Day 253, Kickin’ up the sand..

I am done working for the week. I will be driving to Scranton tomorrow morning to pick up DS3 and bring him home for spring break.  With any luck, we will have everybody home for dinner tomorrow night. It might be a good night for a fire and some beer in the backyard. I guess I will have to see how I feel after driving my 400 miles. DS1 is off from work. DS2 and DS3 will be home from college. I am off for the night and my DW is also off for the night. Some sort of craziness should happen. Isn’t tonight a full moon? That is enough reason to celebrate.

Today the temperature in NJ got up to around 70 degrees except near the ocean. The ocean water is around 50 degrees, so the closer you got to the water, the colder is gets this time of year. I went out for lunch. No brown bag today. I had a cheese steak that was mostly bread for lunch. The part of the sandwich where there was meat was good, but the bread end was disappointing. After I had my sandwich I got to play wall ball for 25 minutes. Needless to say (or maybe not) I was late getting back to work after my lunch.

DS2 went to Brick to visit DW’s mom. He brought the bass ukulele that he borrowed from school. He played a few songs for them. He said that DW’s grandma played a few cords that she learned in a different time. He had meatball sandwiches for lunch. He failed to bring home any sandwich leftovers. He did bring home some homemade chicken soup. Maybe that will be lunch on Saturday. DS1 was off today. NEWS FLASH! He paid his cell phone bill for the month of March, 2012. This is a historic event. Hopefully this event is not a one-off type of deal.

DS3 continued to study and take his mid-terms. I will see him tomorrow afternoon. We had a slight text discussion about hot dogs and Friday’s during Lent. I guess I am more old school than I would pretend to be.  My DW had another busy day. She may be flexed for some part of tomorrow. This will allow her to complete most of the paper that is due on Sunday.

Tonight’s picture comes from October 2000 when we took the kids to Discovery Cove.  Enjoy!


Discovery Cove October 2000