Last chance for romance..

There might be a song title in there. Hmmm. Thursday night here in New Jersey.  This will probably be the last quiet night for the next six weeks or so here at the ole homestead. DS2 returns from school tomorrow. DS3 returns on Saturday. Tonight DS1 is visiting “she’s not my girlfriend” for the night. That means we are empty nesters for the night.  Big plans are in order. First we had leftover meat loaf, mashed potatoes and a salad to for dinner. I brought home a small keg, what do they call these things?  See the picture below. Christmas Ale from the Breckenridge Brewery in Colorado. Interesting Christmas Ale. 

After dinner we are resting. I am in “the chair”, she is on the couch reading a book on her Kindle. I type, she reads.  Tonight the Bengals and the Eagles are playing football. Since we follow the Bengals we will watch on the new tv. We don’t have to share when nobody else is home. Tomorrow I am off. This is my last day of vacation for 2012.  I work for a company where you use your vacation, or loose your vacation.  My DW is working tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon I am getting my hair cut  (and colored) for the holidays.  Friday night our company is having their annual Christmas Party. I am on a strict three drink diet so I can drive home afterwards. This is an employee only, no spouses or such, allowed.

Last night was the 121212 concert to benefit Sandy survivors. You probably are among the estimated 2 billion people that saw some of the concert. I saw most of the show, going to bed at 11:00 eastern. I’m sure somebody out there is saying, “You went to bed without seeing Paul Macartney?” Yes I did.  I have a few personal observations from the show.

  • Bruce and the band were excellent
  • Rodger Waters is an odd duck. Duh!
  • John Bon Jovi was excellent
  • The Rolling Stones – good, Mick is skinny as ever. Keith Richards looked lost
  • Alicia Keys was good. I don’t know her music. Whatever her first song was, it ment something to her. She pounded the heck out of those piano keys!
  • The Who, Rodger, keep the shirt buttoned, please! And skip the tea..
  • Eric Clapton, I’m a passing fan. I was impressed how he pushed that trio with his guitar. The young man on the drums was sweating up a storm and seemed happy to have kept up when they were done

Quite the enjoyable night for sure!

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. Enjoy!


Day 288, Maybe a second try at the empty nest..

It is Thursday, April 12, 2012. My DW and I are home alone (for another hour or three) until the oldest comes home from being out with friends. For Easter we gave the three boys all 20 dollars coupons to a local restaurant/bar which we bought for 10 dollars each. I like when the places we frequent have deals like that. He used his tonight.

DS1 went on another job interview today and was offered a job working for a plant nursery/tree farm about 20 minutes from Philadelphia. The company sells plants up and down the East Coast. His job would be to deal with the small mom and pop customers leaving the current person more time to concentrate on the larger accounts. He would be working both indoors on the phones and computers and outdoors with the customers and the plants. He is very excited about the possibility of earning enough money to move out on his own.

We are excited as well. It would be a big step for him in some ways. He has lived on his own to some extent for the last five years while he was attending college in West Virgina. We were always a phone call or text message away. Especially when he needed money.  Now we hope that the need for money umbilical cord will be cut and he will be able to make it on his own. He has a friend who lives in Philadelphia that is looking for a roommate.  This is an interesting turn of events for all of us. I will report more details as we learn them.

The empty nest will be short-lived since DS2 is scheduled to return home around Mothers Day in May. That is about four weeks from now.  Since DS1 still has to be local to finish his class at the local community college, his exact move out plans are also uncertain. He also had an interview on Monday from a regional carpet and tile retailer that might be looking for him to learn the sales side of the business. That job would be about 5 minutes from home.  It certainly would be more cost-effective but they have not yet offered him the job.

The other two children, I had a quick email from DS2 today. And no contact with DS3 unless you include the random Facebook posts of his. Random is a good word to describe them.  I worked from home today. I am looking to give myself a raise by driving to the office one less day a week. When you figure in the gas, tolls, food, wear and tear on my car, I figure working from home an extra day is like getting an extra 100 tax-free dollars a month.  And I can be home to make dinner and pick up some of the loose ends around the house. My DW worked a full day today. Tomorrow she is flexed for the entire day. They either have no cases scheduled or so few that it is her turn to take the day off. You can take the day with pay (eats your vacation hours) or take it without pay. Your choice.

Tonight’s picture is from Easter this year. In this picture is my brother the weatherman and his two kids having fun with Easter eggs. Enjoy!



My brother the weatherman with his two children