to your hot dog.” Hmm, I said to myself. Then he continued, “You are here for the relish” and he pointed to the metal containers sunk in the counter. I opened one of the containers to see the relish.  Ok, then give me one with just cheese.

The counter man asked my DW “And for you?”  She replied one dog with sauerkraut.  He got that same look on his face and said “We don’t put sauerkraut on our hot dogs, I can sell you some on the side. You can get sauerkraut anywhere, you come here for the relish”.  I looked at my DW, she said ok, then one plain? We got our two dogs and a bottle of water. The counter man asked “First time here?” I told him that the last time I was there I was probably 19 or 20 years old. And I did not really remember the visit. He said “Drunk that night, were you?” I said, just a little bit, bet you have seen that before and we both had a good laugh.

We ate our dogs and watch more experienced customers come in and order their dogs correctly. I went back for a second dog, this time plain. I wanted to taste the relish without the cheese sauce. We took three dogs home for the boys and a coffee cup of relish to go with.

And yes, you do go there for the relish.

Here are a few pictures I grabbed off the web. I was wrapped up in ordering and such and missed taking pictures.  Enjoy!

Sandy update and a litte sunshine..

A quick shout out to the two readers from Italy yesterday! Wahoo to you. Also thanks for reading.

The big bad winter forecast for the northeast has so far missed stopping by in New Jersey.  Go figure. I was seriously thinking about buying a snow blower based on the forecast. I will grant you that we are only halfway through the month of January, but it was in the mid 50’s today. I walked my mile plus tonight and had worked up a sweat by the end.  I was walking fast and I had a light jacket on, but still.  I like the warmer weather, it helps with the heating bills.

Wednesday night my DW just got back from getting her hair done for vacation. She looks marvelous! I need to find my hair cut person for Friday.  Sunday we fly to Florida for some sun and some lacrosse. I will hopefully be meeting up with one of the people I met on Twitter.  She and her husband life just outside of Key West. She posts a picture of the sunrise in Key West every morning. I am almost never awake for the sunrise. If you are on Twitter and want to see a Key West sunrise every morning, search for @barbiedoll0087 on Twitter.

I went down to the Windmill with my coupon today for lunch. The Windmill has great hot dogs and coupon specials by the month via email and in the Wednesday newspaper. My favorite coupon is the buy one, get one free coupon. Today’s coupon was a hot dog and a soda for 5 dollars. I also got a bowl of split pea soup. The soup was good, just not as good as the soup my MIL makes. I took my food to go and drove down to the beach in Belmar.  Belmar was pretty hard hit by Sandy. The entire boardwalk was destroyed. The governor was supposed to be in Belmar today for the ground breaking on the new boardwalk. I missed him. His schedule and mine just did not work out. His loss.

Pictures will have captions.  Hopefully the captions make sense.  The two-week post Sandy pictures can be found here via Drop Box. The current, 9 week  post-Sandy pictures can be found here via Drop Box. Here are the pre-Sandy pictures, also via Drop Box. It’s crazy that I was down on the boardwalk shooting pictures a week before the hurricane.




Day 342, Weather or not..

The weather tonight can’t seem to make up it’s mind.  Sunny, cloudy, rain, thunder, sunny, cloudy, rain (repeat). Don’t forget the thunder added for good measure. Things are quiet (other than the thunder) here at the house tonight. DS1 went to work this morning. Tonight he is spending the night with his (she’s not my girlfriend) girlfriend. Tomorrow morning he is taking a train from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. One of his college buddies is picking him up in Pittsburgh and they are driving to Cleveland for a bachelor party. One of the group of college friends is getting married in July.

DS2 is working the afternoon/evening shift at the Acme. DS3 is home, he worked the day shift today. He is getting some quality face time with his two parents tonight.  Nothing too probing, just some fun time sitting around yakking after dinner.  My DW worked her two ish hours today and is off tomorrow. This week she will certainly have burned through some of her vacation time.  Me, my project this morning went well. I was done in the time I expected. Having real work plans this morning isolated me from some of the nonsense that came by my desk this morning. Sorry, too busy. 

I went to the Wind Mill in Belmar for BOGO hot dogs today. If you find your way to the Jersey shore this summer and see a Wind Mill restaurant, make a point and stop in. I like mine with chile and cheese. If you want, I can email you the current coupon. I took my dogs to go and ate looking out at the beach and the boardwalk. In this part of town the boardwalk is just that, an elevated boardwalk along the beach. No rides or amusements. That is a little further down the road. While there are no structured amusements, people watching is always amusing. 

Tonight’s pictures come from my lunch break. DS3 went to Barnegat Light in search of Dairy Queen today. He sent me a picture of the Barnegat Inlet where he enjoyed his ice cream.  There is also a picture from Facebook with DS3 and a friend from I guess graduation. They are both nicely dressed. Enjoy!


