Busy living, not writing..

That is my excuse.  We have been busy living our lives, and have not had much time to document the journey.   Writers block is too strong a term or phrase for the current situation.  I am going to resort to bullet points tonight. And they are in no particular order:

  • Sunday, was supposed to be a quiet day. Stay home, 6 pm gentle yoga, dinner and bed.  While watching football my DW called me into the kitchen where the back door was open (45 degrees out) and the kitchen smelled like natural gas. I said, hmmm. Seems the stove did not want to light even though the gas wanted to flow. The stove was about 15 years old. We bought it when they brought natural gas to our street.  Instead of fixing it again, we decided to replace it. So, at 3 pm Sunday afternoon we did some online shopping at Home Depot and Lowes and then went to Lowes and bought a new stove. I put it in the van, removed the old one and installed the new one. We were not late for yoga. Nor were we early.  The stove works great and by 5 pm the next day the old stove had been trash picked from the curb.
  • Saturday, we decided to buy a new table to put the 55 in tv in the tv room on. It had been sitting on a chest from the bedroom for months. The cable box, surround sound and DVD player were all sitting on the floor. We had shopped for something to put them on but had balked at the cost. We found a reasonable piece of furniture at Kohl’s that would do what we want.  We put the table together, disconnected all the wires and re-wired the connections with the cable hidden and the outward appearance looking really nice.  I mean adults live here, shouldn’t things look nice?
  • Saturday night we visited DS1 at his new apartment. He moved out back in September and for the first four weeks we had a general idea of where the apartment was. Then we actually got a mailing address.  After we visited and dropped off some goodies for his apartment we traveled to Philadelphia to eat dinner at Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House. The restaurant is on Samson Street near Penn and Drexel Universities. Dinner was excellent!  I had oysters and fish and chips. My DW had the lobster mac-n-cheese and DS1 had the lobster raviolis. We also shared a lobster dip. This month lobsters are the focus of their menu. We have eaten at another of the Doc Magrogan’s in Scranton several times. Not cheap, but really good food.
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were days that we celebrated my DW’s birthday. The actual day was Wednesday. On Wednesday we had dinner at home and went to yoga. Thursday night we had a birthday dinner at one of the local BYOB Italian restaurants. The food was good. Friday we went to our local watering hole for a burger and soup. Another birthday celebration toast was shared that night.
  • Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were yoga nights. Work has been really busy for me. It is not like I tote that barge and lift that bale kind of work. But the details, stress and sheer volume have left me pretty burned out when I get home.  My DW has had a few crazy weeks at work as well. Some days she works overtime and then the next day she is flexed because there are no cases. Same old story where she works.
  • Today I went to see my cardiologist. It has been two months since my procedure in the hospital. It was decided at the visit that I can stop the blood thinners but continue the beta blocker. Upside? Yup, I can go back to playing lacrosse in a week. I hope to play with DS1 next Wednesday night. 
  • Tonight my DW attended a retirement party for one of her co-workers. I had dinner alone (boo hoo) and went to yoga alone. The ladies were asking where my DW was. We almost always attend together so when one of us is missing they always ask why. The class was full. There may have been room for one more student tonight.
  • Children – DS2 is working on his graduate school admissions stuff. He has a concert Saturday afternoon at 4 pm. DS3 is going to Long Island this weekend to visit his girlfriend. He will miss seeing his parents in Scranton.

Pictures, yup – there are a few.  Enjoy and thanks for reading!



Day 335, Breaking news..

The breaking news this morning on the radio was the return of Jersey Shore to the Jersey Shore. Apparently the filming starts next week.  I listen to the news at 8 am while driving to work. Their weather is good, their traffic reports are a joke and the news is, well news. Somebody must care that those people are back to film for another summer. I could care less. I have not watched the show.  It probably is good for Seaside where they are located.  Breaking news?  Not in my timeline. Now back to Radio Margarittaville…

The weather today was rather nice.  Mid 80″s, not too much humidity. I got out of the office for lunch and sat at the park where I can play wall ball with my lacrosse stick, gloves and a ball. The practice is good for my eye – hand coordination.  I was somewhat busy at work.  Since Monday was a holiday, and Tuesday was a vacation day, this week is a loss for the most part. Next Tuesday is the New Jersey primary. Why bother? The front-runner already has enough delegates to win the nomination. I am working the election as a poll worker. I worked the November election as a first time poll worker. I guess I am now somewhere between an amature and skilled in the poll worker world.

