Last man standing..

Writers warning: The following blog contains introspection and thoughts that may challenge your ideals.  If you are looking for a light-hearted, sometimes humorous account of my life and the world around me, skip this blog.  The next one will (should) fit that need.  If you want to travel down the rabbit hole (Alice in Wonderland reference) with me, let’s go..

The last man standing, do you want to be?

The urge or need to survive is what has kept mankind churning along for quite some time.  This has been quite the week for me and my family. As detailed in previous blogs, five people that we know died in the last week. I would understand if my DW and I were 80 years old and we had a bunch of people that we knew die in February. It’s after the holidays, it’s the cold and flu season, the cold and grey can get people down and they just say the heck with it and stop fighting whatever infirmity they have.  I get it.

Monday I attended the viewing of one of my childhood friend’s (Uncle Dude) oldest sister. She fought cancer for 18 months including three rounds of chemo. The last month or so of her life was spent in home hospice. I experienced the family side of that experience with my mother back in 1999. Dying at home is not all that it is made out to be.  Thursday night, my DW and I attended the viewing of one of her uncles.  He had suffered with Alzheimer’s for the last four or so years.  Neither of these viewings had the emotion of Friday’s viewing and service. I would say that both families were ok with their loved ones being at peace.

Friday we attended the viewing and funeral of a person that we did not know.  The father of one of DS2’s classmates died suddenly at 56 years of age.  We (DW and I) cried. This was the first time this week for me, my DW, I think the same for her. We did not know the family. We went there to support our son whose’s friend lost a parent.  The viewing and the funeral took me back to the days surrounding the death of my mother.  As much as I tried to remain emotionally detached during the service, I failed miserably.  The man who died was a twin, the other twin is still alive. That must be tough.

The saving grace for me was that the viewing was followed by the mass which was followed by the cemetery followed by the repast. I did not have to make any decisions, just bear witness to someone’s life and the family that was left behind. It was good to see quite a few of DS2’s friends make the two-hour trip from school to support their friend. One of the nuns from the university made the trip as well.

Being the last man standing will require that you watch everyone you love go before you.  Does that mean you win? Good question.  I’m going to hang out as long as I can and make the most out of every day that I get.  I think that was the message from yesterday’s funeral.

And yes, there is a picture. Here are the college friends at the repast.








Day 227, Passing the torch..

Today is Saturday, February 11, 2012.  I spent part of the day today with my DW and her mom.  A few days ago the mother of one of my DW’s best friends from grammar school died. She had been fighting cancer and lost. When they found she had a problem she was already Stage 4, so there really was not much hope.  My DW’s mom and this women ran the girl scout troop that my DW attended at the local church.  All of the girlfriends were there today to pay their respects. I had not seen the family since the early 1980’s when we moved down the shore. The service was moving. It make you wonder what people will say when you are gone. Wouldn’t it be neat to get a chance to peek in on your service after you die?  Maybe not..

After the service I left the church to go visit my brother the weather man. He lives about five minutes from where we were. I figured that my DW and her mom would want to visit with all these people that they had grown up with. I was looking forward to seeing my brother and possibly throwing the lacrosse ball around at the local park. When I got to his they were just returning home from the YMCA where they have a Saturday parents/kids program. This week they made ice cream. The youngest had it all over his face. I was reacquainted with the chaos of small children. They were good, just pretty wound up.

My brother, his oldest and I went to the park with out lacrosse gear. We threw the ball around for about an hour. His son had a small, lighter version of a lacrosse ball that he played with. My brother and I threw the ball with purpose, his son just wanted to have fun. And we did have fun. The first two times I threw the miniature ball at his son, the ball sailed right past his head. They were good throws, just his son made no effort to catch the ball. At that point I decided to slow the ball down and change the trajectory before I hurt him. The next throw I bounced the ball in front of him and it bounced off his forehead. Yikes! He was ok, no crying.

After the ladies were done visiting I drove us home. We stopped at Sally’s Seafood in Waretown for fluke fillet and steamers. They were for dinner. The steamers were steamed in beer and seasonings. The fluke was coated in seasoned flour then an egg wash and fried in olive oil. We covered the finished fish with a Hollandaise Sauce. Yum! And just to round out the meal we had a salad and a Chardonnay.

It snowed a little this morning. The snow only stuck to the car and the lawn. It was gone by the middle of the afternoon.

There are no pictures tonight since Whitney Houston died and the internet is a shambles. I tried for 30 minutes to upload my pictures. I will save them for tomorrow.