US A1A..

Thursday morning we dropped the kids off at the airport and then went to Grandpa’s Bakery for breakfast. This restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  The food is excellent. You get a few samples of some baked good to eat while looking at the menu. After we ate the plane had taken off towards Philadelphia and we were free to explore.  We wanted to stay near the airport in case something went wrong and we had to go back and get them.

We drove to Hollywood Beach and walked the boardwalk. Two miles each way, no hills or snow!  We walked some of the walk on the beach near the water until my DW’s pant legs got wet from several waves. As you can imagine, I took some pictures. The Margaritaville Resort was under construction this year. Last winter the lots were vacant with a sign announcing the arrival of the building. Maybe by next January, the construction will be completed. I don’t image that we can afford to stay there, but we certainly can walk the grounds and have a cocktail.

After our walk we continued down A1A into Miami. We found Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant. This is another place we certainly can’t afford. We can buy our own stone crab claws and the mustard sauce recipe is on the internet, so why should we go there? To rub elbows with the rich and famous, I guess.  We stopped for gas near the American Airlines Arena where the Heat play. In the gas station we saw filling up, a matte black Lamborghini. Talk about awesome. And when the driver was done fueling up, he gunned the engine for all of us who were watching.

We drove around Miami some more and found our way behind the airport where we discovered the Lala Seafood Market. I will admit to being a fish market groupie. My DW will attest that I will stop in random fish markets to see what is for sale. I did spend the first 20 years of my working years in the seafood business. We purchased a fresh Hog Fish and some fresh white shrimp. The lady working the market did a good job filleting and skinning my fish. The entire transaction was done by us in english and her in spanish. Neither of us spoke the other’s langauge. I don’t know if she enjoyed our visit, but we did.

The fish got marinated in the juice of a fresh lemon and some fresh garlic. After an hour I added the fish to a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil.  I used a cajun seasoning to give the meal a little bang. The fish and shrimp turned out good, no leftovers.

Thanks for reading and here are some pictures from the day.




Vacation Day 10..

Today is Tuesday, January 22, 2013.  Winter has finally arrived for a good part of the US. My DW and DS3 flew home from Fort Lauderdale to Philadelphia this morning. The temperature here when they left was 70 degrees. When they arrived in Philadelphia the temperature was 21 degrees!  Yikes.  I must have apologised three times to my DW for sending her back to the cold. She has to work tomorrow having exhausted her vacation time. Me, well..  I’m here in mostly sunny, windy, South Florida until Sunday around noon time. DS3 has to get ready for his spring semester. He drives back to Scranton next Monday and classes start next Tuesday. His current GF will be taking the train from Long Island to the Jersey Shore where DS3 will pick her up and bring back to our house. She will be visiting for a few days.

The trip into the airport as not too bad this morning. We sat on I 595 in a few spots due to rush hour traffic heading into Fort Lauderdale from the suburbs. After a teary good-bye (DS3 will miss me..kidding), I went to Grandpa’s Bakery and Restaurant. This establishment was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The Eggs Benedict were good. The coffee fresh and the waitress service was attentive. I will go back there again.

After I sent the family on there not so merry way, I had chores to do. Chores on vacation? Yes, and I have avoided them for sure. Laundry, cleaning up the lacrosse gear from the weekend, food shopping for the week and dealing with the aftermath of my car accident 10 days ago. . These are just a few of my favorite things. I figured out that my clothes folding skills have not magically improved. Go figure.

I’m working on pictures from the last ten days. At this point I have +26 gigs of images from our trip though the Keys and the 11 lacrosse games I participated in. Yep, 11 games in three days.  I have the bruises to prove it.  Spoil alert: The GM (45 plus) OWU tem that I played on finished 3 rd in our division. I think our record was 3 wins and 6 losses.  Third place?? That’s what they said. I think the top two teams were undefeated.

My goal over the next 24 hours is to catch up blogging.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s visit to the Hollywood Beach boardwalk. More on that in another post.