90 days post Sandy..

The news tonight was full of the positives of the recovery from Sandy, some 90 days post-storm. The President signed a 50 billion dollar aid package to help with the repair. I have not read the bill, probably nobody really has, but it was reported in the paper that there was some supplemental funding for various agencies snuck into this package. Are they still there, I don’t know.

More near and dear to my heart (and place of employment) is the Edgar Felix Bike Path. This is the trail that runs from Allaire Park to Manasquan. I have ridden my bike the length and back dozens of time and it is a favorite of mine for my 1 mile or so lunch time walks. Today, I went to take one of these walks on the trail near its northern end. The trail abruptly came to a stop in a huge tangle of fallen trees.

The trees came down during Sandy and are still exactly where they were that Tuesday morning when the sun came up. There has been no work done to remove the trees. If you are walking you can make your way through the trees. If you are on your bike, forget it.

I shot some video today and posted it on You Tube. Here is the link http://youtu.be/jp1m6Yt18UQ  I have sent this video to the local newspaper in an effort to get someone out to clean up the mess. There is a big focus on getting the beaches ready for the summer and it seems that the non-beach recreational areas are being left behind. Maybe there is some money in the 50 billion to clear this trail  When I figure out who exactly is responsible for this part of the trail I will post their contact information. Maybe we can get them to do their jobs.

Yes, I owe you a few very interesting vacation days and the first two days back to work.

Pictures, hmmm. Here is a picture of the Marywood University campus. Yesterday (Monday), school was closed due to snow and such. Enjoy!