Moving towards normal..

If ever there was a normal. Maybe that should have been the title.  We are fortunate to have had very little damage (some tree branches) and the inconvenience of the power being out for two days.  Here are  a few signs that things in my neck of the words are on there way back:

  • I was in the bagel store this morning waiting my turn behind two young men (mid to late 20’s). Big burley men with beards and pickup trucks. Manly men. They were discussing the pro vs. cons of color, cut and clarity. I guess one or both are getting engaged this year.If you don’t understand the reference, just wait until you shop for an engagement ring.
  • Last night was Monday night lacrosse. The building we play in is still suffering from poor lighting this week. The main set of lights in the middle is still out. I took the initiative to check if the breakers were tripped during the storm and just needed to be reset. I reset them and took out the power for the entire building.  Ooopss.. I reset the main and the power came back on. Note to self: Don’t do that again. I did have a few shots and one assist. An assist on a goal, not an electrician’s assist.
  • The gasoline rationing north of Exit 91 on the GSP is over. That’s good. It never really affected us down in Ocean County.
  • The snow plow piles in the parking lot at work are almost gone. It snowed last week Wednesday into Thursday.
  • The NJ National Guard that I wrote about has broken camp and gone elsewhere. The parking lot is empty. Somebody needs to stop by and collect the porta potties next to the building.
  • LBI has been reopened. Now the real work begins.
  • Tuesday night Adult School Yoga resumed tonight. Ahhh.

I hope to get down to the beach at lunch time tomorrow. The plan is to take some pictures from my usual lunch time spot. They should make for some interesting before and after comparisons.

Here are a few pictures from the high school football game on Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!



It is Homecoming Weekend here in Manahawkin, NJ.  My DW and I went to the high school football game this afternoon. I took pictures of the ROTC, the band and the football team. And some family stuff of her and DS3. DS3 attended in his BDU’s from his college ROTC.  The home team lost. We had lots of chances that went unfulfilled.   I enjoyed the camaraderie on the side lines with the other parents that either shoot still or video of the game for the team. I’ll post a few pictures from today at the bottom. Pictures, I shot 928 pictures at the game today! Yikes!

Friday was a slow work day for me. I was actually busier than on Thursday. My DW came home at lunch time so I shared my fried shrimp lunch with her. I actually made more than I could eat expecting to have leftovers for whomever wanted. DS1 worked a full day Friday. DS3 came home Friday evening from school. He is off until Wednesday. Last night my DW, DS1 and I did the hot tub hop. It was nice to enjoy the hot bubbly water, a fire and catch up with the youngest child.

Tonight after the football game, we went to the local Olive Garden to eat. I did not feel like cooking and thought that the Olive Garden would be an easy meal that everyone would enjoy. Well, I enjoyed my meal. My DW has been (and continues to) try to be gluten-free. This was quite the hassle that it was not, the last time we ate there. DS3 enjoyed his dinner. DS1 yawned and moped through the entire meal. Maybe he should have stayed home. Nothing would have been the right thing or place for him. After dinner we got home and DS3 left for a friend’s house. DS1, captain sleepy, went out to a friend’s house. Hmmm.

Here are few pictures from today’s game.  Enjoy!



Two for the price of one..

No coupon needed, even!  Tonight’s blog will cover yesterday (Thursday) and today (the last day of summer) 2012 in the Northern Hemisphere. Yesterday went to hell pretty quickly around 4:30 pm. I work from 8:30 to 5 pm, so how bad could the last thirty minutes be?  I got snagged by a customer doing their own work that caused thing to go bad at their store. Since they are a part of a 25 store chain, I could not just blow them off until Friday.  The end of the story is that I worked an extra hour last night to resolve their problems. And I did.

That kind of killed going to lacrosse last night. By the time I walked in the door, I should have eaten, gotten dressed and be walking out the door. One reason to play lacrosse is to relax and de-stress. Walking in and then right back out would not have worked. We went out to dinner instead. We went looking a few weeks back for a place to rent kayaks on the bay and found a few marinas with restaurants attached. We went to one of these restaurants to eat. The first “hmmm” was when we sat down and the people next to us had a box of wine on the floor next to their table. Must be BYOB.  We missed that memo.

The next “hmmm” moment was when we looked around and saw that we may have been the youngest partons in the place. At 50 years, the youngest partons. The guy playing the electric piano had to be 75 years old. he was no too bad. His song book was from a different era, go figure. The food was ok, The prices, not cheap. The service was excellent. Go back, probably not. There are better and cheaper places closer to home.  Maybe a quick bite in the summer time at the outdoor tables.

