Happy 400 th post..

Really!  According to Word Press, this post is number 400.  It seems like only yesterday (not really) that I started blogging. Now all we need is some good rum and fireworks and the night will be complete.  Thank you to everyone that reads this blog. 

Fun facts for today:

  • DS3 went to the doctor with my DW tonight after dinner. He has an allergic reaction to something on his leg that got infected. He is now taking a few different medicines and has an appointment with the doctor for next week. See the pictures below.
  • When the doctor looked at his leg his first words were “Hmm, that looks bad”. That and four years in medical school and you can be a doctor too!
  • I went out at lunch time today and played wall ball for 20 minutes trying to improve my eye hand coordination. Success?  Time will tell.
  • DS3 and I went down to the high school after he returned from the doctor’s office  to throw around the lacrosse ball. He threw a simple, not fast at all, pass and the ball broke the head on my lacrosse stick.  And, we lost a ball tonight. Net cost for 30 minutes of practice, a cool 100.00. Aren’t hobbies great. This was my “lucky” stick. Not anymore, I guess.
  • DS1, DS2, DS3, DW and I all worked today! Wahoo.. The family that works together (in separate jobs)……. (fill in the blank)

Tonight’s pictures are various views of DS3’s leg!  Enjoy!