I finished reading my first book on my DW’s Kindle Fire. I enjoyed the experience. The book was a free download through Amazon from our public library system here in New Jersey. If you go to ELibrary  and enter your library and your card number you can search for the available downloads.  In about 7 days the book will be “returned” to the automatically. I’m not sure how, but I guess I will see when the time comes. If my DW does not want to read the book, I might send it back sooner so someone else can read the book.

DW had another short day. The two doctors that were on vacation yesterday continue to be on vacation today. DS1 came home around 8:30 pm. He has to be back at the shop by 5:45 am tomorrow. He needs to make a delivery in Philadelphia by 7 am. He ‘s thrilled (not). DS2 worked in the deli again today. He is off on Friday and works Saturday afternoon. DS3 continues to enjoy his vacation. His first day of work is Saturday morning. Today he visited his ROTC friends at the high school. He ran and worked out as well.

I bought the mosquito spray at Home Depot. It is the Cutter brand in a grey bottle. You attach your garden hose to it and the water pressure mixes with the mosquito repellant and you spray your yard. It works pretty good. After about 9 o’clock at night, nothing works.

Tonight’s picture comes from my office today. On Saturday my DW went onto LBI to visit a friend. That friend was having a garage sale. The “things” that you see in the picture did not sell. Everyone who visited that day was”given” something to take home. I figured they could clutter the corner of my office for awhile. Enjoy!



Day 234, Buy Home Depot stock..

Note: the Lime Guy does not own or control any Home Depot or Lowes stock. Well, now that we got our financial disclosures out-of-the-way, let’s get to the heart of the matter.  Today, for various reasons that will be explained here, we (DW and I) went washing machine shopping. Our town has both of the big home improvement stores within a mile of each other. If you don’t like what you see at one, you can easily get back in you car and drive to the other. 

We purchased our last washing machine back in 1998 (as best we can guess). It has been fixed several times over the years. If you have five people living under the same roof, doing laundry with one machine, things are bound to break or wear out. Add to that having three boys in the house, the laundry load is almost double due to sports and other outdoor activities.  The possible icing on the cake might be that each of the three boys learned to their own laundry on this machine. How hard can that be?  I don’t know, maybe just a contributing factor.

This afternoon I heard those dreaded words “Lime Guy can you come down the cellar, I NEED you?” Oh no, that has to mean water in the cellar. Dammit! I had settled into the chair to read a chapter or two of my book and then I might get up and do some chores. Scrap that plan. I went down and there was a small puddle next to the washing machine. The washing machine had become temperamental in recent years. You could not add liquid bleach to the bleach intake, it would either leak or destroy the things being washed. The machine would run for weeks and then decide one day that a three-hour nap was in order and not work at all.

I went down and moved the machine pulling the hot water hose off the connector and water began spraying on the floor. Nice, just like I planned it. I shut the hot water off and looked at the mess and decided, enough was enough. It was time for a new machine. I removed the cold water line before I turned that off. This caused the puddle on the floor to grow a little more. I guess having a plan before doing things might work out better.  I cleaned up the mess, took care of the leak and we headed downtown to find a new washing machine.

Lowes comes up  first when driving east on Route 72. We went in and looked at the various washing machines on display. We walked up and down, looked in them, read the signs and generally shopped. Nobody came over to help us. They also did not have much in our price range. We left and went down the street to Home Depot. We walked through their appliance section. They had more units in our price range. Think 500 dollars as our price range. The parent of a high school student that our oldest son went to school with works at Home Depot. He came by and got us situated with a salesperson. Bottom line, the new machine will be delivered Wednesday. They will hook up and remove the old one.  The moral of the story, sell your Lowes stock and buy Home Depot stock. I hate to say it but this is not the first time we have had this experience.

And, boys… you will need some minor training on the new machine.

Fun, fun. Today’s picture is of the first crocus of Spring. We have another month until Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. The Crocus’ are always the first play to bloom. Enjoy!


First flowers of Spring