Friday was a WFH (work from home) Friday for me. Nothing tooexciting going on at work. My DW worked full days both Thursday and Friday.  Tonight we went to the local high school football game. I am one of the adults that shoots pictures or video of the football team and/or the band. The team lost tonight. The other team had a field goal kicker that connected for a 45 yard field goal! In high school! Some of the guys in professional football had trouble at that distance.

Children, DS1 works and works.  I saw three of his high school coaches tonight. They all asked how he was doing. DS2 is in upstate New York this weekend attending the wedding of the sister of one of his college buddies. DS3 is doing homework and goofing off.

Tomorrow my brother the weatherman is doing a triathlon at Great Adventure here in New Jersey. Just for fun after the race he is meeting my at Allaire Park where we will ride our bikes for about 22 miles together. Maybe the race in the morning will help equalize things. Probably not.

Tonight’s picture come the football game tonight. One ROTC, one football and one band picture.  Enjoy!


Friday night lights..

Living the tv show. I never watched the show, so I’m not sure if I am living it.  I was however at the local high school that our children attended for the Friday night football game. In many of the past years I was part of a group of parents (usually men) who shot still and video pictures of the game. The still pictures would be made available to the parents and players during the week after the game. The video would be edited and turned into a game film for the entire season. Usually this would be shown at the year-end banquet.

I took last year off from being involved with the high school. We (my DW) were involved for eight years in everything that our children were interested in. Last year was our year off.  I eased back into the photographer’s group at a scrimmage two weeks ago. Tonight was both feet in, as it were. I shot 900 pictures tonight between the ROTC, the band and the football team. I edited them hard. I think I kept 600 of the pictures. This camera makes me look good.  We stayed for the first half and the band’s halftime show. The halftime score was 19 to 0, in favor of the home team. The final was 19 to o, in favor of the home team. I guess I did not miss much in the second half.  Yes, 900 pictures in only half of a football game.

Thursday was a lacrosse Thursday.  My brother the weatherman joined us in Manalpan for the game. Neither of us had a goal. I feel that I am playing better. I am making better decisions when I have the ball. Now if I could catch a few more of the passes thrown at me. I hit the goalie twice shooting and missed the goal four times. That is a pretty active night for me.

Thursday afternoon I went to the Shark River Inlet to take pictures. Different inlet, different day. The video is below. A few notes about the video: the cormorant (?) in the water has a fish in its mouth. In the pictures it is trying  to get a fish down its throat. The huge seagull has a hook in the right side of its mouth. I guess this has not impeded its eating. The red boat coming in the inlet is a lobster boat returning from checking traps in the Atlantic Ocean.  The two pictures at the end of the flowers and the railing are an artistic attempt on focus. In the first picture the focus is on the railing and the town name “Avon by the Sea”. In the second picture the focus is on the flowers..

The Shark River Inlet video can be found here. The pictures below will have captions were needed. Thanks for reading and ..




High School football in post 115

Another late night here in NJ.  Monday was a 0:30 arrival. Tuesday was ok. Wednesday was ok, Thursday was  23:30 arrival home and tonight we are back home at 23:00.  If I were a college student, these would be early times to be arriving home or contemplating going to sleep.  Tonight my DW and I went to our local high school to watch a football game and the marching band. What is different this for us is a few things, first we don’t have a child in the hight school. Duh, second this is the first game of the year for us and the team has now played seven games.  Third, the football team won its division for the first time since 1972!. That was a long time ago. And, the marching band is currently in first place in the two different organizations where they compete.

We have attended most of the games played at home and a fair number of the away games for the last eight years. I have been part of the parents brigade that shoots pictures and video for the football team and marching band. This fall has been different since the kids are all away, we have “moved on” to some extent and are leaving the volunteer jobs to the parents of the current players. We may go back in a few years to get re-involved, but for now, we are doing different things.

Children, Oldest got his brown truck delivery today. Last year in his house they had a George Forman grill. This year they did not so most of their cooking happened on a charcoal grill. The brown truck brought a George Forman grill to their house. My DW was talking to my son when the truck arrived late in the afternoon.  There was much excitement from DS1 and his roommates when they saw what was delivered. I hope they enjoy it.  DS2 is at the Harry Potter show performed by the NEPA Philharmonic at the Scranton Cultural Center tonight. One of his friends won tickets so a bunch of them went. DS3, not sure what he is doing tonight. We saw his high school ex tonight. We waved, she waved back.

Bed time for bonzo. But first a link to the U tube video of the marching band shot tonight with my phone. Click here to see the video. And for a picture we go back to 2009 when my DS2 turned 18. The picture was taken before dinner at the local Japanese steak house. It is kinda artsy, but that was not the intention when it was taken. Enjoy!


DS2 turns 18, 2009