Day 330, Pool Volleyball anyone?..

I got roped (Texas term) into playing water volleyball tonight. The last time I played water volleyball in Texas I tore the roater cuff in my right shoulder. We are a competitive family.  I had no injuries tonight.  I am glad for that.  I only played two games because it got dark and I could not see the ball. Can’t see the ball = ball in the face. No thanks.  The occasion for my family gathering was not water volleyball. Really.  My youngest sister got married this afternoon. There will be many pictures and a few videos from today.

The morning started out slow, coffee and eggs. I offered my five-year old nephew a choice of breakfasts. He choose a chocolate pop tart. His mother came downstairs when he was about half done and was not to happy with his breakfast choice. Ooops. He only got to eat one of the pop tarts. The other brother did not get the same choice of breakfasts. I will make a great grandparent.  Really, I think so. I will drive my children crazy through their children. 

Most of the day was spent getting ready for the big moment.  The house was full of people and chairs were set. The minister did a nice, folksy, Texas wedding.  I enjoyed it. Then all the food that was worked on for the last few days was served. After we ate we visited and played water volleyball. I’m sure there are lots of details that may come out in the next few days.  I’m tired and calling it a night. While it is only 10 pm here in Texas, I am still on East Coast time.

Tonight’s pictures and videos come from the wedding and the party. Enjoy! Videos can be found here and here and here.