Day 285, Will work for rum..

The homeless on the side of the road will work for food. Jimmy Buffett will play (work) for gumbo. It would appear (there never was any doubt in my mind) that the Lime Guy will work for rum. I delivered the reloaded Dell XPS 400 to my brother the weatherman’s house today while I was driving DS3 back to school. There on the porch was a check to pay for the new hard drive and a bottle of El Dorado 15-year-old rum. I smiled, you can be assured of that. I would have opened the bottle for a quick sniff but I was afraid of having an “open container” in the car with 300 more miles to drive.  A sniff is when you smell the rum, not sip the rum.

The drive was pretty easy for the most part. We were fortunate that we left early because Penn DOT had a roving work crew working on Route 80 west and they caused a 9 plus mile backup by closing one of the two lanes.  I don’t know what the traffic is like on the average Monday in April. I can tell you that the volume had to be more since the University of Scranton opened the dorms at noontime for classes tomorrow. That means all 4000 students that went home returned today. Not all 4000 came up Route 80. but enough of them did to make the Penn DOT work crew’s choice of days/locations a poor choice. Wouldn’t it be fun if they somehow gave some thought to the day/location of their roving work crews. A thought other than what is convenient to them.

I drove to lacrosse tonight completing the Easter Monday 500. Yes, I drove 500 miles today. 200 each way to Scranton and 50 each way to lacrosse. I’m done driving for today.  Lacrosse went ok. I had two shots and both of them missed the goal. I missed a few passes and had a lot of fun.  We had some new players (more old guys) that worked well into the group. I hope the continue to come out and play.

Children, DS1 went to class, had another job interview and delivered pizzas tonight. DS2 enjoyed the next to last day of Easter break today. He travels back to Scranton on Wednesday. DS3 and I had lunch at The Original Coney Island Lunch on Cedar St in Scranton. We also visited my parents and got coffee/hot chocolate at Northern Lights Espresso Bar.  I spent a grand total of 75 minutes in Scranton today.  Not a minute was wasted. 

My DW worked a full day. She and DS2 went to yoga tonight. She said this was the first week that the room was not packed. She enjoyed the class. Tonight’s picture is from Facebook. In this picture DS3 is wearing a cheap plastic fedora and cheap plastic sunglasses. Oh, yes they are pink!  Enjoy!





Day 257, Fresh cheeseburgers with Heinz 57..

Another post that references food. Dinner tonight was cheeseburgers and cheese noodles. As I have posted in the past, this is comfort food 101 for me. This was a favorite meal for our children growing up. The meal is always made better when you have to wait 15 minutes while the butcher grinds up and packages the hamburger meat.  The only other trick is to not over cook the burgers. It is a fine line between juicy and hard as a rock. Tonight I hit the juicy nail right on the head.

In news that was lost due to my parking ticket in Scranton on Friday includes the purchasing of 12 texas wieners from Coney Island Lunch. DS3 and I drove 3 hours home on a Friday in Lent smelling those hot dogs. I will admit, I negotiated a three hail Mary penance for eating the one dog that I had. And it was worth it!. There are still two dogs left. I will find a way to mix them into my lunch menu tomorrow. Maybe I could have two dogs and a cheese burger.. Hmmm. I would have to walk after that lunch.

Speaking of walking, the temperature got up near 70 degrees today. Today is March 12. Usually we have windy and cold this time of year. I took my sandwich and water bottle over to the park and walked three miles during my lunch hour. It was real nice to be outside in the middle of the work day. No computer screen, no phones, no noise.  The warm weather is expected to continue for a few days. I will be out walking again tomorrow, of at least I hope to.

This being a Monday night, I just got back from playing lacrosse. DS3 came with us since he is home from school. We played on opposite teams so we did not have much interaction during the game. I did a much better job catching the ball tonight. I took two shots. One went wide and the other went in. Big man score goal, ug!  I may have a nice bruise to show you in a day or two. The first shot I took I was standing on the crease all alone and I caught the ball. I went to shoot and saw the goalie (who is 70 years old) and I pulled up on the shot as to not hurt him. Then the defender who was supposed to be guarding me crashed into me as I was shooting. He is about a foot shorter than me. One of his knees went into my right calf. I have a lump like half a grapefruit.

That is it for tonight.  Tonight’ s pictures come from December 2006. I found some ridicules airfare deal on Spirit Airlines so I took DS1 and DS3 to Fort Myers for a night. DS2 had a ticket and did not want to go. We flew in, rented a Mustang convertible and headed to the beach. We had dinner by the ocean, slept until the sun came out.We walked the beach stopping at this restaurant for breakfast. After lunch we got back on the plane and flew home.  Enjoy!