In a galaxy far, far, 67 (post) away..

Roll the opening of the first Star Wars movie ever shown in movie theatres.  We had one of those “These are not the droids you are looking for” moments yesterday. We were  in the parking lot of the eye doctors office building, parked, early, waiting to head upstairs.  The parking lot gives the word narrow a run for its money. Most people back into a space since getting out can be a challenge. As we sat there, a car came in with a man driving. He had a lab coat hanging behind his seat, Dr something, I could not read his name. He pulls past us and then starts to back into a spot. The only problem was that the spot was already occupied by a huge piece of electrical equipment and surrounded by yellow painted steel poles.

My DW was next to me , watching. DS2 had his eyes closed (I think) waiting for the time to go inside. So the guy backing up keeps going, squarely heading for the electrical equipment. I look over at my DW, she says, “Where’s he going?” I said, “No clue.”  Then the words were spoken “This is not the parking space you are looking for”.  Then I said, I’m going to look the other way so I don’t witness this. Somehow, the driver figured out that he missed his intended space by more than one parking space. Eventually, he got the car the car reasonably parked. When we got inside, he was waiting in the doctors waiting room. He was a patient, not working there. Hmmm, maybe he is there to get his eyes checked. I can see the reason.

Today was another step back to normalcy. I got the lawn cut. Tomatoes picked. The fall crop of lettuce planted outside. I fed the plants in the garden, watered the garden and sprayed for mosquitos. I loaded the chiminea with wood. Hopefully we will have some time in the hot tub tonight. We went to lunch at Applebee’s with DS2. Tomorrow he returns to college. We have been doing special things for him since he is the last one home. (Other two children, don’t be jealous, you will get yours).  Dinner tonight was filet mignon, potato pancakes, zucchini and alfredo noodles. In a moment of brilliance (if I so so myself) this afternoon, I took the two pumpkins that we grew in the yard and drew faces on them. I put a pumpkin on the table in the place where the two children who are already at school would sit. And I took a picture and sent it to them! Somebody has to have fun, I want that someone to be me!

No real college update for today, this being Saturday. DS1, no contact today. Yesterday he texted that his college roommate was in town for the holiday weekend. DS2 has packed the car with his college stuff. Tomorrow we have a six am departure. DS3 has a friend (it’s a girl) from NJ that is in both ROTC and Math with him. They spent most of Friday together. In the city of Scranton they have different activities for First Friday. Yesterday being the first Friday of September, they had their monthly events. Friday was also the scavenger hunt for the U of Scranton students. It is a way to introduce the city and merchants to the new students. DS3 missed the scavenger hunt but he and Allie spent a few hours walking around the First Friday stuff. I think that there is an Italian Festival downtown this weekend. Downtown Scranton is a five-minute walk the U.

Tomorrow will be an early and probably late day. The blog will most likely be mobile. Tonight’s picture is of the table set for dinner with the two posers (pumpkins) on the table.  Enjoy!  Oh, the Dropbox issue from yesterday seems to have resolved itself.