Mankind defeats evolution, take that Darwin..

Sometimes (often) these crazy thoughts just pop into my head.  Maybe, I should do as one of my yoga teachers says. She says that we should acknowledge any random thoughts, then dismiss them. Nah, where’s the fun in the that.? I got you this far, here’s the deal.  I grew up being taught about evolution. How mankind and everything in nature is constantly evolving. Even if you don’t believe in the evolution of man, the evolution of animals, plants, bacteria and everything in nature, is pretty hard to argue.  Is evolution good or bad? Can mankind stop or defeat evolution? 

Here is my proof. Friday morning, DS2 and I drove up to Red Bank, NJ to see his retinal specialist. If you have been reading for the last 500 or so posts, you would know that in 2011 he had three surgeries to re-attach detached retinas in both eyes. Friday’s appointment was a one year follow-up.  As he and I are sitting in the doctor’s office I notice a few things. One thing was that he and I were among the youngest patients/family members in the packed waiting area. Then I noticed that the two people (85 plus years old) across from us both have walking canes. Identical walking canes. I flashed back to my wife’s FIL who at 90 (ish) has just started walking with a cane and now has progressed to a walker.

Do you think if mankind had not invented the walking cane that evolution would have caused people as they grow older to grow a third leg to help them get around, much like a cane?  Well??  We will never know since the cane was invented. Now evolution has been stunted. Take that, Darwin!

Oh, the visit went fine. He goes back for another visit in two years.


Here is a picture from our New Years Day roast chicken. Enjoy!


2013-01-01 18.48.48