Day 231, Why not volleyball..

Today on my 231 st day of being 50 years old I played volleyball for probably one of the first times since high school. I remember playing on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean or maybe it was Bermuda back in the mid 1980’s.  I tore the rotator cuff in my right shoulder in 1999 or so playing volleyball in a pool. Other than that, I don’t remember playing. I will ask my DW tomorrow. She remembers things. 

My oldest son has been playing with a group at the local church off and on since early January. We were supposed to play two weeks ago, but he was “tired” (maybe a headache as well..) We went in separate cars tonight since I did not know how my knees and hips would like the jumping and the lateral movements. I was fine. We played from 7:45 pm to 9:30 pm. There were  six people on each team. The ages varied from 18 tears old to about 65 years old. I had a good time. I laughed and worked up a sweat. Just what the doctor ordered. If my son invites me I will go again.

My DW had a short work day today. They had two cancellations. She got home early and was able to get her homework done and turned in for the week. This week they have to post on a discussion board. Then they have to read what other people posted and comment on the material presented.  Work for me was a hodge-podge of “help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” calls. I usually don’t work general technical support, but that is what today turned out to be.  I have things scheduled for tomorrow so hopefully that will keep me busy doing my work.

Today was DS1’s day off. No work, no school. DS2 has been posting on Twitter his “Song of the Day” I asked for some Phillip Glass today. He posted this song  from You Tube. Phillip Glass is a minimalist. Look it up.  DS3 continues to post “odd things” on Facebook. I still have not had a chance to talk to him this week.  I keep seeing him updating a paper during the day. I opened a Dropbox account for myself and loaded the program on his and DS2’s computers and their phones. They save all their important things (pictures and documents) in the Dropbox. This serves as a web-based backup that they can access from any computer that is on the internet. 

Tonight’s pictures come from January 2012. In this picture is my DW with the Hillsboro Inlet light house in the background.  Enjoy!


Hillsboro Inlet, Florida